20 year E-6

I spent 20 years in the Marines and retired as an E6, was NJPed on Recruiting duty and told it wouldn’t matter as long as I was successful. Well, made it successfully on Recruiting duty, went to Iraq and still retired as an E6. Was passed over I think 7 times total. Did I think the Marine Corps was biased? YES!!! but I was not a politically correct person while I was in. I hated many years of the time I was in, but also loved times. The Marines are not for everyone and if you cant follow rules prior to going in, DONT go in.

  • MSG$Sgt

    18 years of bad upbringing are not fixed in 13 weeks of bootcamp. it would be nice if more people realized this.

    • madmike1968

      I agree but the problem is that the corps allows those people to join in the first place instead of weeding them out in the beginning. One of my biggest complaints is that there is really nothing elite about the Marine Corps at all. What kind of “elite” unit lets stupid,weak or crazy people join? When I joined I was shocked to discover that I would be serving with a buncha fucktards I literally wouldn’t hire to flip burgers. Why on earth are people like that allowed to join? in the British Royal Marines the MEPS process takes 5 days so they can weed people out better. That is the way elite units are run.

      • johnny

        If you tell yourself you’re awesome you’ll eventually believe it. Thats the the belief that holds these fucks together. Doesn’t matter about your physical fitness or how efficient you are at your mos if the guy, or more likely girl that works at the desk in front of the highers gets the better pros and cons.

      • MC Pest Control

        Hahahaha, part of the problem was thinking that you and the rest of the recruits fell into the category of elite. You have to kill some people, save some lives, and do more than just the bare minimum. the weeding out process is continuous, thats why you got booted. Wanna see idiots, go work with the army

    • S.

      So true

  • e6 aint shit

    you dont just get passed over 7 times without cause. you’re a fucking turd and that’s just the way it is.

  • moto gunny

    That sounds like this E-6 that I know, but he was a dirt bag and actually made a few Marines drink dip spit and then spit into another bottle to drink each others spit.

    • marinesaregay

      Sounds like Ssgt Martir

  • GladIgotoutwhenIdid

    Even with the rules, if you do not have senior non-coms and officers that you can call on to get the ball moving. your package just goes into the grinder, because its all on recommendations through the grapevine.