Fleet Marine Life #11 – The Light


If you’re still in the Marine Corps, don’t freak out. The light at the end of the tunnel will always be there for those who stay on the course toward it.

It may be hard for many new Marines to realize this but trying to get out, other than serving out your time, is a bad choice. Some Marines are desperate to get out. Some do drugs, others claim that they are crazy, others try to kill themselves and the list goes on and on. Doing these things may make things worse.

Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

One day at a time. K.

The Few, The Assaulted

The Few The Assaulted

One day a high school gym teacher walks in to the locker room to see about 35 students showering after class, He checks behind him to see if any of the other teachers are around and sees no one. He then proceeds to have the students scream at the top of their lungs while keeping their lips sealed so that no one will hear them. He then forces the students to run back and forth touching each wall of the shower. He then tells them that they will all touch a single 2″ x 2″ square tile in the corner…at the same time. The gym teacher starts laughing at the students as they continue to scream as loud as possible with their lips sealed, all the while having to almost climb on each other until every finger is touching the tile…What do you think should happen to the gym teacher? What if I said that instead of a teacher it was actually a Marine Corps Drill Instructor, and the students were actually new recruits wanting to serve their country? I guess that’s just different…


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Eat the Apple, Fuck the Corps Song

NINJA_PUNCH dug this up and posted it in the forum and after watching it, I decided that everyone else should too.

The video shows an NCO playing a not so motivating song to (quite successfully) motivate his troops to get passed a bullshit field day.

Here it is.


My time in the Corps in the 1970’s – M.M.

I never realized how much the Marine Corps meant to me was FMF in barracks life in the 1970s. I was harrassed and abused so harsh I had to leave every night to survive the abuse. I was ganged up many times. Reported, nothing done. I was happy to serve in Okinawa Futema Air Station and swing with the wing. It was great. I did enjoy being on board the Blue Ridge, but never got a rank up from LCPL. That hurt. But it was when I was in the National Guard did I realize the excellent skills of the corps but as far as education, the Army had it won. It was so mythical of things about the Corps and then seeing Army schools. But overall it was a time in my life I will never forget.

To my buddies in Arms.