My Lai Massacre VS Haditha Massacre

I have a comparison to make, if anyone here knows about the My Lai massacre in Vietnam in 1968 some people realized that what Army did was one of the worst U.S military massacres in history. But, the veterans were commemorated 30 years later, but is was based on speculation of the people working with the Viet Cong and at least 347 people were killed men, women, and children. Now, the Haditha killings to which 24 people died men, women, and children. In revenge for a IED that killed Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas, but what did those people have to do with the killing of that man, and there are supported accusations of the U.S marines deliberately shot civilians and they were unarmed. So, whose the worse criminal, the soldiers who killed 347 civilians based on their belief as supporters/ Viet Cong fighters of the Viet Cong, but who knows if they were, or the marines who deliberately killed unarmed civilians who had nothing to do with an IED explosive that killed a Lance Corporal. THIS IS NOT A BASH!!!! and I’m not saying all marines are psychotic either as I deeply support the U.S military, I’m just making a comparison to two events that happened in separate time periods in the stage of war.

My Lai Massacre

Haditha Massacre

Submitted by: Devanteg594237

Some of the dumbest people I’ve ever known are Marines

My advise to everyone here thinking about going into the Marine Corps……..DONT!  Join the Army or the Air Force.  I’ve learned in my years in the Corps that most leaders are all about them selfs, not about the Corps.  They may use the Corps as an excuse as to why they do a lot of the stupid things they do; but the fact is that most leadership, mostly SNCO’s and maybe a few officers care more about them selfs than anything else.

Some of the dumbest people I’ve ever known are Marines.  And what’s worse is that all of these MOTARDS lead Marines.  I work with one right now who is about the dumbest SNCO I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s all ego and very little common sense.  I work with another one who has no initive.  These are the kind of people that are getting promoted even with bad paper work on them.  If you have a good PFT/CFT, done some PME that no one really does any way and look sexy in your promotion picture, you will get promoted.  I’ve known some terds that have made rank that way.  This is because the promotion boards are selecting people for too much of the wrong reasons.

Submitted by: FRUSTRATED!

Vietnam ERA Vet – The hateful loathsome nature of all military

I am Vietnam ERA veteran, I was drafted to “serve” my country. I was warned repeated by older friends about the hateful loathsome nature of all military. In my two years in the “green machine” I never once heard anything about the Constitution that I was FORCED to swear to. Nor was anything but hate preached  and absolutely nothing about “defending” our country. The military is an amoral organization of bullying and lies.
I was forced in, and draftees were used to ease the casualty of career “lifers.”  How anyone with a conscience can take part in such an obviously pathological kill-fest and chronic ass sucking subservience is the most important issue for Americans to ponder.

Submitted by: The Transmogriofer

My Gunny Lost His NVG’s in Iraq – Blamed and Punished Whole Unit

When I was in Iraq, our Gunny lost his NVG’s (night vision goggles). Guess who got in trouble? Everyone below the rank of Gunny…  In the middle of the desert, everyone had to dump their gear and wait for hours while SNCO’s searched our belongings.  All operations were halted.  The NVG’s were never found. Everyone continued to get fucked with for the next couple of days. The gunny “Gunnery Sergeant Alston” (also involved in the drowning at MCRD Camp Pendleton a few years back) was never punished.

It is my belief he should not only be punished for losing his equipment, but also be punished for abusing his authority and blaming his WHOLE ENTIRE UNIT instead of taking responsibility for his own actions.

As far as I have seen, this is what the majority of the leadership in the Marine Corps consists of.

Submitted by: Civilian

Marine Corps Hazing

Have you ever seen or experienced any type of hazing? What are your thoughts about hazing?

In the Civilian World You Can Quit Before You Screw Up Your Life

Marine Corps was allright did eight years before I got out. Just got tired of all the bs yeah I sucked it up doing duty when I wasnt scheduled for it, although if I ever went UA for duty or showed up late for formation I would prob be bitched at and busted down.  To many nco’s not doing a thing when they heavily outnumbered the new guys and btw when I picked up nco I worked not just “supervising.”  Remembered one time our unit had an alphas inspection done everything when I was sick and passed with no problem but our nco’s were all jacked up, so the next day on a saturday we had another inspection just the non-ncos because heaven forbid another snco told our ssgt his boys were fucked up.

Dont know how many times I was passed by for promotion for some bs like lack of leadership when I was a corporal working under two sergeants a snco and officer even when noone had to tell me what to do and within weight requirements.  Even then when I was passed over for alot of stuff like my first unit, my nco’s said I dont know nothing but I have had air officers and even the unit Sgt Maj and Colonel wanting me to work for them because I did my job.  Btw I was a radio operator which means I had to do my job plus do the grunt stuff as well but when I got out of the field I was cleaning equipment all night while everyone was off by three or four in the afternoon going out or chilling playing games.

Final kicker for me to get out was to many damn lifers (lazy ignorant fucks expecting retirement) in my last unit, I was in charge of a section until we got some bi-polar cook that somehow made sgt couldnt pass the tests in other units to work in those jobs since he couldnt do his MOS, so we got stuck with him to be manual labour if we needed him.  Eventually I try to get him to do something he whines alot and tries to act like my boss then goes crying to our gysgt that he is in charge and I disobeyed him, even when the gysgt said I made the decisions and I was supposed to tell him what to do the day he got there.  Likely to say since my gysgt and his top heavy brothas was afraid to make waves I barely dodged a court martial for failure to obey a direct order and assault, because  he was bi-polar he liked to jump in your face spitting and crap so I put my hand out to stop him.

All I can say is if you want to go into the MC go ahead its for some people and isnt great for others, I have no problem with authority but when the hypocrits in charge bitch at you for no reason because they got in trouble or tell you to shut up and tough it out even tho they are sliming through the system its better to be a civilian so you can look into finding another job and quit your old one and leave before they screw up your life.

Submitted by: 0621

I Have Medical Problems in the Corps. What should I do?

Well shit, I don’t know if this is the place to put this or not, but I’ve gotta get it out somewhere, might as well be here right? I joined this disgusting disorganization around a year ago. I was a stupid, motivated(aka retarded) and signed my life away to the corps for the next 6 years of my life. Yes I’m a reservist. I was motivated and ready to serve my country. So far, I haven’t done jack shit. I would hardly call any “Training ops” we do credible. We go to a camp in the middle of Cali, set up tents, and patrol them for two to three days. Yeah, way to serve and protect right? What a waste of taxpayers hard earned dollars! Hell, I haven’t been paid for this bullshit for the last three months, and when i DO get paid, It’s a VERY small amount! It takes me three hours to get to my unit, so I have to fill up my tank twice to get there and back, which takes up all of my drill pay anyways. This last October, right before the Marine corps ball, they asked us who was planning on not going. I raised my hand, explaining that I had no money to go ( i was borrowing money from my dad at that point just to GET to drill) and also had an important interview that I had to go to that could not be rescheduled. They said that was all good to go and what not. Then, the next time I see them at drill, my Ssgt starts spewing all this shit about how I HAVE to go, that it’s required and that I never told him shit about not going. Well I tried to be tactful and explain to him that this was already resolved during last drill, but he wasn’t having any of it. So I got to spend the whole drill being called a shitbag marine, getting extra pt, rifle duty, etc, all because I didn’t have a job and couldn’t afford to go to this stupid ball. Then when we’re all in formation, he starts telling the platoon that he doesn’t care if we’re underage, EVERYONE ill drink at the ball, and have sex. Well I was the only person who raised my hand and said. “Excuse me Ssgt, but I respectfully refuse to partake in either of those activities.” Well apparently standing up for your morals is a huge no no in the corps, as I was once again screamed at like I was a recruit, given extra duty, and was mistreated for talking back to an SNCOIC. This is only the start though ladies and gents. Ever since I’ve been in the corps, I’ve developed chronic depression and anxiety disorder. I’ve NEVER had these symptoms before last year! I went to my doc and am still currently getting help for them both. My unit doc has been helpful, taking me to a military health facility to get checked on and such. But this is the part where I have some questions for anyone who’s ever been in a similar situation. If I do get discharged, what kind of discharge will I get? I’ve been reading up some and from what I can gather, If i get a medical discharge for psychiatric problems, that’s a kiss goodbye to ever getting a job in the civilian world, as well as not allowing me to purchase weapons ever again. (I do love my guns) Is there a way out of this? I’m getting pretty deseperate at this point.

Submitted by: ScarheadtheJarhead

I am a Shitbag…

I’m the guy who doesn’t like to get pushed around. I’m the guy that likes to stand for what he believes in. I’m the guy that doesn’t follow the crowd. I’m the guy that has morals, that believes belittling someone is not only wrong, but is an example of horrible leadership. I’m a shit bag.

Yesterday, a fellow Lance Corporal of mine, and a very good friend, caught his rifle on his trouser pocket during the middle of drill and ended up dropping it. Of course, every person there went straight to drill instructor mode after seeing it. “Push, bitch! Push!!” “Follow it.” “Oh good mother fucker. Just drop your fuckin rifle, too,” as if he meant to do it on purpose. So today, our dumb ass SNCOIC decided it would be a great idea for him to carry one of those rubber rifles around all day to “make sure he can properly handle a rifle like a man.” As soon as I saw this, I went up to my buddy and mentioned that he should probably say something considering this could very well be a case of hazing. He didn’t think he should bring it up because of the ramifications that that particular word would bring up. I decided if he wasn’t gonna bring it up then I was gonna help out a friend and talk to his Corporal, which by the way is an easy going person. She listened to me and was unsure if she should bring it up, mainly because she doesn’t have a set of kohonas (spell chk). If she wasn’t gonna do anything then I was gonna go to a buddy of mine that was just recently promoted to Corporal (Notice I’m going to nobody at all in my immediate chain of command). He believed the same thing I did about the lance and decided to go talk to his NCOs, something I wish I could do only this whole rank thing was the difference in me being a child and an adult. As good of a lance as I am, I of course eavesdropped on them. His Sgt went on saying that he believed that he was being hazed as well but was gonna wait until the next work day to say something, which makes no sense to me at all. He also went on saying that what he was afraid of was that if it was in fact brought up to their SNCO that he would find some loophole sayin that it was “extra military instruction.” So nothing came of that until about 20 mins later. I passed his SNCO in the hall and he stopped me and proceded to call me every name in the book because I am getting the idea of hazing in the head of his Lance Corporal. He then asked me if I even knew the order on hazing. Of course I told him the correct order, which in essence caught him off guard. Once he gathered himself, he then went on asking how I knew it and I told him that I looked it up earlier on my phone. He took that and ran with it, saying that I never do anything at all but play on my phone yadda yadda yadda. I knew I had him beat and it felt great. He then told me that I need to go check out a rifle at supply as well (notice he didn’t say what I needed it for, though we all knew). Of course I did cause it was a lawful order to check it out. I couldn’t wait to get back to the shop so the second he told me that I needed to carry it around all day, I could request mast on his ass in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I really didn’t see him the rest of the day, considering at this point it was closing time.

Moral of the story, don’t be afraid of standing up to some washed up, stick-in-their-ass SNCO’s because they might yell at you. If you believe that you are in the right and they are in the wrong, go for it. The way I looked at it, if for some reason this were to back fire on me, it wouldn’t phase me for two reasons: 1) He had way more to lose than I did and 2) I’m not making the same mistake twice. Remember, friends don’t let friends reenlist.

Submitted by: Shitbag

Your Corps VS. My Core

[This was submitted to me by my dear friend Hazel the Newt.  I hope you enjoy!]


My dearest readers, oh, beloved readers of mine… OOH, my dear bretheran.  Let me approach you for a moment in solemn sincerity, not as a writer, nor a blogger.  Nay, I am appealing to you today not as a brother or equal, or even a
fellow human being… but as something more ominous and narcisistic.  Consider me the echo of a voice from beyond the grave, as it were, a wailing and gnashing of teeth; today I am your Ghost of Christmas Future, and you are my Scrooge… for today, oh my little children, I speak to you not as a man, but as a U.S. Marine.

YES!  I know how it sounds.  I can imagine your horrified gasps of horror, confusion, shock, horror, and even disgust.  But this revelation must come my beloved worshipers.  Some of you are youngsters or, even fairly oldsters, lacking direction and ambition in life.  Maybe your father is pressuring you to “do something with your life” whatever that means, and he wants you to follow in his footsteps by selling yourself into indentured servitude to the U.S. Department of Defense for the next 20-40 years of your life.
Maybe your friends all moved on in life, or joined the military.  They have left home to serve, fight, and die for this great nation… in boot camp.  You are bored and lonely hanging out in your parent’s basement.  You realize you were a follower of the crowd with no real self-awareness or individual identity… and you want for that to continue.  You long for that same pride of belonging that you can only earn by letting other people make your decisions and determine your personality for you.  Or maybe your friends all got good jobs in the Army and Air force, and you want to show them up one and be seen as the tough guy, so you will join the Marine Corps.  You will allow your body to be abused and destroyed and aged before it’s time.  You will apply for the 6th crappiest job on earth, get screwed, and end up with one of two jobs so crappy they didn’t make the list.  Your idea of “professional behavior” will be yelling random sounds and such things as “kill babies” at you boss when he talks to you; running in your underwear with other men in matching underwear, in the dead of night while loudly chanting strange obscenities.

Mayhaps, oh my dear little brothers and sisters, you have a girlfriend.  Whether you have dated for 4 months or 4 years, her new name will be Suzie Rottencrotch, and you will tremble in excitement as you tell her you will be enlisting.  She will be so excited for you.  She loves a man in uniform, she says.  If only you knew just how much.  However she will express certain concerns.  But you will tell each other you are in love and it will be ok.  Then you will go to boot camp and write her every day.  You will recieve two letters from her, then not again for several weeks.  Then you will get a letter from her.  Your name will be spelled wrong, and she will melodramatically confess to you that she was soooo worried about you that she had to talk to your recruiter about what was going on, and he was there to comfort her.  Long story short, for the past few weeks, instead of writing you, she has been banging your recruiter.  And the other marines that work in the recruiting office.  At the same time.  And the Army staff sergeant next door when they were out.  Now she is so overcome with guilt that she must say goodbye.
“Thank you for your continued interest.
Yours faithfully, Suzie R.”
It’s ok.  It could be worse.  Sometimes Suzie never even tells you she did anything like that while you were gone.

Fear not, young padewog.  Eventually you will marry.  She will be the most beautiful bride imagineable, hourglass figure, lips like flowerpetals… 2 years later, this amazing woman will have 3 kids, with another on the way (a feat in itself considering that none of the children are twins… they won’t even be all the same color!  What an amazing woman you will have married), and she will weigh in at a whopping 480 lbs, unable to leave the bedroom without the assistance of a crane.  This and her supernatural abilities to suck your bank accounts dry no matter what will help her live up perfectly to her new title of “military dependant.”

Just imagine all the things you will do that you never thought you would.  Like become an alcoholic.  Get chased by ladyboys in a third world country, or learn that prostitutes in the philippines cost less than $50 (usd) and decide to get three consecutively or at once.  Maybe you will kill a family’s livestock or pet goat in Afghanistan, or learn where the U.S. Governments true priorities lie, or loose your sight or legs.  There are SOOO many possibilities in the Marine Corps.  It will take all your time to explore them.  Like all night “field days,” exploring all the places trace amounts of dust can hide in your room.  Maybe you can work your way up to Staff Non Commissioned Officer, at which point you will have the esteemed role of being on call at all times to do the bidding of simple-minded officers; working late, answering endless requests and filling out endless paperwork, and taking responsibiloty for every mistake or hiccup that anyone below you has made ever in history.   Essentially by the time you have risen to the proud rank of Staff Sergeant, you have attained the covetted billet of “office para-bitch”  or “assistant to the main office-bitch in charge of paperclips.”

People will ask you if you will re-enlist, and you will say you don’t know yet.  You will be thinking about how much you hate your life.  They will chuckle and wide-eyed, they will say, “If you’re going to do four years, you might as well re-enlist, just to see if you really like it or not.   And if you do 8 years, you might as well do twenty, and why stop there.  Just another twenty years and you have full retirement benefits.”   You will nod and squint thoughtfully, thinking about what to eat for lunch and how to avoid your sergeant for the rest of the morning.  The words that person spoke will seem logical to you, even though the real question is:  why stay in longer than you must?!

To summarize, dear esteemed reader… there comes a time in a man’s life when he must look to some group or organization to give him a solid hand of guidance.  If that time comes for you, and it must be four letters, before you consider USMC, you should consider YMCA.


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Even in the Reserves, the MC can suck

I was motivated to join the Marine Corps, I was, my dad was a Marine, my uncle a Marine and grandfather also, a Marine.  So I was pretty much motivated as fuck before going to bootcamp, I was thinking like, oh wait until they see me, just wait, it will be the greatest thing ever being a Marine, and I was motivated until i got to Parris island, and realized how much bootcamp sucked and how brutal it was, like everyone else, and after the crucible, I was motto as hell, and was pumped, and it only kind of hit me that week, prior to crucible, on the way to church, I talked to another recruit, thinking, wow, I kind of just endured these past 12 weeks, and really, I kind of want to be a civillian again.  So i realized I satisfied that urge of wanting and being a Marine down in parris island, and I wanted to be a civillian again, until the reality set it, that I was fucking locked in, for the next 6 years of my life….
Back to what I was saying before, so after the crucible, i was motto as fuck, couldn’t wait to come home and show off to the girlfriend and to all those scumfucks i graduated highschool with.  So I get home on bootleave, half way through, and fucking realize I want to be a civillian again, and I did not want to leave, I realized how fucking awesome the civllian life is, how much I took for granted.  Because In Parris Island I learned everything i needed to learn, I realized you have to a complete piece of shit to not be sucessful inthe civillian world, and hard work is easy, you just gotta fucking do it.  Thats what I got out of the Marine Corps, and thats really all I wanted out of it, I joined becuase i felt i was a screwup who was lazy, i felt I needed a change, an appiphany so to speak, and I got one, and now thats its all said and done, I want out becuase I fufilled and learaned everything I wanted from the Marine Corps when I was in the parris Island, now i just want to live my life and leave the Marine Corps behind, but I can’t and I’m stuck with it the next 6 years of my life.  Okay, so I’m reserve you say, not too bad right?  Wrong.  I have a Sergeant who just came off of active duty, who was only his second drill last month (as it was for me too) and he was basically telling me how much he hated it as well.  Ill tell you why.
So, I get a taste of civllian life during my month off right?  Well heres why it sucks, because the reserve in a sense, is like teasing an animal, they constantly feel like they’re gonna get the thing they want, but the reality is, they’re not gonna get that fucking dog bone.  ANd that’s the reserve, I’m teased with, ‘oh you can go to school’  ‘oh you can work’, but the reality is every fucking month I have to sacrifice a weekend, and report for this bullshit, how can I accomidate a school scheudale, what if i have a final the monday after the weekend, and with my major, being finance, how can I work as a corporate banker, with crazy hours, and say they need me to come in on a saturday, oh wait, cant cause of reserve, all the reserve does it get your enjoying and becoming comfortable with civillian life making you feel free for a little why, and then all of a sudden the carpet is pulled out from underneath  you, pretty much saying “JK YEAH RIGHT LOLOLOL, YOU’RE MINE THE NEXT 6 YEARS BITCH”.  And thats what makes it suck, it could be a weekend needed for work, vacation, a wedding, nope, gotta sacrifice it.
So this is my 3rd drill coming up, and I just fucking hate it, a lot of what has to do with it are these power insane, unintelligent douche bags that are your fellow Marines.  Everytime  I go, there are in particular these 2 douche bags I have to put up with, who I went to MOS school with and were such assholes to me, and I thought i’d never have to see them again, but of course they end up at my unit, and they make my life suck, so my entire month I just dread going back to drill, and while I’m there I just feel like shit, and just knowing that this will be my life the 6 years makes me want to get the fuck out, I hate it, it does nothing for me except get in the way of pursuing my civillian career and life with my girlfriend, and it just fucking urks me, living month to month, dreading each month, because of the upcoming drill dates, and just having that in the back of my head, the whole month makes me anxious, depressed and shitty, and knowing that im going to have to put up with this fucking emotional drain for the next 6 years of my life, makes me want to go to drastic measures to get the fuck out, if there is anyway for 6 years to pass quickly, please, someone let me in on it, because i fucking hate the way my life looks right now.

Submitted by: Billycraft123

My Recruiter Lied…

My recruiter lied. We are treated as though we are less than human every day, we are disredpected on a personal and professional level every day. We are made to stay outside in the cold for no reason, made to stay up late for no reason. Field day is nothing more than something tedious and annoying they do just to prove they are in charge. This is no brotherhood, my platoonmates would lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead with no regard for anyone else. They will single people out and attack them verbally and constantly for no reason. Cleaning weapons lasts just like field day, you clean until they cant find a speck of dust, and when they find dust 3 hours in they got it out of their own pocket. Even now these children are pelting me with rocks at the rifle range for no reason.

The marine corps put me in my MOS and didnt even give me the chance to be screened for the MOS I signed for. If there is a possibility to get out of the infantry side or the entire marine corps which wont destroy my future i will find it and take it. Dis honor and discouragement. I have no comittment. The marine corps took all the pride i had and took it from me. I am ashamed every time i wear these cammies. I represent the adulterers, murders, cowards, and weaklings that feed off their rank wearing this dishonorable uniform. The list i have of wrongs, of disrespect, of all the things done to me alone is unacceptable.



Submitted by: Outtacontrol Is Incontrol

American Soldier Murders 16 Afghan Civilians – 9 Children

Between 2 – 3 AM on Sunday, March 11 an unknown Soldier left his outpost and went on a door to door rampage killing 9 children, 3 women and 4 men.

As of now there is no official statement explaining why this soldier murdered all of these people. The military has the man in custody and is currently investigating the situation.

The video below covers a lot of what is known so far. But is quite graphic, so beware.

Why do you think this man did what he did? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Took me a long time to sort through my 4 years – Part 2

Part 2:

The DoD would be wise to shut down every Marine base on Okinawa, or at
least scale down to a couple or few brigades and re-deploy to Guam or
something. Never in my life have I seen thousands of Americans just
standing and sitting around doing nothing. Folks like myself who would
busy themselves and create work for others risked ridicule, scorn, and
the wrath of the careerists and sundry dirt bags who desired to be just
like the careerists. The vast majority who extended over there were
fucking low life pieces of shits, male and female. They would conspire
against us who did the real work and problem solving, playing all kinds
of idiotic pranks, having “secret meetings” behind our backs (our
meaning just a few who actually cared) which in my book is mutiny, and
making every effort to have a good time at the expense of the people
doing the real work. I understand one is now a deputy in TX; he and his
dirt bag wife (a WM) were major pains in the ass over on Oki, but nobody
did anything about it because they sucked up to the leadership, and
they’d extended. People who extended were treated like kings and queens,
and in return they would suck up to the “leadership” and make sure the
whole circus of lies kept going on, year in, year out.

The master sergeant, a 42 year old severe alcoholic and married guy with kids back in the States would hang out
in the barracks and party with non-rates and NCO’s (great for unit
discipline, right there!), was fucking WM’s in the platoon and chasing
Okinawan women out in town at the clubs and whatnot. I was told by some
of the dirt bag NCO’s that if I bought a car not to loan it to the MSGT
because he’d already crashed 4 driving drunk, and 3 were not his they
were owned by folks within the platoon. Despite all that they were “drinking buddies” with the guy, both literally and figuratively. Glad the BS with him hanging out
in the barracks ended before I got there. He ended up being “early
retired” later on for his antics, after a court martial. Sure
enough, the usual smattering of E-8’s and E-9’s came to his defense, to
include our own POS of a sergeant major, another severe alcoholic who
had his own personal driver drive him home every night after he’d get
fucked up at the SNCO club. The dysfunction hung in the air over there
like you wouldn’t believe, and you could cut it with a two-by-four.

Sadly, the other SNCO’s and the boot lieutenant did nothing about him and the other dysfunction within the platoon, further exacerbating the problem and making life hell for those of us who were doing our jobs and trying to make a positive impact on a very negative situation.

The master sgt saw fit to try and control me (he definitely singled me out), because I’m sure he got a whiff of my being a squared away guy in my own right and that I probably wouldn’t fit in with him and his “crew”.  Shortly thereafter when it became apparent I wouldn’t put up with the BS, from anyone, of
any rank, the “ganging up” shit started. Bad enough I had to deal with
these dysfunctional, delusional idiots all day at work, at the barracks
it was a nightmare trying to keep some semblance of discipline. Instead
of NCO’s working together, policing themselves, and working together to
keep things sane in the barracks, often times they were part of the
problem, or were downright indifferent. Having to deal with this pansy
boy bitch who’d “served” at Quantico as a “VIP driver” was a nightmare,
every little thing would make him bitch and moan and complain about the
better NCO’s (all like two of us). To have to deal with it at 5 o’clock
on a Sunday afternoon really sucked, as I had to try like hell to avoid
being in close proximity to these idiots. The senior sergeant would roll
over and play dead for his “boy” (their words, not mine), and was part
of the problem, instead of telling the guy to quit his whining and
moaning. These folks were so brainwashed and delusional they thought
really high of themselves, despite the fact their own lack of
discipline, lack of proficiency in their primary MOS, and on and on were
hurting their own underlings. So, when the legitimate problems came
along, and a young guy needed a sympathetic ear, their problems were
often times dismissed away or they were told “Tough shit”. All because
these people were so fucked up and warped in their own minds they
could’ve cared less about being a true leader and a mentor.

The Corps needs to be scaled down and made into more of an elite force.
It’s been too big since the Cold War, but the National Security Act of
1947 has it set in stone the Corps must have 3 MEFs. That, and all of the services need to get rid of the “career mentality” and cut the fat within the ranks. It was pathetic watching people in their 20’s and 30’s basically wasting away, they had nothing to do but swap war stories about the drill field or whatever. Granted, this was before Iraq and Afghanistan, but I’m sure not much has changed.

Submitted by: Sgt Fury

Part 1


You can follow this discussion in the forum HERE

Took me a long time to sort through my 4 years – Part 1

Part 1:

I’ll start off by saying this is a great site, and one where it’s not a bitch session, really, but a place where folks may explain in detail stuff that’s messed up about the Corps, as well as personal experiences. I’m proud of my service, but still have lingering PTSD issues and, no, it’s not from my time in Somalia (I was involved in the move out of there right after I graduated MOS school). Unfortunately, some of the negative (OK, a lot) haunts me to this day. Despite my username no, I did not pick up sergeant, despite being fully qualified and I considered myself to be a pretty squared away NCO. I refused to go to the rifle range, knowing that another expert badge would mean I would be promoted exactly one year from the day I picked up E-4, and thus would most likely have some dirt bag officer from that unit do the ceremony. Yes, I could have asked to have someone else promote me, however I was seething with anger about halfway through my year on Okinawa and disgusted by what I witnessed over there, so it was a form of silent protest on my part. I had a lot of smug satisfaction knowing a lot of the retards I served around, to include more than a few officers, could never make it in the real world. I laugh now thinking about how these idiots were so full of themselves and into their delusions.

I chose Motor T mechanic, and all in all it wasn’t a bad MOS but we
worked some really long hours at times, and we had to deal with lots of
dirt bags, the vast majority of whom were drivers (I have friends I keep
in touch with who were drivers, so don’t flame me for that last
comment). Despite getting a high GT and ASVAB score I chose 3521 to get
my hands dirty and to gain more knowledge about automotive repair, plus I
did not want to sit behind a desk. Had I been a little more patient and
assertive with the recruiters, plus if someone had told me to stay away
from motor t, I would have chosen a different MOS. All in all I had a decent experience in the Corps, and met some great people from all over.

I served at 2nd Tanks, then on Okinawa at Camp Hansen. Tanks was full of mouth breathers, especially on the tanker side, but the leadership generally improved over time and there was at least some semblance of discipline, although there were some bad people there, most of whom ended up in the brig or drummed out of the Corps. Most of the bad folks were in H&S Co (just had to plug that in there, the tankers’ side had some good discipline). Basically, the leadership knew there had to be discipline within the ranks due to the high op-tempo (training-wise) of the unit. Often times Tanks was tasked with doing deployments nobody else in Division wanted to do, plus the unit itself was rarely called upon to do much of anything, so we were kind of the “bitches” of Division, one might say. We had some real solid senior enlisteds, although my MOS was at times lacking for good folks (Motor Transport).
At Tanks, at least we had the aforementioned discipline (for the most part), and some folks within the chain who gave a shit. Place was far from perfect but compared with Okinawa and horror stories I’ve read about here, and heard from friends, at times I had it good there. I should have known, though, that MEF and Oki would probably suck balls, as some of the dirt bag drivers had been to the island and were now riding desks at Tanks. Lifers to the core, they were riding desks at like age 19 for fuck’s sake. Heard it through the grapevine one is now a warrant officer (!). A lot of the tankers were real dullards, in fact that MOS has a rep within the Corps for being pretty much the bottom of the line unit community. So we had to take all kinds of abuse from them, despite the fact life was pretty easy for them, at times. Tanker senior enlisteds were better than seniors in lots of MOS’s, I’ll give ’em that. Great sense of humor for the most part, and they knew how to take care of people. Same for some of the officers.

I’d requested MEF, for reasons I’d rather not get into (kind of embarrassing, actually), and definitely should have requested a unit closer to Naha. I swear, the base bitch units have the real moto ‘tards. We had them at Tanks like you would at any unit, but MEF took the cake, in my book. The vast majority who’d re-enlisted and were now well into their 2nd or third hitch had no sense of humor whatsoever, unless, of course, they were cracking cruel jokes at people or talking shit behind folks’ backs, because, you know, RHIP. Like a lot of true blue lifers, these people stood or sat around all day doing absolutely nothing. Nothing interspersed with the occasional meet-up with the career jammer maybe to figure out what other soft unit they could head to next to fuck up a bit more. The majority of lifers at MEF did the “base bitch unit, air wing, and MEF shuffle” as I call it. None had ever served in division and even a few had somehow gotten through their first 5 or so years in uniform w/o ever having set foot in the ME, Somalia, or any number of other missions the Corps had gone on during that time. Many had never even served at an FSSG unit. Heck, folks at Tanks would volunteer for deployments just to get the fuck out of Lejeune for a while.

Submitted by: SgtFury


The EAS Song

No doubt many of you have seen this clip, which I believe is recognized as a fitting homage for many thousands of discharged Marines. I’ve been out for about 5 years now, but when this character sings, “. . . and last of all we got one more left it’s the most important one, it’s the EAS . . .” I think of the relief I felt while driving out the front gate with my DD-214. It was almost euphoric. The lyrics are so simple, the song a concise encapsulation of his time in the Corps. There is bullshit everywhere and acronyms for everything. And hiding beneath the veneer of this highly lofted institution are the symptoms of confusion and mediocrity: on-duty Marines sleeping, favoritism, politics, avoiding responsibility, etc. Keep in mind, this young man is not singing about your local mechanic in coveralls finishing a beer when he should be repairing your car- he’s talking about the United States Marine Corps. As always, I am excluding those combat-tested Marines and the ones who have paid the ultimate price. The rest of you (including me) deserve no special recognition for just doing our jobs.

Motivators love to say, “Well there’s always a share of both love and hate for the Corps.” Just what part of, “Fuck USMC you can suck my cock” in that song conveys love for the Marine Corps? I personally reserve those sentiments for organizations (and the people in them) for which I harbor no affection. You can even tell your girlfriend, “Fuck you” in an argument, as well as “You can suck my cock” in a different setting when both of you are feeling decadent. But you cannot tell your girlfriend, “Fuck you, you can suck my cock.” She just won’t do it. It’s your way of saying, “I think we’re done” in the most undiplomatic way. But I don’t hate the Marine Corps. I won’t waste my time and energy hating it. My relationship with the USMC is a lot like the estrangement you have for that ex-lover who just isn’t right in the head. You pity and sometimes humor her, you know she (or he, for you ladies) is insane, and you can’t help her. And no matter how many times you explain that her negative traits far outweigh her good ones, she’s still going to believe that she made your life richer and more worthwhile. That’s the fallacy many motivators believe, that somewhere in one of the chambers of our hearts we still love and miss the Corps. So you just have to laugh, shake your head, and stay away. Hate is not healthy. I personally prefer expressing my awe and amazement toward these delusions of grandeur, followed by amusement.

When you compare the happiness level of your graduation from boot camp to your EAS, you will find that the former is grounded upon a belief system that had no or little substance in the first place. And little by little, you learn that the EGAs woven into your uniforms and pinned to your collars take on a different meaning than when you first coveted them. In the beginning, they were symbolic of being the ultimate badass and the consummate professional. But over time, the environment and the resources at your disposal began to reflect the inadequacy of the training protocol and superficial aesthetic of the Corps. Shall I quote Tyler Durden? “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.” Likewise strutting, yelling and marching in formation does not make you formidable, tougher, or organized. It only makes you more obedient and susceptible to further indoctrination.  Ultimately, your graduation from basic training pales in comparison to your EAS celebration. This is the case 9 times out of 10.

Perhaps a Marine and/or poolee (those naive, sorry bastards) will argue that if the USMC mentality failed to take hold, we just “didn’t do it right.” Something went awry. We weren’t Marine material. But being Marine material isn’t prestigious at all. The necessary components for being one are really reduced to two main factors: 1. a healthy body (which isn’t at all reflective of your character), and 2. the willingness to obey (like a child). Anything beyond that is derived from the individual. So this whole misconception that Marines somehow acquire admirable abilities and traits that are otherwise inherent is one of the biggest crocks perpetuating the Marine Corps myth.

If you’re one of those people who knows that had it not been for the Corps, you would’ve been incarcerated, committing felonies and/or just been an overall ineffectual human being, you’re among that alarmingly growing percentage who truly needs such draconian levels of discipline just to function. The Corps has attempted unsuccessfully to correlate the word “discipline” with the words “practical, useful, and efficient.” In other words, a Marine’s ability to do the right thing, to just be DECENT, requires drug tests, structured exercise sessions, and accountability formations to keep him that way. The definition for excellence in the Marine Corps is synonymous with maintaining the status quo in the private sector. Talk about lowering the bar. Those civilians and [few] Marines that have reached or transcended the standards of excellence do so individually, simply because USMC policy is designed as a blueprint for ordinariness. So without equivocation, there are far more excellent people in the civilian world than there ever were in the Corps. Hands down. No question about it. Aside from them being able to run for long periods of time, Marines work very hard in order to become very average.

– PerfectScapegoat


Fleet Marine Life #14 – At Regiment



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This is one of the things I figured my CO was doing while he was “at Regiment” because he was over there more than his company. But this only occured for one week so I wasn’t too disturbed by such an idea. I even joked about it with my Lieutenant who in turn always joked that he was going to leave at 1400 to play golf, which I’m pretty sure he has done a few times.

Putting in for Voluntary Enlisted Early Release Program (VEERP) is like a scavenger hunt for signatures. At times it felt like I was a detective looking for a suspect to solve a murder case.

Why can’t people with little to no time in their contracts just leave? Nothing is ever that simple. Because in the military, behind every simple task is a mountain of paperwork.

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“Act of Valor” Will Make Us All Forget

It’s a shame that the U.S servicemen and women have deteriorated their global image by burning Qurans and urinating on deceased enemy soldiers. It’s okay though, “Act of Valor” will make us all forget about that, right? I mean that’s the whole point of the long-shot image rejuvenating film is it not? I for one will not go see this pathetic attempt at film as it fails to improve how the world sees the U.S military, while making every current serviceman feel significant and worldly.

Don’t get me wrong here people, I understand that the United States of America would not be where it is now without the courageous efforts and sacrifices of our Armed Forces. However I tend to be pessimistic when it comes to how the world views our actions as the “world police”. But for every marine, every army ranger and every navy seal, my heart goes out to you and your actions. However I can also honestly say that I think everyone knows at least one person who has been ” superior ” or “badass” compared to yourself when recalling that they were apart of the glorious armed forces. Meat heads, jarheads, thugs, degenerates in my opinion. And that’s the glory of it all really, here i can sit spilling my slanted opinions of the U.S armed forces while they defend my very right of expression. Hoo-Rah

Submitted by: Wes Babb

Fleet Marine Life #13 – MOS

2011-04-08-fleetmarinelife13 - MOS

Hey, big brother! I know you’re spying on me but do you really have to look at this website for over 8 hours? I mean, there isn’t much to know about a poorly drawn web comic making fun of the Marine Corps.

A lot of recruiters lie and if they don’t lie then they mislead. You have to get whatever they say in writing. If they promise you that they just signed you up with a bonus of $10,000 and that duty station in Budapest, Hungary then make sure it’s on your contract. What’s so good about Budapest? You have to Google it.

So, is this guy going to get what he wants and that is to be a combat engineer? Wait and find out.

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Fleet Marine Life #12 – I Fell


As a Marine, it is a fact that if you want to get into the Marine Corps, you either have to have no problems or a bunch of well hidden problems. I have some hidden problems but of course, I lied and ended up having no problems in the Marine Corps. I’m pretty sure that at least half of the enlisted Marine Corps has had to lie about something to get in. I would say that most of them have done their time and have gotten out honorably.

“Eric Harris was rejected from the Marine Corps 5 days before the shooting. On the morning of 20th April, 1999, two students walked into their high school in West Denver, Colorado, armed with guns, bombs and grenades hidden under trench coats. In just 16 minutes, they shot and killed twelve of their fellow students together with one teacher and injured 21 others.”

They rejected him because of his prior use of anti-depressants. Can you imagine if he lied and was in the Corps? Who knows what could have happened? Perhaps he would have had a reason to live. Perhaps he could have changed. Or perhaps he could have gone off the deep end in the Marine Corps.

No one’s perfect. We don’t live in a perfect world and if we did, there wouldn’t be a Marine Corps. We would have no need for it.













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