i want out asap how do i do it

That’s kind of a difficult question.  If all you want is out, there are a number of illegal things you can do that will get you kicked out, but you risk a lot of benefits, and you also risk making finding employment more difficult because of your discharge.

If you’re in the first 180 days of your contract you’re eligible for an entry level discharge, where basically you just quit (If you qualify let me know and I’ll explain further).If you somehow manage to become injured badly you can get a medical discharge (It’s pretty hard to fake this one, it seems like if you try to injure yourself you won’t get discharged out of spite.)

There’s also such a thing as a “hardship discharge”.  One example of this would be say, if you’re family were to suffer some tragic accident leaving you as the only person to care for your 5 year old brother.  Because this hardship didn’t exist prior to joining, and can’t reasonably be resolved while you’re in the marines, the corps could choose to release you from your contract to allow you to care for your brother.  This one is also near impossible to fake, but should (God forbid) such a thing befall you, I would like you to know it exists.

Short of all of these things, the main way out is to finish your contract, and try to convince anyone you know back home who may be interested, not to join.  I hope this has been helpful.

Safety and Peace


Serious advice for those considering to join

Serious Advice for those considering to join. This is coming from my experience in both the USMC (EAS 3 days ago and now a reservist) and civilian world. When you join, know that you will have to put up with some bullshit (if you are unlucky, you’re S.O.L). Don’t expect things to be handed to you just because you were in the military. Yes you do get some benefits but it is up to you to research them and use them. Get your education on your free time while in the USMC and prepare for the civilian world while you’re in. As my 1st Sgt says, ‘Once you leave the USMC, the USMC won’t give two shits about you.’
Don’t be the dumbass that tells a recruiter ‘I want to be a Marine first’ and go into some random MOS. If you do, then you will hate life. Lastly, joining the USMC is like playing Russian Roulette, you may go into a shitty unit with shitty leaders or you may get lucky. Don’t count on the best scenarios to happen.

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Looking for some insight

Looking for some insight gents, My friend from back home has been in almost 3 years stationed in the asshole of the Marine Corps Okinawa, Japan. He’s within my 2-3 month window of PCS’ing and was involved in a alcohol incident out in town, mainly just breaking the libo policy. He got NJP’d for that and following the thing out in town his command got him for being UA because he was late to work a couple months prior. He has some sort of a sleeping problem but medical hasn’t been able to find out what it is, now they’re trying to AdSep him for a pattern of misconduct with an OTH. When he was late he was put on 24hr post every Saturday for 2 months, technically hazing right?(Duty can’t be used as a punishment, and there has been some other shady shit too) He told me he is writing a letter to his Congressman and Senator and is requesting mast to the CG. What is the likely hood that he will stay in? The unit he is with has gone on a rampage and have had like 10 NJP’s in 2 months 6 or more pending AdSep’s and is in my mind fucking him sideways. Any advice?

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The Army Deserves More Credit

You know the Marine Corps is all image and they always like putting down the Army. Since when was the last time the Marine Corps pulled a successful operation that didn’t fail, besides WWII in the Pacific. The U.S Army 3rd infantry division had to wait 6 days for the USMC to arrive into Baghdad but by that time Saddam Hussein had already escaped. And there was a river they were supposed to cross and I believed it was the river into Nasiriyah. And with there amphibious assault vehicles they weren’t able to even cross the river which led to the self named town. Why were they spending 24hrs just trying to lay out a bridge, and the battle of Fallujah guess what? They lost it the first time and waited half a year to retake it back and when they did they had to call the Army to take it back for them. Then afterwards everyone gave credit to the Marines and barely mention the Army. The USMC always try to blame half of their issues on the Army just because the Army had more successful operations of tearing down the enemy and making sure they can’t come back. The USMC is made of nothing but narcissists that always blame the Army, when the Army always protects the nation and they actually treat the recruits like men instead of little kids. So, always give some credit to the Army they actually do more than the Marines and they have the audacity to say that the Army doesn’t do crap.

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1 Year Lance With a Question

I’m a Lcpl, almost about to hit my 1st year mark out of 5. I’ve come to this site a few times and it’s helped greatly. At times, I feel that the MC is actually the the institution I was looking for when I see some Marines that are actually great leaders, who don’t fuck with you and actually cares what you think. Other times we have the usual motard, or marine that just fucks others or fucks with others. I joined for the brotherhood, self-improvement, and overall experience of being “A Marine.” but all I got was petty chores, a narcissistic leader, and no freedom. Why is this?

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 A friend who is now a warrant officer in the Army and did 12 years in the Marines related how the Corps royally fucked up during the 1st wave into Iraq in ’03. I already knew about the tank they lost (!), and some other BS, but to think the retards in Quantico thought just in time delivery for supplies would work in a war zone is the icing on the cake. It’s the main reason why the Army was waiting on the Marines outside Baghdad. In typical blowhard Marine fashion two colonels were relieved of command because they wouldn’t take some bridge or whatever. Turns out they didn’t have the supplies to get there, but were punished for it, anyway.

There’s a Military.com article about a Reserve TOW platoon from Miami who were given shitty equipment in Kuwait before the 1st wave went in; they little time to prepare and no time to scrounge up needed parts, etc. Two or so days into it they dropped their M-16’s due to the fact they ran out of ammo, and picked up whatever weapons they could find like AK’s and the like. I think they even got some Iraqi vehicles but can’t remember. What they did was nothing short of heroic but it’s a black eye on the Corps. They couldn’t even supply their own troops during what was (initially) a fairly easy invasion of a foreign country.

JIT delivery, you gotta be kiddin’ me.

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Update on my case – iHateDIs

Update on my case:

I didn’t want everyone to think I’d jumped ship.  I am still around and reading the posts and stories…quietly observing.

After my interview with the Lt. Colonel (2nd and Congressional Investigation) a couple of weeks ago, I requested and recieved BOTH investigation reports.  Meaning the investigation that occurred while I was still on the island and the current one.

I had already been informed by the LtCol during the current investigation that many/most of my fellow recruits (whom of course have now graduated), had either denied or minimized the abuse I reported.

So I wasn’t exactly blindsided with anything earth-shattering however, I still found it quite disappointing again.

The good news is that many of the ‘denials’ are conflicting in themselves.  Of course, the main offending DI adamantly denied he’d ever stuck anyone with anything OR used profanity whatsoever.  Achem!  Seriously?  He claimed that in regards to the clipboard incident in the head that he might have accidently “brushed” someone with the clipboard when he turned while giving the instruction.  Really?

The even better news is that a Gunny (recruiter) heard rumors about the abuse in my platoon and sat down with his 3 recruits to question them.  He said all 3 immediately dropped their heads and refused to make further eye contact with him.  He said said their body language said a lot and that it was the reaction of someone who has been abused and is ashamed.

It took a some time but he finally got them to start talking.  All 3 wrote detailed reports of the abuse they either observed or experienced personally.  Most of what they wrote about was after my departure.  All 3 admitted they had been or observed fellow recruits being hit, drop-kicked, kicked and other forms of abuse. All 3 were still terrified of retribution.

When asked why they had not reported this the first time or sooner, all 3 said the SDI had warned them that what happened in the squad bay stayed in the squad bay.  They were afraid of retaliation in the form of physical and/or mental abuse as well as possibly being kept from graduating.  One even said that since everyone else was getting hit, kicked or abused in some fashion, he thought it was “normal” and that this was the “way it was in the MOVIES”.

These 3 guys can truly say they ARE the Few and the Proud.  Even if their validations of my allegations came too late for me, they still found the courage to come through at the end of the day.

It is my hope that more will come forward and do the right thing but I really don’t look for that to happen since the LtCol told each one of them that NOW was the time to tell the truth and their prior statements would not be hald against them.  Now, I suppose they could be charged with perjury.

I have not received any notice of the actions to be taken, yet.  I will update everyone as soon as I know anything further.

I also want to especially thank those of you who have been supportive and even those who have not.  Everyone counts in my book.

Submitted by: iHateDIs

UPDATE – 5/2/12

Just dropping by to let everyone know I am STILL waiting on the final outcome/decision on my allegations.  I do know that Washington, DC is now in possession of that decision and is said to be ‘sorting’ through over 300 pages of investigative reports, etc.

I also know, because I have copies of the investigation, that several more recruits, now Marines, have come forward and told the truth about the abuse delivered by the hands of the DI’s.

Once again, I want to thank those of you how have supported me during this time.

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Marine Corps seems so cliche’

Marine Corps seems so cliche’. Maybe because of movies etc.

I know im late with this, since i barely watch tv( alot of dumb crap on television ) but i recently seen the Katy Perry video and i had to chuckle to myself. I started to feel a little pissed and upset because i felt and thought to myself ” Are there gonna be a bunch of females wanting to enlist allbof a sudden, falling for the B.S”.
The video seems very suspect to me. A lot more than a coincidence. I really wonder if it’s USMC propoganda to get females to enlist.

Plus you guys were right. I met this marine in the barbarshop about not too long ago. The guy seemed like a jerk. Calling the other service branches gay n all this other crap.
but just had to let that out.

I keep getting told the airforce is my best option. I feel so. Ima gona stick to that.

I also, went to the V.A hospital in baltimore with my.moms bf who was also a marine and it was kinda sad. Some ov em were a F’ed up. Some of those guys can’t stand the government. Saying they screwed with their veterans assistance or sumthin of that nature. Their war stories are interesting too.

Thnkx for the info, on the story i posted. It helped a lot. Kept me from making a big mistake. I was jus going thru a phase n not thinking things through.

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Are You a Blacksheep Too?

I served in the MC for 4 years, during that time I was assigned to a CPAC as an 0121 – I was assigned a goddamned cubicle… “fine” I says. “I’ll just work my ass off and someone will notice that I belong somewhere else”. One day my time to shine came – there needed to be audits done, pay rectified, incentives calculated, awards typed and payments disbursed. I took care of all of that shit with one other Marine overnight. OVER-FUCKING-NIGHT. So I received a NAM – that’s right a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. Jealousy and general hatred was exhibited by all in the CPAC. God forbid that anyone be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. I guess I should have just went to the barracks and fucked off the night drinking beer and what-have-you instead of taking care of the things that are most important to Marines that are on the front lines like their leave, awards and especially PAY.

So like all other shops in the Corps, where one Devil Dog gets the pat on the back deservedly enough, the rest turn that Marine into the black sheep. The black sheep is now given extra duties like going to Squadron and Shop to conduct audits all by himself. One Colonel sees the true grit and determination of this black sheep and makes a change. He makes this one Marine the liason between the CPAC and the MAG. Meaning that I took the bullshit before it hit the fan.

Where CPAC would fuck you out of days, weeks and even months of pay – I would hold you back. I would make the change seem so fucking minimal that you never knew that they were taking the pay back. They’re the ones that overpaid you right? Fuck them.

You rate an award but your gunny says no? Fuck your gunny I run it anyways and when your gunny comes to complain I tell the SgtMaj. That’s how I roll.

You’ve got leave and you want to use it? Check. Go on leave. Enjoy yourself. When you get back I’ll only charge your leave balance half of what you actually took. Maybe less if I feel good that day.

Can’t get out of your shitty lease? I’ve got you covered. You’re going TAD next week for 5 days but hey! you’re out of your lease.

When it came to standing duty, I would stand duty for Marines on holidays; Christmas? check, Thanksgiving 96? Check. I did it all. Go have your fun Marines! Terminal Lance has this shit.

Who’s assigned to transporting prisoners? Marines? I’ll fucking do it – and I’ll treat them like human-fucking-beings too!

Taking Marines to the hospital a state away? I’ll drive them – and I’ll do it so fucking fast that they’ll have the rest of the day to just fuck about.

Got into a car crash somewhere in Mexico and now you’re scared that the unit will find out and NJP the shit out of both of you because you deploy in 2 days? I’ve got you covered. I pick you up myself and take you to a city hospital where you’re checked out- no harm no foul.

This system is put in place as a control, it runs like a business, they don’t care what you have done.

They don’t care that your cheating bitch of a wife left you and your kids the day you came back from a 18 month deployment after depleting your accounts and maxing out your credit cards with some asshole.

They don’t care that you won’t be able to pay your bills on time.
They don’t care that your shit will be repo-ed.
They don’t care that your credit will be fucked.
They don’t care what you did in Iraq or Afghanistan.
They don’t care that you are missing that leg or other appendage.
They don’t care that you’re missing friends.
They don’t give two-shits that Marines have died.All they care about is the bottom line. Having the system working.They take awards and leave days away that they accidentally gave you.They do it without wondering how it will affect you. Well for 3 years I abused the system through every loophole and Maradmin that I could.
However shady, it was legal enough. I knew my shit better than most.
I was under constant attack from the CO and XO. Constant attack from the CPAC.But I had a SgtMaj and a 1stSgt that knew I did it for one reason and one reason only;I did it for the Marines.

Submitted by: Sergemeister

Grunt? POG? How about…men.

Yup, I’m a POG. Maybe the poggiest of the POGs. I’ve served three years and five months as one and to be more specific, as an 0111 Admin. In that time, I’ve spent countless hours being blamed for pay problems, working in an air conditioned office, and generally being some higher-ups personal bitch. However, I’m also one of the few Marines of my MOS that has more than two ribbons, been anywhere outside of Camp Lejeune, and know more than one aspect of my actual job title. What I’m getting to is this: what the fuck difference does it make? POG, Grunt, Marine, Soldier…guess what, we all die the same for this glorious thing called the U.S.A. No you say? I’m glad you disagree.

May 10, 2010 – Dec 1 2010 OEF

Not even a week into the desert I was told I was being fapped out due to my uselessness in the shop. I did not know that I’d be attached to 3rd LAD BN or 9th Engineers Security. This little TAD proved to be my entire tour. by the end of the first month with those guys, they never called me a fucking POG. It was a mutual understanding if not an unspoken one. IEDs didn’t care about only killing grunts. The rounds didn’t magically turn and bend to avoid my direction. The docs didn’t give two shits if you were infantry or not; just that you helped them get the wounded out. Basically, I couldn’t give a fuck less what you call your non infantry. We all bled the same. We were all scared the same. We all treated each other the same.

This concludes my rant.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Ceremony Vs Mission Accomplishment… which one takes priority again?

A couple weeks ago I found out that I had been roped into a battalion change of command ceremony, which wouldn’t have been so bad, except that a full two-thirds of my shop had to perform in the ceremony.  What’s more, when we got to the parade deck, the company gunny had the nerve to ask where the rest of the shop was!  I just wanted to scream out “They’re doing their fucking job you pompous prick!  I’m sorry that you seem to think that one old man leaving and another old man showing up is so important that the entire unit should just drop whatever it’s doing to come down here and goose-step around a damned parking lot!”  But, being as close to EAS as I am, I decided to hold my tongue, and let someone else from the shop answer.

Then when we’re going through the rifle manual part, we realized that the only people who remembered any of it were the PFCs and a couple of LCpls, so this bitch-ass MSgt (who got out once, couldn’t hack it in the civilian world, came back, and has been strictly enforcing marine corps regulations ever since.  His fellow E-8s don’t like him because he’ll chew them out over having their hands in their pockets.  But I digress…) puts on his D.I. act and starts running up and down the squads yelling and screaming “Tight elbows” and all of that ridiculous boot camp nonsense, and threatening to take people who messed it up to the I.T. pit.  I was just standing there hoping he would actually follow through with that threat, I wanted to personally bash his face in with my rifle butt stock BEFORE, I got him charged with hazing.  But of course, his threats were entirely impotent, (much like the man himself) and we continued on our ridiculous little practice.

At one point I actually started listening to what the speaker was saying over the speaker system.  She was going on about how the parade that the audience was witnessing had “it’s basis in both history and tradition, the forming of troops on a long line at close interval made possible the massing of firepower from muzzle loaded muskets of yesterday.”  Now I realize that the term “yesterday” can be loosely used to refer to any time in the past, but at the time all I  could think was “Yesterday?  Yester-century maybe, but not yesterday!  Well, the marine corps is perpetually stuck in cultural norms of the 1850s so maybe they think we were using muskets yesterday.”  Then at the end of the practice, the SgtMaj came up to us to emphasize how important the ceremony was by reiterating  the incredible importance of “customs and courtesies”.  These two instances really reinforced to me just how much the marine corps refuses to modernize itself.  It’s like the Generals just came together one day and said “Well if we can’t win a war like this, then we’ll make it a ceremony, because it would be just horrible if we took this outdated form of warfare out of the books entirely!”

But that’s the marine corps, everyone is so afraid that the asinine, self-important pissant who outranks them might get butt-hurt if they don’t validate his existence by dropping everything that they have to do, and put on a lavish ceremony in commemoration of him before he leaves.

For those of you who’ve read the other articles I’ve posted, I hope you can tell that  (with the exception of my first posts from when I started coming to this site) I really try to maintain a balanced point of view when discussing the marine corps.  I don’t want to come across as someone who’s just here with a personal axe to grind.  But then the corps does something like this; trying to make us believe that the base is going to be overrun if we don’t have a proper change of command ceremony, trying to convince us that neglecting to march around with a rifle in hand because some old guy is leaving would be incredibly “unprofessional” while neglecting our jobs and the tasks that make the unit run in order to accomplish this ceremony is quite acceptable, and I just lose my mind.  I can’t stand all of the inefficiency, and the staggering lack of ability to prioritize what is important over what isn’t as important and can take a back seat, or what is so unimportant that there’s not even room in the car for it so it has to get left behind.  The marine corps won’t accept these as possibilities, everything has to fit in the front seat, and nothing can be left behind.   And then they wonder why we become disgruntled and get out.

Alright, I’ll step off my little soap box now, thanks for listening, and a special thanks to Civilian for creating the site.  It feels good to get this all off of my chest.

Safety and Peace