It’s Time to Start Thinking for Yourself

You have to start thinking for yourself sometime.

Frankly, at some point you don’t have a choice. Life forces you.
Maybe it’s when you take your first step as a toddler. Or maybe it’s
when you take the SAT test as a young adult.

At some point, you realize that even though information is being
thrown at you, it is up to you to interpret what you hear, to make your
own opinions, and to do something about it.

Over time this becomes second nature.

It’s subconscious. You make decisions without even thinking much at
all about what you are doing. Based on experience and memorable life
instances, you apply judgment in real-time. As circumstances present
themselves, you decide how to react.

And that is a tremendously exhausting experience. It demands
emotional commitment.  You have to pick a side. You have to make hard
choices. You have to filter truth from hyperbole.  So it is always
easier is to stop the pain. To stop thinking on your own. To just let
other people’s opinions become your own. To accept anger and frustration
as fact and excuse.

And even though you’re not investing the emotional effort that you
used to exert, you’ll find yourself just as confused, and perhaps more

The answer is to do it the hard way.

You have to think for yourself.

It’s tiring. It demands focus. At times you’re frustrated and unsure.
But it’s the key to breakthrough. When you stop thinking for yourself,
who you could be gets lost in the mimicry of everyone else’s
opinion.Simply, you lose your way unless you’re focused on finding it.
Unless you deliberately decide to make the right choice, right now.It
all comes down to a few simple uncompromising outlooks:

Challenge everything.

Trust your gut instinct.

Pursue creativity.

Look for what’s not there

.Decry mediocrity.

Focus on what’s important

.Keep trying

.Fight through the confusion.

Learn hard lessons the first time.

Don’t give in to peer pressure.

Demand more than implication and inference.

Think for yourself.

Fleet Marine Life #20 – Last Night

I’ve heard this type of story many times in many safety briefs.

Gunny Warhero would tell us stuff like, “Females! Don’t go out with the male Marines. They will fuck anything with a heartbeat! Hell, it doesn’t even need a heartbeat!” Then he would look at the Male Marines and say, “Male Marines! You may go out of town and there might be an old guy who says that he likes the Marines and offers to buy you a drink. He is going to get you so fucked up that the next thing you know you’re being fucked in the ass by a 70 year old man in a spiderman costume and that shit is all over the internet! YOU LAUGH NOW BUT THAT SHIT HAPPENED LAST WEEK!!!”

Another gunny would always tell us, “If she’s willing to go home with you then she’s willing to go home with anybody. Especially you Boostamount, you ugly ass motherfucker! Did everyone know he’s married? Who’d marry you? Fuck! I sure as hell wouldn’t.” And that’s true. To some heartless bitches, Marines are guaranteed paychecks, free healthcare, free housing, etc. They will marry Marines just to divorce them, take half their shit and then look for another Marine to start another cycle. Mother fucking black widow spiders are everywhere so beware.

Get fucked in the ass (literally) since 1775.

Fleet Marine Life #19 – Mass Funishment

Imagine that there’s a murderer running about. Eventually they catch him and the government decides to punish everyone. They think that since no one stopped this murderer then everyone is held accountable. Does this happen in the real world? Of course not! But the Marine Corps is not part of the real world. It is in an alternate reality where sense makes no sense.

Mass punishment is normal in the Corps. Why? I guess higher ups are just doing what has been done to them in the past. Marines are used to doing certain things and they just keep doing it regardless of better methods.

Also, the justice system in the Marine Corps isn’t exactly top notch. It’s where you are guilty until proven innocent. I know that doesn’t make sense but remember that in the Marine Corps, sense makes no sense.

No sense makes sense.

Any normal person would get sick of getting in trouble for something they didn’t do.

Making no sense since 1775.

Fleet Marine Life #18 – Flaunt It,_don%27t_tell

Well, that plan used to be a good way to get out the Marine Corps.

In my time, I’ve heard of two male Marines caught in the same bed in their school house. They got discharged right quick… out of the military. Sicko.

Are gay people bad in the military? Well, fuck! Half our females are fuckin’ lesbians! Do I care? Not really, I could care less. And the males? Someone told me that the Marine Corps is, “The longest 4 year long gay joke.” You’ll always see some Marine doing some border-line ambiguously homosexual shit but you’ll never see that same Marine actually do anything that’s straight up homosexual. Everyone acts gay but no one is gay.

This happens in every unit I have worked with. It’s really weird. Maybe it’s something in the base water.

I would talk about the story of the “Phantom Cocksucker,” but it would probably scare a lot of you ship dwelling folk.

Being lesbian since 1775.

Fleet Marine Life #17 – Brain Damage

Those who leave the Marine Corps will undoubtedly become smarter. Those who have been in for at least over a year will feel somewhat… slower. Remember that 4 letter word you used to know how to spell? Or remember that time when you used to be able to add fractions?

If you’re in the Marine Corps, ask yourself, “Has my ability to spell gotten better in the Corps?”

Well, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t. If you said yes to that question then your educational system has probably failed you in the first place.

Misspelling words since 1775. K.

Fleet Marine Life #16 – Rank Structure

This is pretty much the enlisted rank structure and how I view it.

If you don’t know how to clean then I suggest you join the United States Marine Corps. By the time you leave, you will be able to wipe a room so clean, it will confuse the living shit out of CSI.

If I needed to apply for a job out in the civilian world with only the things that I have learned in the Marine Corps, it would be for a janitor. In the Marine Corps, you learn how to use all sorts of wacky and wonderful weapon systems and tactics but you can’t use that in the civilian world.

That’s why I’m thankful that there is a GI Bill out there to help former Marines learn some valuable skills that can be used in the civilian world. If you haven’t used that GI Bill and you qualify for it, please use it. Don’t let it go to waste! It’s free money!

Getting our asses chewed since 1775. – K.

Fleet Marine Life #15 – Long Distance

The military has an abnormally high divorce rate. I don’t need to read any newspaper or turn on the TV to see it. It’s happening all around me. It’s sad but it’s true. Military life is tough on marriages. Very tough. I don’t recommend marriage to anyone in the military. I especially don’t recommend having kids either because that will just drive you crazy.

If you are married in the military then you know what I’m talking about. If you are planning on getting married so that you can move out of the barracks, please don’t. It’s not worth it. Get married outside the Marine Corps like normal people.

Anyways, out in Okinawa, Japan, many people lost their girlfriends because they just grew lonely. It ain’t nothing to cry over because she wasn’t the one. Just move on and meet other fish. If you’re a male, just don’t go on craigslist or else you’ll end up with:

1. a female who weighs 2-3 times your weight
2. a female who is really old
3. a female who is really a man.
4. AIDS.

There’s a right way to do everything and a wrong way. Unfortunately, many Marines just keep doing the wrong thing until it ends up right. Or not?

Getting married to move out of the barracks since 1775.