Ramblings of a motivator.

Hmmm lets see have you lost family a friend a loved one to the attack on 911 orr the beheadings or countless other things the taliban has done to civilians out along the entire UNITED STATES OF AMERICA an all the armed forces you goin to moan an groan about the MARINES urinateing on dead taliban if it was me soldier or civilian i would done more then urinate on them SORRY I AM A PROUD AMERICAN an stand behind our soldiers without them we wouldnt be free only stupidity f people who would open a site like this where were the peace lovers when the towers f where they when our civilans were over there tryin tto help rebuild an got beheaded hmmmmm seems to me to see that versus a lil urination say people who back a page like this either are not AMERICANS or have no respect for the soldiers there or it may been your family or lovedd one that got urinated on in which case welcome to the world many of us PROUD AMERICANS LIVE IN with lost family friends an loved ones shameless disgraced by stupidity i know with in 5 min this message will be deleleted or bashed or crititised or grammer or something other stupid crap but either way none of you were there before i go i must say this loud an proud SEMPERI FI

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Med Board, 80% Disability, Jealous NCO’s and more!

I got medically discharged with an 80% disability rating, I get 400 bucks a week from unemployment and I get almost 1700 bucks from my GI bill every month. Why am I telling you this? Because I used to be a motivated idiot who thought it was an honorable thing to put up with the moronic faggots who were in charge of me until I came back from Afghanistan. Then when I was told that I was to be put on a med board all hell broke loos, jealousy from lazy ass lcpls who think they are entitled to the world and bitch ass ncos from fast company that never deployed who depended on those same lcpls to suck their dicks and boost their egos. People tried to set shit up and tried to get me njp’d because they didn’t want me getting out wih benefits. Nothing ever stuck because I was innocent. Ssgts in RBE would brag about how many people they kicked out of he marine corps with no benefits and how they could have helped them instead but opted not to. “leaders” telling their marines they were off for the day only to call hem later and tell them they were not off work and when they came back they had charge papers waiting for them. People getting charged UA because they went to their medical appointments. All the stupid fucking mind games, formations being held just to humiliate and belittle marines that were on medical boards, punishing the majority for the fuck ups made by the minority. Whatever, I’m out now enjoying all my benefits to the fullest. Don’t have to worry about health insurance for my family because I still have tricare and I can still fly space-a so I take vacations whenever the fuck I want. And I laugh because when i was still in I felt bad for being on a med board and guilty that I was getting disability and benefits, but now I will enjoy them to the fullest. Fuck you marine corps, you tried to fuck me but in the end I came out the winner. I burned all my uniforms in a bonfire in the backyard of my lovely house that I got with my VA loan.


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Hazers got busted down and passed up in rank by the hazed

So when I came in the guys in charge of us hazed us, now my peers are Team leaders and when they hazed their boots the boots did the right thing and snitched on them for lack of a better term. Now they are all butthurt because they got njp’d, demoted, put on restriction and are getting treated like shit and being made an example of, while the boots are picking up and filling their spots. The funniest thing is that my peers’ original teamleaders who deem themselves all high and mighty don’t give a shit about my peers and are not doing jack shit to help out their marines. Instead they are being lazy, sitting in their rooms either sleeping or playing COD all day and skating out of everything while they check out of the marine corps. Great way to set the example, semper fucks!

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Trying to take terminal

I’ve been in the Marines for over 5 years, 4 of those in the ‘fleet’, and did 3 deployments, 2 for the squadron I’m currently in. This week is suppose to be all about me checking out and getting ready to go on terminal in 4 days. Today my Ssgt tells me that terminal leave is a privilege not a guarantee (I know this already), and that he’s thinking about canceling my Terminal because I failed a room inspection I wasn’t even present for nor knew about. (Even then my room is always presentable, they failed me on dust and carpet not vacuumed). And he tells me a piece of shit that has never cared, nor will start to care so he’s well in his right to cancel my terminal. Yet… I went out of my way to get a collateral billet to help our work center out, trained younger Marines to be better at their job, unlike other NCOs who sit on their ass and do nothing, and back in 2010 I go bumped to another squadron to go on a MEU, and once it was done I came back to this squadron because our work center was hurting for collateral billets, and to ice the cake… I extended my contract 4 months to make this last deployment, so my other collateral billet buddies wouldn’t be over stressed and I could help out, because those are the few that I consider my brothers in this squadron. Yet, I’m a piece of shit? Who has never cared? I give this squadron over 3 years of my time, and a 4 month extention… and it can’t even give me 30 days of terminal leave… are you fucking kidding me.

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20 year E-6

I spent 20 years in the Marines and retired as an E6, was NJPed on Recruiting duty and told it wouldn’t matter as long as I was successful. Well, made it successfully on Recruiting duty, went to Iraq and still retired as an E6. Was passed over I think 7 times total. Did I think the Marine Corps was biased? YES!!! but I was not a politically correct person while I was in. I hated many years of the time I was in, but also loved times. The Marines are not for everyone and if you cant follow rules prior to going in, DONT go in.

Superior Supermen – The Marine Corps Mentality

I’d like to address a few issues that may seem a bit “out there;” but they’re still important to highlight because it reveals the USMC endorsement of an interesting ideal. Beneath the veneer of what most would call a fairly simple philosophy exists an almost sacramental worldview that has, unfortunately, dismantled almost everything to which the Corps aspires. It is these lapses that should serve as a warning to young people that envision a USMC of reason, moderation, and logic. To begin, I’m a firm believer that “frustration is part of the process.” Frustration is good! Frustration while fixing your car, learning a new trade, reading a difficult book or dealing with an idiosyncratic person is part and parcel to becoming better at life. Frustration builds character. Frustration makes you stronger. Marines love to attach this fact to the rigors of daily life in the Corps by listing the existing challenges and insisting that it’s all good for you. But I beg to differ. In real life, frustration is part of the process. In the USMC, frustration seems to be the goal with no substantial payoff in the end.

In the eyes of the Corps:
– a pt session that begins before the sun rises isn’t sufficient. You need to be yelling at the top of your lungs to demonstrate to your superiors that you’re motivated. Why?
– on Monday morning, your neat and tidy low regulation haircut is an indicator to the SNCOs that you’re not as motivated as you should be. You’re wrong. Why?
– projecting your voice in a manner that allows everyone concerned to hear you is not good enough. You must be louder, even if it’s overkill. Why?
– long and tedious room inspections are somehow analogous to success on the battlefield. Why?
And the list goes on. The main point is that Marines believe everything can be improved upon, even if the subsequent measures make no sense. It’s part of their mentality to be a superior breed of men, even if this brand of superiority is sustained on an intangible and unseen dimension. This reminds me of someone.
Ah, yes- Nietzsche. For you philosophy buffs out there, don’t get the wrong idea about where I’m going with this. I’m not suggesting Marines believe God is dead (far from it), nor am I saying they endorse collectivism. But there are some stark similarities between the man and this institution. Nietzsche created two theories that resonate strongly with the Marines; 1. the Overman, or Superman mentality, which shatters the limitations society has placed on people with extraordinary potential, and 2. tapping into man’s basest instincts. The first theory need not be explained- most everyone will agree that a real Marine pursues his goals with maniacal zeal, and in many respects that should be admired. But there is a backlash, and that comes by way of tapping into the deepest recesses of man’s primal desires in an unrestrained fashion.
The reason why the USMC is now a two-steps-forward-one-step back institution is that they have not yet married the concepts of reason and zeal within the enlisted ranks. Moderation. Marines have a reputation for being the best fighters, runners, lovers and workers due to their love for the Corps. Even though this really isn’t true, it’s a theme they’ve embraced. I’m going to drop another bomb here, and again, it’s not what you might think. Adolf Hitler believed that if you’re going to endorse an ideology, you need to abandon any and all “contemplation” on the issue and embrace it entirely. Balls-to-the- wall energy and passion is the order of the day. What does this rhetoric remind you of? But he also celebrated the lapses his adversaries suffered from by not taking the time to THINK. I suppose I should explain that I’m not calling Marines Nazis, nor am I an adherent to any kind of racial superiority. If you’re going to attack this argument, at least be fair about it.
There is a disconnect running rampant in the Corps, and it’s found most acutely in POG Land. Some of you may be wondering why POGs are some of the most infamous motards. It’s because they’re operating under a distorted view of what it means to be a Marine on the universal level, regardless of how they view it individually. I was an enlisted POG. There is a greater balance between Motivation and Diligence being advocated among the commissioned ranks; so what kind of indictment does this bring down on the enlisted ranks, particularly the POGs? In POG Land, reasonable and mature behavior eclipses college fraternity antics by an unacceptable margin. That 10% is more like 20%, and frankly I think the 10% theory is a cop-out. Conversely, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, who has most likely gone to War College and is classically educated doesn’t tell his commanders to execute a battle plan without a sound strategy. The motivation is effective because he’s attached it to a repertoire of skills his men already possess. In the enlisted ranks, in my experience, it was the opposite: “motivation” was given as a prerequisite in order to accomplish whatever menial task that was assigned for the day.
So I am tempted to say the commissioned ranks are part Nietzsche/part Plato, which is an almost perfect marriage of existence. Nietzsche accused his fellow Germans of thinking too much while Plato encouraged deconstruction and logic. The enlisted ranks are mostly Nietzsche, if you’ll follow the analogy in its proper context (in this sense I’m labeling many enlisted POGs as reactionary and purely instinctual). The Corps is doing its job at the “tip of the tip of the spear” in an effective manner, where the execution of the combat mission is most crucial. But it’s doing something wrong at the lower levels, which is an injustice to many enlisted Marines who are absolutely brilliant at their respective jobs and deserve a reprieve from the childishness of “motivation.” We’re not talking about intellectualism here, where a butter bar who has majored in English literature is pretending to be superior to a LCPL on his third deployment. The issue here is fusing the berserker-like persona of a PFC with the maturity and knowledge of an officer. THAT is the definition of a real Marine, but so few exist.
So to whom am I assigning responsibility for this? If you track down the epidemiology of this “disease” of motardedness, it lies squarely on the shoulders of the SNCOs and the lower recruiting standards. It’s a combination of their lack of combat experience, a lot of overcompensation by way of their self-styled motard antics, and the disillusionment of just waiting for retirement. For a lot of SNCOs, it’s just not fun anymore. As for the latter issue, the standard for the enlistment quotas have gone down the toilet. How can you expect a depraved pedophile, ex con, or juvenile delinquent to learn anything when his superior could be a depraved pedophile, ex con, or juvenile delinquent? You can’t expect optimum results when one cross-eyed nitwit is leading a gaggle of cross-eyed nitwits.

Busted down from E-5 to E-3 for reporting hazing

I am getting fucked by my command I was doing grate in the corps I was a Cpl reenlisted and made Sgt when my command njp’d me for correcting three of my piers and a Ssgt for the treatment of our marines they where hazing and I wasent going to stand for it I spoke up expecting the problem to be solved it wasent and I got busted down to Lcpl and when I got busted down they hazed me harder than I’ve ever seen them haze anyone I took it up the chain of command (Coc) three time’s I took it to the Chaplan several times it didnt matter nobody cared so I am currently facing court martial where I will bring to light all of the wrongs that have been comitted

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I reported hazing and now life is going to be hell.

My command is bullshit, I’m with the MEU and I got hazed twice, but I spoke up for myself and got them reprimanded and they’re on deployment now so I still got a couple months before they get back. A couple of buddies I know got word of them saying because of what happened now my life is going to be hell and I just want to get out of this unit but I’m scared if I request mass nothing will be done about it based off of what I seen. I just want to keep my record clean and do my 4 years with my head held high and get the FUCK OUT. I see the Corps for what it is and only the ass-kissers truly make it up the ranks so I’m getting out. Please help me; I want to leave this unit and they drove me to see a Psychiatrist cause’ I’m always getting picked on and singled out. I don’t know what to do but I can’t stay here because the slightest fuck up and they’re definitely going to charge my ass. What can I do? Thanks!

-Semper FuckTheUSMC

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I was hazed, need advice

Hello everyone i am a pfc in the marines corps ive been in the fleet now for about 6 months im a 0331 machine gunner long story short my unit got back from afgahanistan immediatly after i gt to the fleet i was hazed for about 2 months untilll finally after an incedent getting physically assaulted i turned it in since then there has been an investigation to where marines are supposedly getting held accountable njp and i also have been severly depressed because of this horrible enviorment im constantly tormented especially after doing the right thing and reporting hazing now im that bitch who cryed hazing so ive been reccomended by a navy medical officer to get admin seperation due to my depression and anxiety of being here and they told me i was on my way out now my co and bc are saying they want me to stay and think im salvagble i want nothing to do with the corps i hate this place im tired of constantly playing this my dicks bigger competition im almost being forced now to go ua

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As a Marine I understand some of your frustrations

As a Marine I understand some of your frustrations, and we ALL did field day and dealt with the bullshit but all in all I got to see a shitload of countries as an embassy guard (cuz I was motivated enough to strive for something I thought was interesting and worthwhile and other than a barracks) after being a a combat engineer for 2 years. I nailed a whole wide world of eastern European chicks, held down an embassy during a revolution and left with a letter of recommendation from an Ambassador thats helped out alot in my professional career. I got money for school and now I’m an engineer with one of the top 3 Aerospace companies in the world. And I did all that without being a buddy fucker Marine and I made friends that I will have for the rest of my life due to the Corps. Its like they said buddy “No one promised you a rose garden”. You’ve also heard the following I’m sure…”The Marine Corps is what you make of it”. You dont like where you’re at? You wanna be high speed? If you’re a grunt, try out for recon, try out for security forces. If youre a pogue try out for MSG duty. And if you’re weak and cant make it, work out more, if you have a bad record and they wont take you, whose fault is that??

Dont get me wrong, there are a ton of pricks that with a shred of Administrative power, will try to fuck you over, Ive requested mast before and that didnt do shit. I get it, but if you think its better in the Army or Air Force then you’re welcome to go and put on their gay ass colors.

Semper Fi


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Is the Marine Corps this incompetent?

Is the Marine Corps this incompetent? So, I am getting a medical separation which I couldn’t be happier about. Camp Pendleton has been nothing but pure hell. I cannot stand 95% of the people I work with. Don’t even get me started on the worthless garbage “superiors”.Within the past day, two ridiculous things have happened. Payday was supposed to be today, or technically yesterday for those of us with Pacific Marine Credit Union.Who of course, has the worst luck and didn’t get paid? Me. I go to speak to the finance people and they tell me, “Whoops, someone put the wrong code on your file so your paycheck will be late.”… “How late?”, I asked. They respond with a “Up to a week.” You see, my problem with this is that I have a family and like a majority of Marines, we live paycheck to paycheck. Rent was due today so I had to borrow money. How is this acceptable at all? Now I’m scraping the empty barrel. Next thing, I get my medical record.What do they do? They screwed it up. Apparently I have been in the Marine Corps since 2001, I was a teenager in 2010, none of which is true. Now I have to fix it before they release me.

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Forever E3

I was born in Italy and enlisted in the Corps in
1966 and stated I was a citizen. While on active duty at Cherry Point, NC as an E3, I received a draft notice from Italy telling me to report to the Italian Army. I brought the letter to the JAG and expressed my wish to remain in the Corps. I was asked to produce my citizenship papers. Which I did not have. I was under the age of 15 when both parents became citizens so I automatically was awarded citizenship. Well neither I nor my parents had them. I was put under watch by 2 Marines until I was sent home to clear things up the FBI did a background check and I received a secret clearance.
I returned to base and was not given the opportunity to test for E4, I was told by Gunny in S3 that I would never get promoted. While serving in Chu Lai I had 29 months in grade as an E3 and I was pissed off so I snuck of base with no weapon except for my K BAR. I was going to exact my rage
on the gooks in the ville. I was caught by the Army MPS and brought back to base and was busted to E2. That was 2 months shy of 3 years and did not receive my Good Conduct Medal.
After leaving RVN for Conus, I was immediately put on mess duty for thirty days and when that was completed, I was assigned to more shit duty. I was busted again with 77 days
left till discharge and am still bitter about not receiving my Good Conduct Medal and never being promoted past E3. I was discharged after serving 4 years and had 4.3 and 4.4 pro con scores.
Thanks for reading this I’m somewhat relieved by getting this of my chest after all these years. I’m
still a Marine and Semper Fi brothers.

Forever E3