A Short-Timer’s Cadence

This was a cadence that I wrote back in 2011 when I was leaving Okinawa. We had two short-timers in my squad, and we were a tad bit upset at still having to PT (Face it, no one likes to PT, the only reason people do it is because they have to), and we had a new squad leader who had… lets call them “unorthodox” ways of conducting PT. So during the middle of a 4 mile, “boots and utes”, cadence, indian run, (Yes we seriously did that) I got out and started shouting this little number. Enjoy.

747 rollin’ down the strip
EAS [Or "PCS" works too] marines gonna take a little trip
Roommates gonna field day alone
But I don’t care ’cause i’m going home

Wake up, stand up shuffle to the door
McDonalds for lunch and home by 4
A-laughing and a-joking
A-drinking and a-smoking

Civilians! Hell Ya!
Marine Corps! Fuck Off!


Safety and Peace


  • BitsofFelt

    Uber gay.

  • RAanonymous

    Yeah your right, No one likes to PT, work out, or be fit, that’s for pussies! And oh yeah that 4 mile run to the front/jog thing sounds awful! What the hell kind of twisted NCO would put any human being through torture like that, it makes me sick. If I had to run all of that way with boots on how could I work for the rest of the day? My feet would probably be a little sore and my office requires me to walk back and forth from my desk to gunny’s periodically all day, why train like that when it makes the REAL hard work in the shop harder? And your cadence was absolutely hilarious, I mean that was really clever on the spot, especially because you were also probably exhausted…. 4 miles for Christ sake I would probably be crawling. I cant wait to get out and go to school and party and get laid all the time because I am a Marine and chicks like that. I cant wait to work at circuit city and get into financial aid debt and hang out with normal civillians. I hate having a guaranteed paycheck, and making X amount no matter how many 96′s I get off or how little I do at work, its all bullshit. Im so tired of having someone of higher “rank” yell at me for screwing up because he “can”. Im tired of all the duties, sitting in the duty hut for 8 hours playing video games, why cant I be in my room playing video games? EAS here I come!