As a Marine I understand some of your frustrations

As a Marine I understand some of your frustrations, and we ALL did field day and dealt with the bullshit but all in all I got to see a shitload of countries as an embassy guard (cuz I was motivated enough to strive for something I thought was interesting and worthwhile and other than a barracks) after being a a combat engineer for 2 years. I nailed a whole wide world of eastern European chicks, held down an embassy during a revolution and left with a letter of recommendation from an Ambassador thats helped out alot in my professional career. I got money for school and now I’m an engineer with one of the top 3 Aerospace companies in the world. And I did all that without being a buddy fucker Marine and I made friends that I will have for the rest of my life due to the Corps. Its like they said buddy “No one promised you a rose garden”. You’ve also heard the following I’m sure…”The Marine Corps is what you make of it”. You dont like where you’re at? You wanna be high speed? If you’re a grunt, try out for recon, try out for security forces. If youre a pogue try out for MSG duty. And if you’re weak and cant make it, work out more, if you have a bad record and they wont take you, whose fault is that??

Dont get me wrong, there are a ton of pricks that with a shred of Administrative power, will try to fuck you over, Ive requested mast before and that didnt do shit. I get it, but if you think its better in the Army or Air Force then you’re welcome to go and put on their gay ass colors.

Semper Fi


Submitted by: gomelo2

  • Danial Rose

    i have been in for some time and have seen Fullajah, Iraq and Sangin, Afghanistan. not to say i don’t love the corps i do but everyones experience will vary. my bestfriend joined the same time i did and he did one deployment to iraq and two MEU’s both MEU’s where gulf region floats. same job sametime in and widely varying experiences. it truly is what you make of it though. you get your group of friends and the locations and the two way range or the drunken float will not make a difference. everyone wants to hear about the kills you got or the countries you saw but the meat and potatoes of being a marine is when PFC so and so fell of the bar stool and knocked out his tooth. or when SSGT dipstick got the runs on patrol and soiled himself. Maybe the history channel never does a miniseries about your marine corps experiences but you will have hilarious endless stories. but the marine corps is not for everyone.
    on the admin fuck over side i got busted down and sent to the brig for hazing, to wit i kept marines after work hours with the commanding officers permission and conducted unauthorized physical conditioning(went for a ridgeline run which we do ALL THE TIME but since it wasn’t work hours they made it sound like i waterboarded them) and then something about digging without the proper authorization. because it is a wildlife preserve apparently you can’t just dig a fighting hole where ever you please. direct quote from the 1st sgt, “i’m making an example out of you, you grunts always trying to make them re earn the EGA, you don’t see this shit at my old unit.(old unit was the SMU, which apparently is some kind of help desk for supply)
    he fucked me so bad that the new 1st sgt tried to meritorious promote me twice and it goes up to the BN and they see hazing and unauthorized PT and send back the recommendation after they wipe thier ass with it and tell the 1st sgt he’s fucking high.but i still love the corps and would gladly keep doing it for the rest of my life.

  • Anon

    If you want to be high speed, don’t try out for security forces. Bangor, Kings Bay, FAST, they are all utter shit holes festering with the worst SNCOs that the rest of the marine corps didn’t want.