BCP separation question

BCP question, I by no means am out of shape, the Navy personnel at the hospital were laughing their asses off when they saw me roll up with a Body Composition Paper to be signed to say my thyroid is ok. They straight up said, you don’t need to be on this program. I throw around 50 cals easy and I’m a SAW gunner, plus I love the gym and to swim. So here’s my questions.
Assuming i “fail” marine corp standards and get admin seperated, what is the discharge? After 6 months with a job does it change to an honorable discharge? If that is the case, and even if it isn’t will I still get the GI bill?
I only feel the need to explain what I look like because this needs to be a conversation about my questions, not some attack on my physical look because some motards think that Im bsing it to make myself look good online.

  • Steven

    Do you have a source for this?


      The marine corps Separations Manual specifies that Bad Conduct and Dishonorable Discharges can only be given after being convicted by a court martial, leaving Honorable, General or OTH as the only options. (Technically there is also an “uncharacterized” discharge, but that’s only used in very extenuating circumstances).

      Since a honorable discharge requires the individual to have “met the standards of accepted conduct and performance of duty for military personnel” it’s virtually unthinkable that they would give someone who has been put on BCP three times an honorable discharge. This is especially since he would be being booted out before the end of his contract, and presumably he wouldn’t be being kicked out if he were meeting the standards for body weight.

      That only leaves General and OTH for them to choose from. For those two it basically comes down to how his command is feeling that day.