BCP separation question

BCP question, I by no means am out of shape, the Navy personnel at the hospital were laughing their asses off when they saw me roll up with a Body Composition Paper to be signed to say my thyroid is ok. They straight up said, you don’t need to be on this program. I throw around 50 cals easy and I’m a SAW gunner, plus I love the gym and to swim. So here’s my questions.
Assuming i “fail” marine corp standards and get admin seperated, what is the discharge? After 6 months with a job does it change to an honorable discharge? If that is the case, and even if it isn’t will I still get the GI bill?
I only feel the need to explain what I look like because this needs to be a conversation about my questions, not some attack on my physical look because some motards think that Im bsing it to make myself look good online.

  • Dolinwrath

    discharge under honorable conditions

  • Rick James

    Your benefits will be determined by the amount of time you served when and if your admin separated. You will go on for 6 months, if you make progress they probably will extend you on your first assignment which is an additional 6 months. If you dont after your 1st 6 Months they will process you for admin sep. Plan on loosing everything, why? Because you will be the example so others dont go down that path. No one cares if your a gym rat. The fact is they only care if your within the standards.

  • Grimace

    If you are in fact one of those rare Marines that is out of standards but in great shape, the CO can waive your BCP assignement. They will require you to take pictures in PT gear or Charlies. This is so the Co can see that you in fact not a fatass. Don’t sweat it, just PT and watch your diet, you’ll be fine.

  • CivilianFirstClass

    If after six months on BCP, and you’re out of regs, they can either place you on a second term. But seeing how the Marine Corps is trying desperately to kick people out, I don’t they’ll go that route. If they do AdSep you, they have two options: 1. General Under Honorable Conditions 2. Honorable. They CO will make the recommendation to whoever the package gets sent up to. If you’ve been a good Marine (No NJPs, adverse Page 11s, etc), then you’ll most likely get an honorable. If, however, the opposite is true, they can give you a General Under Honorable.

    As far as Post 9/11 goes, if this is your second enlistment, then you’re good to go. Because they would assume that your first enlistment ended honorably. If this is your first, then I don’t think you’re eligible.


    Good luck to you, man.

    Source: BCP – I’ve seen it happen. Post 9/11 GI Bill – GIBenefits.com

  • Clay

    Here is a question, if you are put on BCP three times your out, what would the discharge and the process be in that nature?


      Depending on the unit it would be either a General (under honorable) or an Other Than Honorable. I’m not sure of the details of the process, but it would almost definitely be an Admin Separation. The only other likely type of discharge would be if you have some sort of “gland” issue where you can’t lose weight, in which case you might get medically discharged.