Boot Camp Tips For Females

I have not seen any female submissions so I decided I could write a little story of my own experience in boot camp and the initial process.

Back in 2015 I started the process for joining the Air Force, but I had a mark on my credit for a dental bill I could not pay off and got denied enlistment. The Air Force recruiter then brought me over to the Marine recruiter’s office and basically fed me to the sharks. As soon as I stepped into that office, their eyes lit up and they gave me this big grin. I introduced myself, and immediately I was filling out paperwork. I will say I was pretty intimidated and new to this, but I was desperate after losing my job, failing one class, and almost losing my apartment. I was partially guilty to giving in so easily, but I was also led on by their fast sales talk.

I was supposed to go MEPS the next week or so and I had yet to talk about any MOS or a ship date. I was interviewed by a MSgt, a GySgt, a SSgt, and a female Sgt.  I was so deep into it that I had no choice but to keep going.

I was the only female in good physical shape there and I was gold to them because I didn’t need to be babysat and told to lose weight. Something just didn’t feel right a couple weeks before shipping so I called up an Army buddy and we went to a recruiter in his area. I told him how they were rushing the process and how I still didn’t get an MOS and every time I asked about it I got shut down or was told to come back next week. I told him I wanted out but I felt like I would be punished if I broke the contract. Alas, I went in and told the Marine recruiter I wanted out and he wasn’t having it. I got “talked to” by the Gunny and yelled at as well. I am not going to lie, I was pretty scared and I did not continue with the Army recruiter.

Two days before I shipped, I got a call from the Army recruiter and he said “You don’t have to go. They will knock on your door and tell you that you can go to jail. It is an aggressive recruiting tactic so don’t fall for it.” I told him I was sorry and scared but I had to go.

I finally landed on PI. OK, not that bad so far but I was tired and already regretting my decision. Moment of truth time arrives and half of the females get up. Some we never see again but most come back.

IST, pull-ups and run all passed with flying colors.

The following week, we met our DI’s and that is when I knew it was serious. I of gave one of them attitude. Not on purpose but because I was exhausted. Yeah that went great! She basically followed me around like a hungry stray dog all month. I wanted out! Open contract, BS, getting sick, spat on and pushed around.

I knew that marine boot camp was not supposed to be easy and I am not saying that I could not hang. I did not WANT to hang. I was NOT a marine and never wanted to be. I was there for the wrong reasons and I knew that my lack of motivation would hurt me in the long run. I did my research and tried to get out medically. I was in great shape and I was one of the strongest females so they laughed at me when I asked to see the corpsmen.  I did more research and told them I was depressed. Technically I was depressed. I was not really proud of that being on my medical record but it was better than having mental breakdowns later on and getting out with an OTH or similar. I said I was not suicidal, I was not a Marine and I never wanted  be one. I wanted to go home.

1 month later, I went home. The worst days of my life were in RSP. That was the lowest place I had ever seen. I saw my DI’s and they were more down to earth in real life but still had some loose screws and carried out their dominant personality everywhere except the senior. She impacted me the most. I let her down because she always took me aside and told me I had a lot of potential. Honestly I did not.

I am now free and still trying to figure out what I want in life. I think about that shit everyday. I love our marines and respect what they do but it is not the life for me.

Tips for females if you are shipping:

Do not fall for the hype. We train differently even though they tell you otherwise. Males did have it harder.

Women follow the rules more. They don’t curse or hit you.

You will be taken care of with hygiene and other stuff.

Stay away from gossip.

Help each other and keep your mouth shut.

If your female Marine is getting out, she will be taken care of either way.

There’s a lot of support believe it or not. Stay very professional, productive and honest, if they like you the process will be faster and easier try not to get out with OTH or General.

I hope this helps others.

Submitted by Trump

  • schneybley

    It’s pretty interesting to finally get a point of view from this side of the MC. Sucks you decided to bail but it sounds like it was for the right reasons. Frankly I wish I bailed when I was in the DEP and joined the Army for some reason those guys seem like more of an honest bunch.

    • Skippyme

      Me too, ended up in a dead end job for 4 years. Got out and never looked back, working hard to keep my son from joining the green weenie

      • My 11-yo wants to join. I explained that going enlisted means having someone check that you made your bed every Friday for 4 years, even if you’re a college grad, which would make you the 24-yo educated subordinate of a 19-yo who will always be the boss of her.

        If it’s the military or nothing I’m gearing her toward West Point. Might as well get an ivy league education out of it. But then there’s a Navy program where they pay you a salary if you’ll study engineering or some other much-needed programs, and you just take a PFT each summer before you join for 4 years.

        And then I mentioned the State Department. Being a plain old marine can’t compare with being a spy, and suddenly the gold-colored buttons on that ill-fitting jacket doesn’t seem so attractive anymore.

        But, like with all things, we’ll see.

        • Idris

          She’s 11 she has 7 more years her decision will change most likely. But if she does decide to join please make her join airforce or the navy nothing else, stay more on the airforce though.

          • She won’t be going in at 18 unless she decides to run away from home. After HS it’s 1 year of volunteer service, then college.

            She asked, ‘well, what I want to be enlisted?’ I explained the concept of field day, and she thought I was kidding. I also explained that if she goes to college, then becomes a private she’ll be a 24-yo educated woman who will spend 4 years answering to 19-21-yo’s. I then added that the educated officers who she might have a lot in common with won’t be allowed to be friends with her.

            Lastly, I talked about pay and housing. Why make $1200 and live in a crappy motel-like room with 2 other people when you can make $3000 and buy a house or a rent a sweet apartment?

          • Idris

            Also tell her they won’t treat her like an adult at all. no freedom, liberty does nothing and she has no privacy at all. Also good luck trying to get a car if she gets stationed out of the states.

    • When I was deployed one of the MC recon guys in the unit was former army, and he didn’t have anything bad to say about it. An MC infantryman I knew did some exercises with Delta Force; he only had positive things to say, and wished that he could switch over, but couldn’t due to outside circumstances.

      My experience as an army spouse would lead me away from having anything to do with them, and my experiences in life outside the military would make me have considered other opportunities altogether.

    • Trump_

      Yeah, I did not see myself as a Marine and felt like I was wearing a costume when they gave me that uniform. I was dying to join the Army, the recruiting process was so honest and smooth, they have the resources and the money…

  • Chris Raye

    Pardon if this is a question that offends some, but when you speak of how “you will be taken care of with hygiene and other stuff,” that was a HUGE question I and all the other girls had while in the DEP, and no one ever answered when they came back. Our female head of the recruiting station (quite a bitch, refused to answer my questions because she thought I was going to use one of her responses as an excuse to not join) kept telling us, “You won’t have to worry about it because you won’t have one.” That seemed very shady to me and it still does–not even high-quality birth control has done that for me, or any amounts of stress. When you were on PI, were you able to obtain hygiene products in the case that someone’s menstrual cycle didn’t stop due to stress/birth control? And was it frowned upon to ask about it, to have these products, or to need extra time in the head to properly care for yourself?

    • Trump_

      Yes! honestly they don’t answer that because they find it stupid. We get a closet full of hygiene products and we have access to doctors at anytime

  • Thanks for sharing, Trump. Did you ever join another branch of service? What are you doing now?

    Since you were in great physical condition the path of least resistance would have been to simply go along to get along. And that would not have been any good for you because you’d have been honest about how it’s not really for you, so they would have made you miserable for the next few years.

    You did the right thing for yourself. The AF recruiter did the wrong thing by you, and it simply could have been that he’d made his quota and the MC recruitment office paid referrals – salesman don’t do anything for free. In 2008 I met a marine who’d come off recruiting duty, and he said he regularly got $500 from the Army recruiting office for bringing guys over with low ASVAB scores.

    • Trump_

      Thanks, yes I should have named it differently. I cannot join the military unfortunately because of the “depressed” part. I do have connections with congress and have one congressman looking at the discharge code because it contradicted my statements. I work in mental health making more money (ironic). I am happy in my field.

      • Marine Gal 4 Life

        Cool on ya Trump. I’m glad you are not a Marine. It is not for everyone, and coll you got a good job. I am in college right now and thinking of studying psychology. Do you have any advice? I only have 12 credits so far.

  • Kd

    I find this article quite dumb. If you didn’t complete female boot camp, then how can you give any type of advice for females ABOUT boot camp?

    With all the media promoting ‘girl power’ and strong female characters, why were you so incapable of asserting yourself to a professional liar (recruiter),and standing firm by refusing to even ship- because you didn’t really want to be a Marine?

    If you bought into the Marine Corps bullshit ( and nowadays that’s more targeted towards females)- I’m sorry, its not as if you really displayed the superior intelligence, willpower, or due diligence to recognize fully what you were committing to!

    Am I being overly judgmental? Well, we all make mistakes in life. But quite honestly females are adults, and should make adult decisions not based on EMOTION, COERCION and propaganda!

    Quite honestly, if females want the Marine Corps, they can have that shitty experience!

    If they are stupid enough to buy into this complete propaganda HORSESHIT Katy Perry made, then they are stupid enough to be Marines! Its not as if Katy Perry was going to put her OWN name on that contract!

    • This story may have been mis-titled. Trump owns her mistakes here, and is very honest about them, so I can respect that.

      I’d love to hear from more women – young and old – about their experiences in the Corps. If anyone knows Bea Arthur have her touch base with us.

      • Kd

        Fair enough.

        Here’s the latest female centric (USMC bullshit) Hollywood military ass kissing propaganda film about a girl and her dog!
        I guess the movie ‘Max’ made some money years ago, so its time to milk the ‘Female Marine plus dog’ formula for all its worth. Might get a few more bodies into the recruiting office.
        I wonder if it will show all the dead Iraqi civilians that were killed by trigger happy Marines? Probably not- a dog in distress is always more bankable than the TRUTH.

        • Yes, saw this trailer. I’m interested in someone taking a chance to better themselves, and also of a person who sucks at relating to people, but finds love and understanding from someone.

          Having said that, I tend not to watch much of anything related to the military because it ends up being so lame. For instance, I’d watched the very good (recommended) interview by William Shatner of Jessica Lynch, then tried to watch the Jessica Lynch movie. Like 3 minutes in I regretted having gotten that far.

    • Idris

      Lol yea the fuck right lol. But yes she’s me of the reason why celebrities don’t get taken seriously when it comes to politics. But my question is when is this shit gonna stop? because apparently no one gives a fuck. They think it’s just a song and it does no harm, and that’s unfortunate that no one sees the real problem. But then again that’s people in society for you. The majority of them fall for the okie doke. Even we did when we decided to join this dysfunctional branch. But that shit won’t happen again trust me.

    • Trump_

      Yes, but I was also essentially homeless and surviving on ramen walking three miles to the recruiting station each time. I was desperate and I regret not having my shit together to explore other options. I did not mean to name the article that way, on the description i noted that this is based on the initial process. 🙂

      I fucking hate Katy Perry.

  • Idris

    I agree with the women follow the rules more comment. very few women would call out what is going on in the world because of their nature women want protection it use to be from men but now in this society, it’s more from money. and then men last. they don’t want to actually be put in harms way, but they like to watch events unfold it’s like the drama tv shows they like so much.they won’t call out what actually goes on you have your ones and twos and that’s it.

    • Trump_

      We’re unpredictable creatures. Our physical standards are lower than the males, it’s very PC. The girls I saw in there I could pick up with one arm. They did hang until the end but most of them got pregnant within the year lol

      • Idris

        Oh man lol as a junior marine too why would they do that shit WTF. At least your out of this hell hole and you see it for what the usmc really is hopefully you joined a better branch or found a better civilian job

  • xyz

    I gotta say that that Katy Perry video below really irks me a lot.

    I’ve never seen such a shameless example of a celebrity ‘WHORE’ who’ll express her one sided (leftist) political viewpoints when it suites her, then completely SELL OUT when it comes to being offered MONEY!
    I’m sure your all aware of term ‘Hollywood Hypocrites’. If this bitch wants to sing and dance to sell the Marine Corps to women (while raking in dollars for the song), then why doesn’t she JOIN HERSELF?
    The answer is blatantly obvious.
    And any female that is too blind to wake up to that obvious scam needs to grow some intelligence, and realize that a Katy Perry teeny bopper song is not a good enough reason to sign a shitty contract with the Marine Corps!
    Celebrities are very happy to suck up to the military- as long as they get their $$$ and go home to their huge mansions. they don’t give a fuck as long as they convince poor people to join-and do the dirty work.

    • Idris

      Lol yea the fuck right lol. But yes she’s me of the reason why celebrities don’t get taken seriously when it comes to politics. But my question is when is this shit gonna stop? because apparently no one gives a fuck. They think it’s just a song and it does no harm, and that’s unfortunate that no one sees the real problem. But then again that’s people in society for you. The majority of them fall for the okie doke. Even we did when we decided to join this dysfunctional branch. But that shit won’t happen again trust me.

    • Trump_

      She was against Trump and everything he stood for, and he stood for the Military and Police a lot. Which means she didn’t support that, and while she was bashing him she failed to recognize the military members. Fuck her