Fleet Marine Life #113 – 5th Amendment

2011-11-07-fleetmarinelife113 - 5th Amendment

Wikipedia says:

“The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure. Its guarantees stem from English common law which traces back to the Magna Carta in 1215. For instance, grand juries and the phrase due process (also found in the 14th Amendment) both trace their origin to the Magna Carta.”

In the civilian world, double jeopardy prevents a guy from getting charged twice for the same crime. This protects the right of the civilian. If a trial by jury or judge finds the defendant innocent, then he is innocent. End of story. Imagine if you had to go for trial for one crime, many times. It would be ridiculous.

Also in the civilian world, self-incrimination is looked down upon. People have the “right to remain silent” to prevent self-incrimination.

In this comic, I have demonstrated that through the use of lying, Shitbag Steve was tricked to incriminate himself. Not only was he punished in the civilian world for a speeding ticket, he will be punished by the military. He will probably end up losing his rank, hundreds of dollars and will most definitely end up on restriction where his barracks room turns into his own personal jail cell for several months.

Shitbag Steve can’t plead the fifth in this situation. Pleading the fifth in the Corps would be like saying, “Hey! I’m guilty, Staff Sergeant! Put me on duty and shit work because I love wasting my time and sanity on shit like that!”

If you think this comic is unrealistic, you must be high as shit because this sort of nonsense happens all the time. Hell, it happened to several of my fellow Marines. I honestly tell my fellow Marines not to tell me if they’ve done anything bad. If higher ups ask me about something bad a junior Marine has done, I usually tell them that I don’t know.

How do higher ups benefit from fucking over Marines who have already been punished reasonably by civilian courts? They gain absolutely nothing! They just feel compelled to punish the Marine even more because if they personally don’t do anything at all, they’ll feel as if they’re letting things slide. They fail to look at the fact that the Marine was already punished appropriately by the civilian courts.

This method of excessive punishment and trickery only work to decrease trust in the higher ups.

Nine times out of ten, the higher ups will fuck their juniors over. This is why Marines don’t tell their higher ups that they got speeding tickets and other such problems. They don’t trust their higher ups and with good reason!

If you’ve got a speeding ticket, and your higher ups don’t know… SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.

Believing the nonsense that our higher ups can help us since 1775.

  • dawn

    yesterday on July 2nd 2015 my son who is stationed at 29 palms California got told that he is on restriction for speeding ticket he got 3 months ago and I don’t understand why now he’s getting on restriction he’s restricted to the barracks for 2 months he has to report in every 2 hours he got he’s getting paid taken away out of the next four checks and he cannot leave and come home when she was going to come home to Las Vegas for 4th of July and he got that taken away is this what happens when you get a speeding ticket

    • oldr

      If I take what you’ve written at face value, this is just another example of overly punitive, nitpicking, impotent and COWARDLY Marine Corps leadership in your son’s unit!

      I was a Marine LT, and this resonates with some of the ridiculous punishments I saw some enlisted having to endure while being stationed at Pensacola in 2002. Unfortunately, the military, and especially the Marine Corps, can push the limitations of the military’s ability to punish one of its members for an “crime” or transgression that has already been resolved in an applicable civilian court.

      Unfortunately, other than posting the information here there is very little that can be done to get your son real justice ie NOT BE SUBJECTED TO DOUBLE (OVERLY PUNITIVE) PUNISHMENT FOR THE SAME CRIME, especially one committed months ago.

      It would be interesting to know what unit this is and the command that imposed this. To whatever unit and senior rank this applies to, I’ll write this:

      From a former ‘leader of Marines’ to another, you have my utter contempt! It is a sad reflection of your own sorry ass insecurities and pathetic cowardice that you feel the need to restrict and harass a junior Marine ( who has very limited ability to stand up and defend himself) with absurd restrictions- especially on a National Holiday weekend!

      I’m not vain enough to call myself ‘old school’, but the older Corps I knew in the early 90’s a unit punishment involved ( as an example) breaking rocks for a few hours every night for five nights, and THEN IT WAS OVER WITH!

      In other words, the ‘punishment’ was administered QUICKLY, over with QUICKLY, and with no lasting residual paperwork!

      “Reporting in every two hours”- disgusting!!

      Write a scathing letter to that command, and you can show them this web site.