Fleet Marine Life #37 – Moment’s Rest

2011-05-03-fleetmarinelife37 - Moment's Rest


One thing that I hated in the Marine Corps is that it doesn’t matter how much work you do. It’s how much IT APPEARS you are doing.

My team would do everything but the SSGT in charge of us, who doesn’t do fucking shit, would APPEAR to do all of it to his superiors. Since he’s a fucked up SSGT, he gave us all low proficiency and low conduct marks (which fucks us all for promotion) and he put himself up for a Navy Achievement medal. The people who actually do work, get nothing. Shafted!

“Perception is reality,” is what my fellow Marines would tell me and it’s true. Fact doesn’t matter. I could run a 300 Physical Fitness Test, shoot 20th award Expert, never get in trouble, single-handedly take out a battalion of enemy Taliban soldiers, be a congressional Medal of Honor recipient but if my hair is 3.1 inches on top, I’ll appear incompetent to higher ups. I mean, really?

A Sergeant told me that I was lazy and he asked me, “Do you know how I know?” and I replied, “No, Sergeant.” This is what he told me, “It’s because your uniform is dirty.”

My uniform was dirty because I WAS FUCKING WORKING but he wasn’t having none of that. He said some shit about being “squared-away 24/7.”

On another note, Osama is dead. I would have figured that President Obama would have kept him alive until somewhere close to re-election time… Oh well.

Appearing like we’re doing something since 1775.

  • ChuckWood

    Lol. this shit is so funny.

  • billyjack

    this is stupid, i didnt even understand the point

    • S.


    • LogicHurts

      I do not understand, therefore what I don’t understand is stupid.


      hey DIPshit, you really don’t get this comic strip? shit man, then you need to graduate from elementary school. you give the collective intelligence of Marines a bad name…you give new meaning to the term jarhead..

  • John

    Ha ha, grunt life right there for ya, reason 1,000,565 why I am getting the fuck out, only people that like to suck highers cocks pick up rank and re enlist. Common sense doesnt apply in the marine corps, thats why it has the reputation of being fucking retarded. Should of been a merc.