Fleet Marine Life #95 – Okinawan Friday

2011-10-02-fleetmarinelife95 - Okinawan Friday

Good old Okinawa. I remember when all the bases were locked down over something that one individual Marine did. This asshole was USMC SSGT Tyron Hadnott. He had been in the Marines for 18 years and was charged of sexual assault of a 14 year old girl in Okinawa.


This isn’t a freaking set up. The SSGT approached this 14 year old girl on his motorcycle. Why would he even think of putting himself in a situation where he could get in trouble? Is he retarded?

Under the US military court, he was convicted of abusive sexual conduct and received 4 years in prison. Four other charges, including rape of a child under 16, making a false official statement, adultery and “kidnapping through inveigling,” or trickery, were dropped in a plea bargain.

After that international incident, all the bases were locked down and no one was allowed to leave except higher ups. The people who didn’t have anything to do with the damn incident got punished. I hated libo on base. There’s nothing to do but drink alcohol and cry in your room or go to Camp Foster’s Globe and Anchor which is also known as “Hook and Jab” because of all the stupid fights that happen over there for stupid shit.

Why the hell are we still in Okinawa? Wasn’t the cold war over decades ago? The Japanese obviously don’t want us there since our service members continually fuck their shit up. Japan can defend them own damn selves. Also, we’re broke! We owe too much to too many people. It’s time we leave.

Getting our liberty taken because of what one asshole Staff Sergeant did since 1775.

  • USMCFormer

    Out of interest, I’ve spent some time going through these Fleet Marine Comics for the last few hours, and I must congratulate the author in how funny and entertaining they are!
    Considering my two “pumps” to Okinawa in the 1990’s, it seems that things there have not changed that much. Camp Hansen was a prison back in 1993, and all the stupid regulations combined with over zealous NCO’s and Officers made the experience far more miserable than it needed to be.
    I always hated mass punishment, and securing the liberty for all just for the actions of one is just retarded.
    I would also offer a solution to combat the problem of rape/ sexual assault but I know the puritanical US military would never adopt it ( the Dutch military considered this at one point). If you recruited a number of prostitutes, forward deployed them and set up a recreational “comfort tent” where Marines could pay to get some relief then the number of sexual assaults WOULD go down. But there is no way in hell the bible bashing senior leadership would ever do this!!