Forever E3

I was born in Italy and enlisted in the Corps in
1966 and stated I was a citizen. While on active duty at Cherry Point, NC as an E3, I received a draft notice from Italy telling me to report to the Italian Army. I brought the letter to the JAG and expressed my wish to remain in the Corps. I was asked to produce my citizenship papers. Which I did not have. I was under the age of 15 when both parents became citizens so I automatically was awarded citizenship. Well neither I nor my parents had them. I was put under watch by 2 Marines until I was sent home to clear things up the FBI did a background check and I received a secret clearance.
I returned to base and was not given the opportunity to test for E4, I was told by Gunny in S3 that I would never get promoted. While serving in Chu Lai I had 29 months in grade as an E3 and I was pissed off so I snuck of base with no weapon except for my K BAR. I was going to exact my rage
on the gooks in the ville. I was caught by the Army MPS and brought back to base and was busted to E2. That was 2 months shy of 3 years and did not receive my Good Conduct Medal.
After leaving RVN for Conus, I was immediately put on mess duty for thirty days and when that was completed, I was assigned to more shit duty. I was busted again with 77 days
left till discharge and am still bitter about not receiving my Good Conduct Medal and never being promoted past E3. I was discharged after serving 4 years and had 4.3 and 4.4 pro con scores.
Thanks for reading this I’m somewhat relieved by getting this of my chest after all these years. I’m
still a Marine and Semper Fi brothers.

Forever E3

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