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Females In the Marines
  • agent13178agent13178
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    Is the Marine Corps all bad? I've read some of the discussions on here and I'm saddened to see how bad this really is, when I've wanted to join the Corps forever. Has anyone had any positive experiences? And if it's this bad for males, what about females? I saw a page on Facebook called "You know you live on the grunt side of the barracks when" and it seems like they particularly hate female Marines or "Wookies". Are these the majority type of people in the Marines? Is there any good people anymore? Sorry for the rapid-fire questions. But if anyone could answer them, that'd be great.
  • S_The_ModS_The_Mod
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    I will give you my two cents. 

    "Is the Marine Corps all bad?"  
    Yes, it is pretty bad.  

    "Has anyone had any positive experiences?"
     Yes I had some. I spent some time in Australia, that was fun. I made some good friends. I got to shoot some cool guns. 

    "And if it's this bad for males, what about females?"  
    My experience with females in the Marines was limited.  But from what I understand, it can be just as bad, if not worse.  I know of quite a few who were raped but were never able to get justice. 

    "it seems like they particularly hate female Marines or "Wookies". Are these the majority type of people in the Marines?"
    The Marine Corps is a homophobic, sexist, hateful group of people.  No doubt.

    "Is there any good people anymore?"
    You bet your ass there are. But they are far outnumbered in the Marines.

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    I'll second what Stanimus said.

    My two cents: Marines are mostly a bunch of guys who desperately want to be the "alpha-male". Therefore any woman who outranks them and can tell them what to do is automatically viewed as a threat to their dominance.
  • agent13178agent13178
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    Thanks for answering, I appreciate it. 
  • prayforwarprayforwar
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    Yes, i was a grunt for a long time. I rarely heard specific hatred towards female marines or "Wookies"... But then i went to a pog unit after 4 years. These pog's have no one to rag on so i always hear shit about female marines. as a grunt i tell em to shut the hell up. Its rediculous. Females can do whatever pog males can do. Anyhow, grunts are morons too. I hate alpha males, muscle bound morons, egotistical dousches. Can't wait to get outa here.
  • kurtsmith1775kurtsmith1775
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    Being in the Marines is like any other job. Make a good name for yourself and you'll be fine. Are there going to be days that you hate it yes? But if you bust your butt and stear clear of Drama you'll decide your own fate. Saying I "But from what I understand, it can be just as bad, if not worse. I know of quite a few who were raped but were never able to get justice" is a bunch of baloney. Do people do bad things? Yes! Do bad things happen to women if you dont enlist? Yes.

  • S_The_ModS_The_Mod
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    Hey mentioning that it is hard for women to get justice in the military for sexual assault is not baloney. It is true, and I have witnessed it happen first hand to friends of mine.  They are out of the military (one of them actually was KICKED out for reporting a rape... imagine that) and living better lives now.   These things happen to people.

    Usually when you are sexually assaulted in the civilian world there is an investigation, and usually, the rapist is punished.
  • JimmyJohnJimmyJohn
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    I think you'd be much better off in the air force. Marines saying how superior they are to other branches is just to boost their own ego. Exactly what ninja_punch and pray for war are talking about. And I am going to have to disagree with Kurt Smith as well. Although I will not go into specifics I know females that were in and had some bad things happen to them, no justice was served and they were sent away to reserve units.

    Also saying if you bust your but and stay clear of drama and you'll be good isnt exactly true. Granted you might be respected more by some people you work with people are still gunna talk. I cant believe all the bs female Marines have to deal with.

    I've got friends in the Marines, and friends in the marines and the airforce. None of my friends in the marines from before I joined (times in service 1yr, 2.5 yrs for two of them, and 3.25 years for another) have any intention of re-enlisting and cannot wait to get the hell out. All my friends in the air force are having a good time, 2 thinking of staying in, and another thinking about persuing the officer route. I'll leave you with this: The only time you'll do that cool stuff in the usmc recruiting commercial will be during the shittiest 3 months of your life (boot camp). If you join the Air force you are still serving your country, you will recieve the same pay and benefits, have the chance to go to better countries than the Marine Corps goes to (I have AF friends serving in England, and Germany who love it), way better living conditions, and get treated like a human being.

    The decision is yours but I would at least talk to some people who have gotten out of the usmc and get their take on it. Not your local recruiter. Their job is to get you to join, they do not care about you

  • Thunderpants7Thunderpants7
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    There is definitely pride that comes from being a Marine, at all levels and in each MOS, and rightly so. I was an 0352 for four years and didn't interact with too many women Marines, they kept us distanced from the women mostly, camp Schwab and horny Horno, I believe were women free. The infantry can definitely have egos and alpha males, but there are plenty of slightly twisted, intelligent, men that are polite and come from good upbringings that you would be proud to call your "friend" in any setting.
    I don't really understand the point of becoming an enlisted marine if you aren't going all the way with the intent of being a warrior as a full time job. Why put yourself through the hardest boot camp the military has to offer and then say "I did it, now I'll go turn a wrench or sit at a desk for 3.5 more years". That is not to say I don't value my pog brothers... I just don't understand them. I would have joined the Air Force, had a nicer base to live on, in nicer places around the world, probably suffered much less, and been discharged with greater career opportunities. However, in my youthful ignorance, I wanted to fight in combat, therefore I joined the group most likely to get into the shit.
    I agree with jimmyjon, ask many people, specifically women, what their experience was like... Include some that are on their second contract...  Being in the corps was one of the most valuable and richest experiences in my life. I have never regretted enlisting even for a moment....since getting out ;)
    While I was in it was a different story, I counted down my last year, even wrote down the remaining days on my hand frequently. Serving is not easy.

    I have friends that are still in and love it, they are about to hit 20 year marks, I am definitely jealous at the thought of retiring from the military at 38 years old.

    As for jimmyjon saying "Marines saying how superior they are to other branches is just to boost their own ego", I respectfully disagree, and so do many others from the other branches... We are some amazing warfighters, read some nice quotes:

    Good luck in your decision, don't rush it.
  • Dobson33Dobson33
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    @Thunderpants7:  While I'm not trying to disparage you for the pride you apparently have in your service, I have good friends who are the same way even though they got out as soon as they could, I couldn't disagree with you more.  Being a Tow Gunner is awesome in the sense that you generally spend time with the more intelligent portion of the grunt community and tend to get left the fuck alone more often; that doesn't remove enough of the bullshit to make it worth it though.  

    What I really wanted to address though is how you said you have never regretted enlisting even for a moment...I have spent the last several years doing nothing but regretting my enlistment.  I'm not saying I haven't learned anything or matured at all while I've been here, but that's despite the military, not because of it.  I could have done so much better if I had just gone to college.  I am not proud of my so-called "service", and I try to avoid being labeled as a marine whenever I get away from a marine-infested area.  

    Again, it's quite possible you have good reasons to be glad for you time in, I have no desire to disabuse you of that, I have a couple good friends like that, so don't get butthurt; I just wanted to clarify that it's not like that for everyone, myself and several friends do actually regret it and have no desire to be associated with it ever again.

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