Grunt? POG? How about…men.

Yup, I’m a POG. Maybe the poggiest of the POGs. I’ve served three years and five months as one and to be more specific, as an 0111 Admin. In that time, I’ve spent countless hours being blamed for pay problems, working in an air conditioned office, and generally being some higher-ups personal bitch. However, I’m also one of the few Marines of my MOS that has more than two ribbons, been anywhere outside of Camp Lejeune, and know more than one aspect of my actual job title. What I’m getting to is this: what the fuck difference does it make? POG, Grunt, Marine, Soldier…guess what, we all die the same for this glorious thing called the U.S.A. No you say? I’m glad you disagree.

May 10, 2010 – Dec 1 2010 OEF

Not even a week into the desert I was told I was being fapped out due to my uselessness in the shop. I did not know that I’d be attached to 3rd LAD BN or 9th Engineers Security. This little TAD proved to be my entire tour. by the end of the first month with those guys, they never called me a fucking POG. It was a mutual understanding if not an unspoken one. IEDs didn’t care about only killing grunts. The rounds didn’t magically turn and bend to avoid my direction. The docs didn’t give two shits if you were infantry or not; just that you helped them get the wounded out. Basically, I couldn’t give a fuck less what you call your non infantry. We all bled the same. We were all scared the same. We all treated each other the same.

This concludes my rant.

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  • Semper_yo_mama

    This site is bull-shit. Get the sand out of your clits Marines… you are supposed to be FUCKING MARINES!!!

    • Madmike19682003

      actually most of us are honorably discharged veterans who are no longer in. i’m on this site to try and make the military better while the motards want to keep it the same. if the corps never changed for the better they still wouldn’t take black people like prior to ww2. it wasn’t till they were forced to that they changed the policy on other races joining. if i see something stupid i say fix it. don’t let it stay the same because “that’s the way it’s always been done”

    • Soupserving

       I think when this guy talks, raunchy shit just pours out of his mouth. No words, just shit.

    • Eclipsdrs

      This site sucks … Dont visit it you fag..

      • Civilian

        Why are both of you here then? Why did you even take the time to post? Do what everyone else does, if you don’t like it, don’t use it.

        Thanks for stopping by though, the more the merrier!

  • Briz

    I appreciate the completely unrelated comments to my post you two mot-dogs.

  • blob

    Spoken like a true POG. 3rd Lad isn’t even a grunt unit neither are the engineers, honestly half the time we dislike them more than we would admin. If you haven’t been a grunt you wouldn’t understand. You sound like a whiny bitch. Why must POG’s always feel the need to justify themselves? Guess what? Grunts don’t care if you claim to have been a grunt you either were or you weren’t. Besides outside the Corps nobody gives a shit anyways. Just own your job you signed up for and stfu. Anyhow IDGAF, I have been out 4 years anyways.

    • Civilian

      Wow…   You are a tool

    • CoolStoryBro

      Spoken like a true toolbag of the Corps. I wonder if you still tell war stories around your electric fireplace at home?

  • doesnt matter

    It really disentangle matter if your a grunt or not, ima grunt n it’s just bull shit all the time, I’d rather be a hobo then be in the marines anymore, everyone in here are bitches anyway

  • packdropped14

    I would have to say Madmike that I agree with you. To be honest, comments like this perfectly exemplify why the marine corps continues to fail on so many levels. Instead of fixing it, it’s always, “suck it up, you’re a marine.” What if doctors brought that approach to their work. Innovation is the biggest fear the corps has. Adapt and overcome should be thought of on all levels.