Hazers got busted down and passed up in rank by the hazed

So when I came in the guys in charge of us hazed us, now my peers are Team leaders and when they hazed their boots the boots did the right thing and snitched on them for lack of a better term. Now they are all butthurt because they got njp’d, demoted, put on restriction and are getting treated like shit and being made an example of, while the boots are picking up and filling their spots. The funniest thing is that my peers’ original teamleaders who deem themselves all high and mighty don’t give a shit about my peers and are not doing jack shit to help out their marines. Instead they are being lazy, sitting in their rooms either sleeping or playing COD all day and skating out of everything while they check out of the marine corps. Great way to set the example, semper fucks!

Submitted by: Eff emm ell

  • leather neck

    old shool marines never snitch no matter what

    • No, thanks.

      That’s fucking stupid. It’s this kind of attitude that is putting the Marine Corps under the national microscope. Instead of reporting things like rape and underage drinking and assault, Marines let shit slide because they think it’s more honorable than “snitching”. No. Fuck that. If I see some shit that shouldn’t be happening, you can bet your ass I’m going to report it.

  • Gunny

    What a bunch of pussies! It’s called “becoming a MAN” , what the fuck did you think you were joining, your grandmas sewing circle. Man the Fuck Up, We are the MARINES!
    Semper Fidelis


      You know what gunny, you’re right: Why don’t you become a MAN? Learn a little bit of professionalism, and figure out that treating other people like shit doesn’t make them better at their jobs. Maybe you could even try figuring out that in a “brotherhood” people look out for each other instead of stabbing each other in the back to get a promotion.

      So how about you grow up, become a MAN, and condemn hazing when you see it, instead of condemning the people who have enough moral courage to report wrongdoings. If that’s too much for you to handle, I would suggest you give back your rockers, and your stripes, because you clearly haven’t earned them yet.

      Safety and Peace

      • Arthur

        That’s got to be the most articulate and insulting burn I’ve ever heard. Good job and well put!

    • madmike1968

      Men fight back while pussies take it like a bitch…and re-up. Now get back to sucking the c.o.’s dick so you can make E8!

    • Arthur

      When I enlisted, I thought I was joining an honorable group of professionals. However, I realized I ended up joining a nursery for bruised and insecure egos. I personally would never brag about my ability to take shit from other people. It’s sad because I think it shows that, at that point, an individual really has nothing else to be proud of other than how long he can put up with being treated like garbage.

    • Ben

      I Agree with all of you. When I joined the Marines I knew what I was getting into. So all the little bullshit that came with it was in a way funny to me I guess. I think that if the actions of your Sr. Marines puts you or fellow Marine in harms way..(Meaning they are outright beating you or causing bodily harm to you) then hell yeah report that shit to your chain of command. However my squad got messed up all the time when we failed to put out the way our Sr. Marines expected. Run’s, push ups, sit ups, planks, and a few choice ways that our Sr. Marines picked up along the way. At times it was to the point where we were crying and thinking about how we were gonna put a bullet in their heads when we got overseas. It sucks bad. However, we realized very quick that we was getting strong and becoming some hard Motherfuckers and when training missions came around we blew all the other squads out of the water. Just so happens that they felt that best way to handle things was with a good old pat on the back and a try harder next time. After a while our company Co. and 1st Sgt. was coming to us Boots and asking us how we were able to perform the task with such speed and accuracy far beyond any of our other peers. That is when it hit me the reason my Sr. Marines were so hard on us and expected so much out of us and I looked at them and said ” Gentlemen it’s because I have the best Sr. Marines anyone could ever ask for”. After that we all went to our Sr. Marines and thanked them for being such dicks the whole time. It made us stronger, closer, faster, smarter, more alert, they made us the best we could be, and last but not least they made us Men. I also had a Plt. Sgt. that every time he saw me he punched me. (HARD). different place every time ya know where ever he felt like hitting me that day. So I put up with it for months not knowing what to do and I was not gonna rat him out for it I figured there had to be a reason why. So one day I saw him coming down the catwalk and I knew what was coming. He drew back and punched me, so what did I do I decked him the hell back. He looked at me and smiled and said Lcpl ………. your a damn good Marine. I had never heard him say a positive thing to any Marine as long as I knew him but after that I was pretty damn glad that I took all those punches and he never hit me agian. I guess what I’m trying to say in this overly long message is that for the most part I believe what most call hazing is a right of passage or testing you to see what your made of. I earned allot of respect rolling with the punches. It’s the Marines guys its not for everyone at all, I know this and everyone who has set foot on those Yellow Footprints knows it. I got out early do to some family issues. I’m a country boy and family comes first. I had full intentions of rejoining however, I got a marijuana possession charge because a friend of mine had it on him and I was driving (choose your friends wisely it could bite you hard in the ass someday). So now I can no longer reenlist thanks to a pothead friend that dragged me into a charge that was all his own by not telling me he had it on him before the trip started. I told that sob story to say this. I would trade anything, make a deal with the devil you name it to take anyone’s place in the corp and it sucks because they let a (no offence) bunch of whiny little brats into the corps that are shooting themselves in the damn foot to get out. But they won’t let a Marine that would love to serve / rejoin because he has one little thing on his record that some body else put there. That’s what I think the biggest problem in the Marine Corp is. So if anyone has a Co. that would love to get rid of them because the Co. needs a Marine that is willing to get the job done no matter what let me know. But either way I love all of you like bothers (whiny or not) and thank you all for serving (whiny or not). Semper Fidelis

  • Gunny

    How the fuck are you fighting back? By ratting out Senior MARINES? That’s bitch shit to me! Does any fucking dickless pissant have an actual RANK in here or just POG morons? Has anyone in here actually been in combat??? STRIPES! Don’t come talking that mess to me, I bet you’re just a whiny e1 or e2 who shit his pants when some REAL men taught him rule # 1 dont cry like a little bitch. THIS IS THE MARINE CORPS!
    Semper Fi

    • madmike1968

      I would say that ratting out a SNCO is certainly no worse than hiding behind rank or the UCMJ. I mean just try to seriously think about it…without the UCMJ what are you? Those kids that you fuck with are not afraid of you! What they are afraid of is the UCMJ. Take that away and you…are…NOTHING! BTW I was a 0311 and saw combat.

    • madmike1968

      What are you without the UCMJ? You are NOTHING! Those kids you abuse are afraid of the UCMJ but not you so quit acting like they fear or respect you. Ratting out a SNCO is certainly no worse than hiding behind rank. BTW I was a 0311,saw combat and got out with a honorable. I am not anti military but I am anti stupidity,abuse,chickenshit and spit and polish that detracts from this countries ability to defend itself and wage it’s wars effectively while needlessly risking young mens lives and limbs.

    • S.

      I built this website because of people like you… And yeah. A LOT of us have seen combat.

      Have a nice day… gunny…

    • $26183881

      you are a real shitbag “gunny” ill just refer to you as fuckbag or shitbird from now on you have a lot to learn if you are even really in the Corps if you are then you are the biggest shitbird E-7 i have honestly ever heard open his cum filled cock holster well maybe tied with the company gunny from AGSE in twentynine palms.

      well anyways back on topic here you are the problem with the Corps and the reason quality of life sucks and has for many decades hopefully some better Marine(any Marine) will kick the life out of you next time you talk shit in real life.

  • Da_Grind_on_My_Mind

    While I am against hazing, there is a problem in The Corps right now that has a lot of Marines calling things hazing when it clearly isn’t. For this particular story, I don’t know the details, but I’ve heard of NCO’s getting a court martial because he poked a PFC in the chest. That’s bullshit and I don’t consider that hazing.

    • Dee

      There is an MCO that defines hazing. There is more to the story than simply poking a PFC in the chest.