I reported hazing and now life is going to be hell.

My command is bullshit, I’m with the MEU and I got hazed twice, but I spoke up for myself and got them reprimanded and they’re on deployment now so I still got a couple months before they get back. A couple of buddies I know got word of them saying because of what happened now my life is going to be hell and I just want to get out of this unit but I’m scared if I request mass nothing will be done about it based off of what I seen. I just want to keep my record clean and do my 4 years with my head held high and get the FUCK OUT. I see the Corps for what it is and only the ass-kissers truly make it up the ranks so I’m getting out. Please help me; I want to leave this unit and they drove me to see a Psychiatrist cause’ I’m always getting picked on and singled out. I don’t know what to do but I can’t stay here because the slightest fuck up and they’re definitely going to charge my ass. What can I do? Thanks!

-Semper FuckTheUSMC

Submitted by: Tactfully belligerent

  • Brand_X

    Ask your “friends” if they are willing to make a statement about what they herd. If so do it and take it to the CO. Also what does “life is going to be hell” really mean? More work and duty? Grow up and take it like a Marine. You signed up and you get paid. Do what your told as long as its withing the rules.

  • Why did i agree to a 5 year…

    Just do you. Dont give in to the stupid buillshit thats coming. This is from experience, life is going to suck and the Corps wont care.

  • Demarcus Bell

    Shyt happens man, every one at one time or another gets hazed while in the Corps, its nothing but a mind game, now if you are seeing a therapists you can tell him and they can intervene to your CO if they feel it will hurt you mentally but If you know shyt fend to get bad, you can either suck it up and make it out wit a clean record or you can request mast and your life really will be hell because they will extend your deployment if they feel they can fuck with you

  • MC pest control

    Don’t be such a fuck up!

  • msmgk0331

    Stand up for yourself and dont take their shit!!! let them know you wont put up with it and if they try to attack you, attack back. and if they report your ass to higher ups, tell the truth about the BS the pull. as long as you follow orders and obey the rules theirs nothing wrong with that. i know how you feel kid and the only thing you can do is stand up for yourself and dont let them walk all over you now matter what they try to pull.

  • ampibdeath

    If your “friend” can record these threats or any other maliscius(sp?) converstaions that would help you a great deal… also if you are in possesion of any such evidence… keep it on the down low until you can play/show it to top brass… so he can see that his Sncos and ncos are lying dickheads….. iphones,ipods,smartphones…. all can record through the breast pcoket with no one knowing….

  • Boot killer

    I’ve never missed an ass or sucked up, but I got selected this year. Stop being such a pussy, fuck. Shoulda joined the Air Force you should.

    • S.

      A wild SNCO appeared!