I was hazed, need advice

Hello everyone i am a pfc in the marines corps ive been in the fleet now for about 6 months im a 0331 machine gunner long story short my unit got back from afgahanistan immediatly after i gt to the fleet i was hazed for about 2 months untilll finally after an incedent getting physically assaulted i turned it in since then there has been an investigation to where marines are supposedly getting held accountable njp and i also have been severly depressed because of this horrible enviorment im constantly tormented especially after doing the right thing and reporting hazing now im that bitch who cryed hazing so ive been reccomended by a navy medical officer to get admin seperation due to my depression and anxiety of being here and they told me i was on my way out now my co and bc are saying they want me to stay and think im salvagble i want nothing to do with the corps i hate this place im tired of constantly playing this my dicks bigger competition im almost being forced now to go ua

Submitted by: jones0331

  • Band_X

    If you where hazed then the Corps failed that Marine who did it and in the process failed you. Without sounding like a prick tell the CO you expected more from his unit and his Marines… now back to reality. You did what you had to do. Good on you that took its own kind of courage for reporting it.

    At any time if your fear for your life go directly to the police (if your in the US) and file a complaint then go to PMO and your command and do the same. Get people outside of the military as involved as you can if its a matter of personal safety If you need a restraining order get one. Also get the military as involved as you can too but make sure people outside their jurisdiction know first again when your well being is in question. Dont get suicidal! Only people you will hurt is loved ones. Besides that never solved any problems. Those assholes will just go on with life as normal and you will have just stopped existing. If you want the sep then push for it. Over and over again till you get it. Get with everyone from the lowest Plt. Sgt that will hear you out to the Chaplin and CO and everything in between. Chaplain is always a good start.

    On the other hand USMC = yoU Signed the Mother-fucking Contract

    If your not in fear of your life or bodily harm then stick it out. I dont know you or your personality but what made you go 0331? The USMC is like high school and 03XX is like joining the football team. Everything is always a macho whos dick is bigger contest in the Corps grunts just do it to the extreme If you didnt see that kind of attitude coming then I am not sure what to tell you besides the real world isnt much better. 4 years aint shit in the grand scheme of things you will mature and learn a lot (a lot of what not to do) if you do decide to tuff it out in that time. Even that super “I love the USMC” moto mofo goes through the same shit its just how he takes and perceives that shit that makes him any different.

    I sincerely hope your post is an over dramatization but if it is not then I hope you the best of luck getting out and doing what makes you happy.

  • You’re A Pussy

    Considering you don’t know how to write a paragraph (run on sentences), you probably deserve it.

    You joined the Marine Corps, what did you expect? Discharged because of depression? I’m on my 8th year with several deployments. Cry me a river.

    I love how you post with jones0331, I bet you love wearing your USMC gear out in town, saying you are a Marine. You have to earn it.

  • Danial Rose

    what exactly is this hazing in which you fell victim? some yelling? perhaps you felt you had too work to long? or do too many exercises? or actual hazing. as in you had a broom stuck in one of your holes? or maybe got a beat down simply because your senior was drunk and didn’t like the fact you happened to be walking on the catwalk at that particular time? as someone who was both actually hazed and someone accused of hazing. you should clarify since some people remember that punk drug pop who cried hazing cause when he got yelled at some saliva hit his face and he told the CO that his squad leader spit on his face. then others remember back to being hogged tied and locked in an ISO for 6 hours in iraq because they where late to post which just so happened to be a “senior lance” who was waiting to be relieved. so you should make clear what you defined as hazing so everyone will know whether you really are a pussy or have a legit claim. (legit like no one should be stripped naked and sodomized with cleaning utensils, or forced to do atomic sit ups or have edge dressing put on thier ball sacks). and i have seen pure hate for no reason and mistreatment of juniors and i have seen straight pussy punk bitches. and being a boot is suppose to suck. suck it up and it will be great being a senior but if you stay in and just be down half assing your job you will be that senior no one listens to when the time comes. as a boot i hated the corps. counting down to my EAS and when i got boots and lead marines i ended up re-enlisting in iraq.

    • cpldingo

      This. Respect. I’ve been there. What the hell does this boot expect? Welcome to the corps here’s your fruit basket. Hes a fucking grunt act like one and do your damn job. You’re in a job where you have to kill mother fuckers… you think that fool bkasting an ak your ass is gonna be nice? This website; s full of dipshits who either were too much of a cheesedick and had their feelings hurt. I I did 4 years two combat pumps as an 0311. I loved it. I only got out to pursue education.

      • madmike1968

        Actually this website is also filled with people like me who served as a 0311 and saw combat who want to make the corps better and it ain’t gonna happen by sitting around saying the corps is great and “elite” and a bunch of other lies. We aim to fix it by calling it out on what it really is and for trying to change it for the better. And what did I expect when I joined? Well I expected to be treated with dignity and respect for volunteering to defend america but instead I got hazed by half wits I wouldn’t for a minimum wage job.

        • sikofurshit

          your so right. These fuckin loosers give the whole group a bad name, “suck it up” and “what did you expect” ??? what a bunch of loosers . I expected to train myself to be a killer and a savior, by men that respected humanity, America, and each other. Brotherhood my ass..nothing worse that stripping the dignity from men that thought they were going to have a purpose. pathetic. I was lied too. this is a joke.

  • sickofurshit

    don’t let them break you down.. I know know one knows how hard it is, like a bunch of masochistic morons trying to torture everyone for no good reason..they let every animal in there, just like all the football players that are shooting and killing their wives, and all the crooked cops that steal and rape…you have to teach yourself to survive. whenever you take men that have an IQ of a chipmunk, give them a bunch of guns and put them all in a camp together, there will be trouble. Its unfortunate that they have destroyed the integrity of a once honorable society. But those marines are pathetic. You did a good thing, and pushed yourself to limits that no ordinary person can do. They cant take that from you- you are needed…Hang in there.

  • MC Pest Control

    what was the hazing? what happened to you?

  • Opinion420

    I’ve been giving some serious thought to joining the Marines. But, as I consider myself a semi-intelligent human being, some of what you ex-marines write is clearly just fing stupid. There’s a fine line between building someone up so you can trust them to watch your back-and breaking someone down to the point they are just as likely to shoot you in the back. Ok. I understand the Marines will suck. I am willing to break myself training, push myself to the limit and beyond. But if I find that there is no real integrity within the unit, will I even want to fulfill my job of watching out for you dumbfucks?

  • Rthf

    Your a pussy

    • S.


      If you get confused again, just say “You are” instead. Contractions can be a bitch.

  • Wook

    You are a fucking vagina. Go make a sandwich and bring me a beer, woman.

    • madmike1968

      I don’t agree with just quitting the military but how can people like you haze junior marines without being able to hide behind the ucmj? Those boot marines are not afraid of you they are afraid of the ucmj and chain of command. Without other marines to back you up and the ucmj to hide behind you would be nothing.

    • FailedToAdapt

      I am glad ^ this guy is “defending” my freedoms. He is an inspiration to all of us. As they say, no better friend and no worse enemy, right?

  • 0311

    stop being a pussy

    • FailedToAdapt

      O311, I want to congratulate you on using superior intellect to solve a problem, to empathize, and otherwise be a decent human being.

      Thank you for being the exemplary Marine that all the commercials spew nonsense about. We all have truly benefited from having heard your unique words of wisdom.

    • Knob_Gaudy

      So someone who isn’t a pussy is someone who just takes it like a bitch, right? Such great advice there pal, now go tell that to victims of spousal abuse, parental abuse, any kind of abuse, I’m sure they really need to hear that too. Get back in your time machine to the 1950’s or earlier, where you belong.

  • Hawkeye

    Marine Corps Values – Honor (There is no honor in the marines) Courage – Courage is seeing something that is not right and taking a stand against it.(again, most marines lack this too, especially the ones doing the hazing) Integrity – again nope not the marines, if you report the hazing the ones doing the hazing will just lie about it and command will back them up. Marine Corps Values mean nothing to the Marine Corps.