Hope Hodge of Marine Times, seems to have uncovered a bit of juicy news that illustrates another incredible consequence of the governments insistence on social engineering. But this time, instead of giant credits being given to tax payers for electrical cars (much of which resulted in the purchasing of brand new golf carts) this time it’s marines taking advantage of the benefits given to them when they get married. The story is behind a paywall and most of you, I imagine, don’t subscribe to this well-respected, but largely unknown publication. So I’ll give you a little insight into what is in her 2500 word story.

She outlines the story of Lance Corp. Donald A. Mitchem. Mitchem who got married for to an illegal from Ghana in exchange for a few thousand dollars, a significant bump in pay, and his dignity. After their courthouse wedding, they went to their separate cars, and drove off, never to see one another again. Romantic right?

How much do Marines make when they get married?

Well, their base pay increase is between aroudn $1100 per month and $2,000 per month depending on where they are stationed. They are (or at least Mitchem was) eligible for a $350 stipend earmarked for food and such, and since the marriage was a sham and Mitchem did not live near his beautiful wife, he was given $250 in exchange for the hardship that the separation caused. That brings the total to somewhere between a $1700 and $2600 bump in pay EACH MONTH. That’s right, taxpayers are paying marines who are working the system between 20,400 and 31,200 each year in extra take-home pay.

Isn’t it great when government creates incentives?


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      Yeah me too… Why does this person hate the USMC so much? Were they mean to you sir/madam?


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  • ArchieMOTO

    It’s important to report these Marines for this! Don’t think of it as a “tattle tale” or “being a Narc” situation. These jerks are stealing your money and contributing to overall government spending. Start getting rid of this abuse and you won’t have to worry about your benefits (like tuition assistance) getting taken away!

  • pawn on the board

    I don’t agree with marines that do this, but who has the right to knick pick the marines that do this. the marine corp/military wastes millions of tax payers money every year to buy training exercise that has no purpose, and every quarter every unit gets there allowance an with in the fist month it all gone for stupid bull shit that really isn’t needed. They spend this money to justify there big ass spending limitswhen in all reality they need half the amounts they receive.