“Recruiters Don’t Lie” – SSGT3529

“You all need to get a life and stop blaming the Corps for your problems. Your recruiter didn’t lie to you and it’s not your 1stSgt or SgtMaj’s fault. Man the fuck up and look yourselves in the mirror. IT’S YOU THAT IS FUCKED UP! Whether you’re on BCP or have been NJP’d or just can’t hack it, that’s your problem not the Corps’s. All of the tools are there for you. You just have to use them and stop expecting everyone to hold your hand. But it’s ok, because mommy and daddy will take your side of the story and they’ll start blaming the Corps too. They’ll start telling their friends how the Corps messed you up and they’ll let you live in their house where you can eat hot pockets and tell everyone on the Internet that you were a stellar Marine. GO FUCK YOURSELF!” – SSGT3529


“Your recruiter didn’t lie to you” Thank you, I needed that laugh. I’ll admit I had a pretty straight-forward recruiter, but even he lied and sugar-coated things. I remember some of the other recruiters at the station and they were so bad that some times on the ride home my recruiter would tell me things that the other recruiters were just out-right lying about, just because he felt bad for the other kids! So don’t try to tell yourself that recruiters wouldn’t lie to get someone to join because that’s just plain ignorance.

Now, to be fair, I do know a few people who were straight up worthless human beings, compulsive liars, took no responsibility for their actions, I even know one guy who was blaming the cop for his DUI, so I know those people exist. However, some of those people are SNCOs, like the 1st Sgt who decided that “setting the example” meant walking around outside the wire, with no gear, no guards, not even a rifle, just him and his pistol, outside the wire in Afghanistan, and then yelling at one of the guys on guard as he came back inside the wire, because one of them wasn’t wearing gloves.

Next, the whole reason I got out was the hand holding! I expected that after boot camp (Or at least SOI) that they would let you stand on your own two feet. Boy was I wrong, I’ve seen Gunnys and SSgts, holding the Sgts and Cpls hands because the SNCOs don’t trust the NCOs to be NCOs. Meanwhile the NCOs are holding the junior marines hands every step of the way because they don’t dare let the junior marines take responsibility for anything except their failures. Any success is the result of good leadership, any failure is the result of individual incompetence. That way it’s never the SNCOs fault, even if he’s the one who gave the order, and the order was followed to the letter.

Maybe if the so-called “leadership” would actually let junior marines take responsibility for their successes as well as their failures, and would let them stand on their own every once in a while there’d be fewer mishaps. Maybe if you TREATED them like men, they would ACT like men! Amazing huh?

Lastly, no I don’t tell everyone I was a stellar marine. I openly deny that I ever was a marine. When I meet someone I tell them I was in an engineering company that was contracted to do work on a marine base in Afghanistan. That way I can tell them what bottom of the barrel types the marine corps actually is, and how foolish it is for the military to even be over there, without having to admit to ever being a part of such a fucked up institution.

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  • S.

    I like how he ends his argument with “GO FUCK YOURSELF”. This guy must be one stellar SSGT…

  • okinawa inmate

    Ninja_punch its SNCO’s like him that give excuses to inadequacy of the corps. He wants to believe so badly that the corps is the almighty, flawless organization that his recruiters told him it would be. He’s in denial because deep down he knows that the Corps is insufficient. I’ve only ever met one good SNCO. Only one. All the others are tools. You are completely right with everything you said. I’ve come to accept the fact that all SNCO’s and officers are hypocrites. They will never see their own flaws. They will never help anyone but themselves. They are the ones that think because they are SNCO’s/officers that no rule applies to them. Not the military rules, not civilian rules. This guy is a SSGT and now the Corps is getting easier for him. He’ll do his 20 years, retire and tell everyone that he was Rambo during his time in. He will falsely believe that not only because he is a marine but also because he is a SSGT that he can kill/beat anyone up. The Corps works very hard on protecting the fake image that we are superior beings and that all others are subhuman to us. That is the only thing the Corps is organized at doing. He will spend the rest of his career having junior marines doing his work and taking credit for the good and giving blame for the bad. When he gets out he will have the same mindset. He will be lazy. He will have no work ethic because he ordered people to do work for him. Then he will be stunned when, he tries to belittle or treat a 20 year old like a child, and that 20 year old turns around and shuts him up. He thinks he has command of the whole world. The real turds of the Corps are the men like him. Lucky for him tho, he is smart. He knows that if he stays in, that he will retire and be set up for life so after the corps he can still be lazy. Touche douchebag. You better thank Uncle Sam for creating a disorganization that laid a solid foundation to an easy life for the real turds of Planet Earth

  • David

    In response to recruiters don’t lie.i have to disagree with you .The recruiter sat at my kitchen table and told me the form I was signing for my son was just to see if he could pass his physical.Another thing that bothers me is the fact that the Marine Corps stands for honor and duty.Service to God and country,but lately all I,m seeing out of it is filthy mouthed people like you who have no respect for themselves or others.Where are the real Marines?I know there are still some good men with integrity out there.I have to say I don’t believe your one of them.

  • wheres my final pay

    First of all my recruiter was straight forward with me. He told me the ups from the downs. his njp’s and his fuck ups’. Great marine in general. His replacement on the other hand was a turd. Couldn’t be bothered, didn’t see the guy do anything but prance around in pt gear smoke cigarettes and play xbox 360. Don’t get me started on the fat ass SNCO they put in charge. I loved being in the office when concerned parents of these future marines called in and he would bull shit the hell out of them, get off the phone and then say how much he didn’t give a fuck about these parents and their questions. This guy was such a scamming bastard it was un real. Last time i was in there he was trying to scam out of a cft because his fat bald ass would rather sit there and eat subway. I dont hate the marine corps by any means. I hate the poor leadership that makes it up. I have a few great leaders who honestly do give a fuck about their marines. But those good marines come and go so fast and they’re so few and far between. Most of the corps is made up of these ass kissing pussies. The ones who don’t really want to work and they suck up to whichever SNCO is closest. Most of the good marines in my opinion get out after just one enlistment because of the crooked leadership…The good ones that remain faithful are in at a time where they’re command may be worthy of respect. @OkinawaInmate:disqus I have that problem quite frequently. there are some ignorant NCO’s that make ignorant stupid statements that i make look stupid and boy do they hate that. That automatically means the junior marine has an attitude problem. These NCO’s and SNCO’s get on this kick where they believe they are somehow Gods gift the corps and earth. They dont like being shut down by someone without rank. What pisses me off the most is the fucking guys who pick this rank up with this false ego are the guys who had no friends, no balls and only seen pussy through the blurred tv images when their parents fell asleep

  • dumbpeople

    marines look out for marines right but if u have a problem your a pussy… everyone that talks like you was obv picked on and bullied in high school you joined this fuck hole org and got some power and now you think u run shit? haha come talk to me in 10 years when they kick you out your still living pay check to paycheck and have nothing and now have to start a career with no rank…. mmmmwwwahahahaha

  • Johnny

    fuckin pussy, smallest dogs bark the loudest, that totally applies to higher ups in the corp because they refuse to admit they won’t make it outside the corps. where else can you get rewarded for your incompetence, unreliability and lies you justin bieber fucks. Keep telling yourself you’re awesome you;ll eventually believe it you self righteous fuck. I pity the fools.

    • usmc_to_usaf

      I thought my troll was bad. So the your Corpse reward you for your incompetence, and unreliability?
      Tell me how being rewarded for those things is something to be proud of. Well this topic was old but I couldn’t help but say something; though this troll probably won’t see it.

      • Knob_Gaudy

        I think you just pulled a hooyut on this guys necropost