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I’ve been reading all your guy’s post and all I can say is thank you. This whole time I thought I was the only one who felt this way about the corps. This is music to my fucking ears and I’m glad people are seeing through the bullshit. As far as those NCO’s & SNCO’s that are trolling on here. Fuck them, you guys know that the ones who talk the most shit are the biggest bitches. I used to call it “revenge of the nerds”. These guys were bitches and fucking squares in thier civilian life and still are, but now shit changed because they have a sense of false power

– 1stCivDiv


Ive been out for two years and i have always wondered if there were marines out there who felt the same way about the the dumb redneck gun club. The USMC is such a fucking joke, I feel sorry for anybody who is in it and is brainwashed. My experience in the corps was a racist, and disrespectful one. I lived in the Bay Area all my life and I never witnessed racism till I joined and is probably the reason why I turned into a shit bag. For all of you who are still in keep your head up, theres light at the end of the tunnel. I fucked over the corps by faking a mental illness and I am still recieving military benifits lmao fuck the corps!!!

– 1stCivDiv


Mota Mota gotta lotta Mota – Vation. – mota is weed in spanish.

– WeedMan