A Veteran’s Apology

I write this Veteran’s day to apologize.

I swore to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and I failed that oath.

I failed to stand against a government who passed the PATRIOT act in violation of the 4th Amendment.

I failed by deploying without a formal declaration of war in violation of Article 1 section 8.

I failed to liberate people held indefinitely without charges in violation of Article 1, section 9, and the 5th Amendment.

I failed to stand against digitally strip searching, or enhanced pat-downs without probable cause or warrant in violation of the 4th Amendment.

I failed to defend Farmers from being raided by FDA agents for selling Fresh milk.

I failed to stand against assassinating American citizens on an accusation in violation of the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments.

I can’t name all the constitutional violations the federal government has taken. There are other violations by state and local governments such as the murder and cover-up of a deaf man by Seattle Police, or the violations from before I took my oath.

Victimless laws classified as crimes against government are what Thomas Jefferson defined as Tyranny, or that which is illegal for the people, but legal for the government.

I failed because I haven’t stood up. I am a coward, caring more for my career than for American’s liberty. I failed my duty, and I’ve no honor on Veteran’s day. America is not the land of the free because I haven’t been brave.

CPT Jack. R. T.
US Army Resigned – Iraq Vet.
Level III MACP instructor, USYKA/WYKKO sensei
Professional Hunter/Trapper/Country living survivalist.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/toolsofwar/posts/10151057854521995