Accessory to Murder

Today the battalion was briefed on the new reenlistment tiers. It contains: PFT, CFT, Rifle Score, Pro/Cons, MCMAP Belt, Awards, and NJPs. Anyone notice anything here? IT’S THE SAME DAMN THING AS THE CUTTING SCORE! Seriously! The same broken system of promotions that fucks perfectly qualified marines into being terminal lances, while Inbred PT studs who can’t tell the difference between a fighting hole and their asshole get promoted because their Inbred Fucktard brains figured out how to suck on a SNCOs dick to boost their Pro/Cons, is now being used to determine who gets to stay in!

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, units are pumping money into Afghanistan’s economy to improve their quality of life (while back home our economy goes to Hell), knowing full well that this money isn’t going to the PEOPLE, we give it to the people and then the fuckin’ Taliban shows up at their door, and say “Your money or your life bitch!” and uses our money to fund their operations against us. And I know this happens because it happened on my last deployment! I saw the paper with the BATTALION COMMANDER’S SIGNATURE at the bottom confirming that this is happening! Furthermore, the unit I was with decided not to change this because, and I quote “Under the current conditions, the Taliban in the area are remaining peaceful.”

WTF OVER?! Here I am trying to do the whole “Defending freedom” bullshit and they’re over there just supplying the enemy with money so they won’t attack us, because God Forbid somebody get hurt during a combat deployment.

So in closing, FUCK YOU MARINE CORPS! The blood of every GOOD MARINE who died over there is on my hands now, because I defended you while you were busy selling out. You turned me from someone who was trying to “defend freedom” into an ACCESSORY TO MURDER.

Submitted By: NINJA_PUNCH