• you are a pansy

    maybe not be fat and you wouldn’t have this problem don’t blame te USMC blame yourself. I highly doubt you will do an ultra let alone a marathon being that you can’t even mantain Marine Corps standards which if you look it up are more easy than the Navy’s stop your bitching no one cares about you or your wife.

    • Alepporunsred

      He’s three weeks you silly,make sure you read the whole thing bro, most commands wouldn’t give a Damn I guess some people are being anal tools afraid to use common sense…

  • still a pansy

    Standards are standards maintain them until you get out being over weight is disgusting not just being in the military, but as a human being in general.


      Yes being overweight is just horrible! I mean just look at this guy!


    • 3moreyears

      I am in A school for avionics and I don’t think being over weight is disgusting. I am 8lbs over weight at the moment and they won’t let me leave and go to C school until I lose the weight. Oh, did I mention I’m 6% body fat and bench 315? Yup I’m overweight because I have too much muscle. I didn’t think coming into the marine corps that I would get punished for being in too good of shape! I guess I was sadly mistaken.

  • Fesoferbex

    For the few who will come and read this in the comments section:

    Man was I upset when I wrote all that. I’m definitely not that upset about it anymore. Actually I can’t even remember some of the people who were being jackasses.

    Anyways, I still stand by most of what I said. The command did not have a very keen perspective and I think the behavior was irrational and unprofessional. “Standards are standards…” yeah yeah yeah, shove it up your ass. If I held every Marine to the “standards” half of us wouldn’t have made it through our enlistments, we all fuckin know that. I covered for a dude who was an alcoholic, I helped a guy avoid a speeding ticket, whatever. Get it out of your heads that overweight means NOT-A-Marine. Fuck you, Marines look out for each other, they fuckin’ PT with someone if they are fat, they help ’em ease back on the drinking if they’re a drunk. Shit, basic bootcamp shit.

    So, go ahead, call me whatever the fuck you want. I still looked out for my Marines, they still looked out for me, I just got rolled up in a weird ball-o-wax at the end of my enlistment, and well that’s how the cookie crumbles.

    And seriously, anyone that calls a marathon runner, “fat” is just a damned retard.

  • Boo

    A simple problem gets simple solutions:
    1. Get rid of the BMI. It sucks ass. There is no accuracies to it. No positive correlation between health, fitness and ‘good’ BMI. But the military is too retarded to get rid of it.
    2. If you pass the CFT and PFT you’re good. Personally I think the minimum for the PFT should be 6 pull ups and 26:00 min 3 mile run for both genders. I was sick, and puking and still ran a 25 min 3 mile run.