BCP separation question

BCP question, I by no means am out of shape, the Navy personnel at the hospital were laughing their asses off when they saw me roll up with a Body Composition Paper to be signed to say my thyroid is ok. They straight up said, you don’t need to be on this program. I throw around 50 cals easy and I’m a SAW gunner, plus I love the gym and to swim. So here’s my questions.
Assuming i “fail” marine corp standards and get admin seperated, what is the discharge? After 6 months with a job does it change to an honorable discharge? If that is the case, and even if it isn’t will I still get the GI bill?
I only feel the need to explain what I look like because this needs to be a conversation about my questions, not some attack on my physical look because some motards think that Im bsing it to make myself look good online.

  • NCO

    You will likely get honorable-unless you got njped a couple of times, have really poor pros/cons or got a court martial conviction. However it will indicate by code on your DD-214 that you were overweight.

  • Dolinwrath

    discharge under honorable conditions

  • Rick James

    Your benefits will be determined by the amount of time you served when and if your admin separated. You will go on for 6 months, if you make progress they probably will extend you on your first assignment which is an additional 6 months. If you dont after your 1st 6 Months they will process you for admin sep. Plan on loosing everything, why? Because you will be the example so others dont go down that path. No one cares if your a gym rat. The fact is they only care if your within the standards.

  • Grimace

    If you are in fact one of those rare Marines that is out of standards but in great shape, the CO can waive your BCP assignement. They will require you to take pictures in PT gear or Charlies. This is so the Co can see that you in fact not a fatass. Don’t sweat it, just PT and watch your diet, you’ll be fine.

  • CivilianFirstClass

    If after six months on BCP, and you’re out of regs, they can either place you on a second term. But seeing how the Marine Corps is trying desperately to kick people out, I don’t they’ll go that route. If they do AdSep you, they have two options: 1. General Under Honorable Conditions 2. Honorable. They CO will make the recommendation to whoever the package gets sent up to. If you’ve been a good Marine (No NJPs, adverse Page 11s, etc), then you’ll most likely get an honorable. If, however, the opposite is true, they can give you a General Under Honorable.

    As far as Post 9/11 goes, if this is your second enlistment, then you’re good to go. Because they would assume that your first enlistment ended honorably. If this is your first, then I don’t think you’re eligible.


    Good luck to you, man.

    Source: BCP – I’ve seen it happen. Post 9/11 GI Bill – GIBenefits.com

  • Clay

    Here is a question, if you are put on BCP three times your out, what would the discharge and the process be in that nature?


      Depending on the unit it would be either a General (under honorable) or an Other Than Honorable. I’m not sure of the details of the process, but it would almost definitely be an Admin Separation. The only other likely type of discharge would be if you have some sort of “gland” issue where you can’t lose weight, in which case you might get medically discharged.

  • Steven

    Do you have a source for this?


      The marine corps Separations Manual specifies that Bad Conduct and Dishonorable Discharges can only be given after being convicted by a court martial, leaving Honorable, General or OTH as the only options. (Technically there is also an “uncharacterized” discharge, but that’s only used in very extenuating circumstances).

      Since a honorable discharge requires the individual to have “met the standards of accepted conduct and performance of duty for military personnel” it’s virtually unthinkable that they would give someone who has been put on BCP three times an honorable discharge. This is especially since he would be being booted out before the end of his contract, and presumably he wouldn’t be being kicked out if he were meeting the standards for body weight.

      That only leaves General and OTH for them to choose from. For those two it basically comes down to how his command is feeling that day.


      • shawn silva

        For administrative separation in the terms of BCP the lowest discharge you can receive is General under Honorable and it is stated as such on the paperwork that is filled out and submitted with your signature. When determining the situation they will use character references to determine the discharge and is ultimately up to the commanding general. They will also look into your time in service. As for the upgrade to Honorable you will have to speak with the VA and they can help you determine when the best time for an appeal is. As for the GI BILL if you have a period of honorable service such as a first contract and you have reenlisted you will rate it based on that but if you upgrade back to honorable later you will then rate the GI BILL again.

      • Jose

        If your checking out for separation normal eas but are out of height and weight standards and never been on BCP what happens ? Does the S3 still sign your check out sheet ?

  • Jose

    If your checking out for separation normal eas but are out of height and weight standards and never been on BCP what happens ? Does the S3 still sign your check out sheet?

    • From my recollection they sign it but you don’t get weighed and measured.

      Double check with someone getting out and let us know.

      • Johnathon

        Yes the new check in/out sheets do make you weigh in.

        • Connor

          That depends on your specific unit, each units check in/out sheet will be different, especially from coast to coast. Furthermore, I am not saying you are wrong but we can understand if they weigh you in when you are PSC’ING. But when you are getting out? Come on, the only reason they have to put that is bc they are blind robots. Do you need height and weight verification to EAS? NO. HOWEVER they could give it to you as proof of what you weighed when you EAS’D-which determines if you fail BCP-which I THINK according to the BCP order, the IRAM, and the SEPS & Retirement manual, will cause you to have EAS aka OVERALL TIS conduct markings of 3.9. According to said documents, you need at MINIMUM a 4.0 to get a honorable.

          • Johnathon

            I already got out, I got an honorable because my avg pros and cons were above a 4.0. My bcp technically ends on march 27, my biggest fear now is that they somehow call me back which I’m really positive they can’t do unless I get activated for active duty again.

          • Jonathan, congratulations and thank you for your service.

            The odds of you being called back are slim.

            But let’s say they called you back on Monday, the 20th. You’re permitted 1 travel day per 400 miles, so that would mean if you live 1601 miles from the base, you’re not getting there until Friday night, which means that you’ll check in with the OOD, then just be lost in the sauce all day Monday from 0800. If someone asks you to put on those horrible green shorts, they’ll have to do so at sick call, because that’s where you’ll be.

            You’re going to be okay.

            Now, what are you going to do next? And since you hurt your back, did you make a VA claim before getting out?

          • Johnathon

            I did file a claim. I think once I start school and get through the first 30 days I’ll be good. I’m just still expecting the worst.

  • Johnathon Goode

    I was put on bcp 5 months before my EAS. And I have 8 days left on contract. But my SNCO told me on Friday that if I fall out of PT I will be given a 6105 and processed for admin sep. I have never had as much as a negative counseling until my page 11 for BCP. The PT he is planning begins is 1700-1800 after work and is running which I have struggled very much with because I hurt my back about a year ago, but this SNCO is new and doesn’t believe me. Can he push me for an ad sep?

    • Sounds like it’s time to go on light duty or SIQ. This SNCO is clearly out of line and you need to avoid even the remotest possibility that this could actually happen. Go make some appointments – whatever it is you need to be accounted for and not at PT ever again. This marine is clearly working to exercise what power he has, which is intimidation through his ability to jog quickly.

      You’ve served your time; it’s time to end it on your terms, not someone else’s.

      Come back and let us know what happened.

      • Johnathon

        Okay so after requesting mast got brought up he backed off. However my First Sgt told me they will probably cancel my 5 days of terminal, and he said I won’t rate my benefits such as the GI bill and others but wouldn’t elaborate. However I can’t find anything in the BCP order or the Seperations order supporting this claim.

        • Your 1stSgt is simply wrong, or lying to scare other people in the platoon. Sorry you are dealing with this nonsense. A marine who worked for me was on light duty for his last year in. As a result he put on some extra weight. When he got out he was able to use the GI Bill.
          This isn’t a perfect parallel, but telling a marine on BCP he won’t be able to use his benefits because of his physical fitness would be like telling a pregnant marine that she should extend her contract and pass a PFT/CFT before getting out – or she can’t claim benefits.
          Run time and pull-ups are not a factor, but length of service (36 months active duty) and type of discharge. But to really drive this point home, 2 marines who worked for me re-enlisted, got a $10k bonus, then popped on their the next drug test. Even though there were kicked out with OTH’s, they still got to keep the bonus and use their GI Bill. This was because they had completed their first contract honorably.
          Hope this helps. And don’t forget to get a light duty chit, or even SIQ. You’ve served your time and don’t deserve to be treated like this.

        • Master LCpl

          The “order” probably came out of the back of his mind. I agree he is just trying to give you a hard time as you get closer to your EAS. As Chris said, make appointments and be accounted for at all times. They did the same with me as I got close to getting out. I purposely slacked on PT and gained a few pounds just to mess with them. When I got my DD214 I met my “favorite” SNCO off base to give him a few parting words. Let us know what happens and if we can be of further assistance.

          Safety and Peace

        • Billiam201

          It’s amazing how quickly they settle down once they find out that you know the rules, and how to use them.

          Isn’t it?

          • Johnathon

            Seriously hahaha.

  • Breanna

    I am a female marine in the reserves who was told that I could be separated with an oth for bcp is this true?

    • Could be General or OTH. General is the positive version of an admin sep – you’ll retain your benefits.

      An OTH has to do with your personal conduct, not your performance. If you’re a marine who makes your command’s life harder, doesn’t give a crap, doesn’t try to do her job well, then you should get an OTH.

      Here is what you need to do:

      1. Be early for every drill
      2. Show up to your next drill with a completed MCI or two
      3. When you get dismissed Saturday, ask someone if they’ll go for a run with you as everyone’s breaking up from formation. Regardless of if someone says yes or no, get in PT gear and go for a 3 mile jog. Your NCOs will see this, and for having taken just 30 minutes to jog once each month they’ll think, ‘hm, she’s really trying’
      4. Ask to be taught something new in your job. Believe it or not, this will probably create less work for you
      5. If asked why you’ve had such an attitude change tell them that you know you might get sep’d out for your weight, but while you’re in you want to do a good job. Word will spread that you have a good attitude, and it should make a serious difference because pretty much what anyone says gets repeated by everyone else – just like when people say bad things about their NCOs. Really

  • John

    I submitted my paperwork a year ago with my original high school diploma. The recruiters changed, and I asked the recruiter if they approved my paperwork. He has told me to just resubmit.
    I’m looking into different branches too, but it would sure be nice to have my diploma. I know I’m stupid for not making a copy. Have you ever heard of getting your paperwork back? Is Army or Air Force a much better idea? Plus, me almost being 27, it’s probably not smart to waste another year waiting to get approved just to be the oldest guy in basic. Thanks guys.

    • Chris Raye

      You could always try asking your high school if they would print another copy for you and explain why you need it.

      • I was going to say the same thing.

        John, no one cares about this as much as you do, so you have to do something about it, and you can do it today.

  • PerminatelyTerminally

    If you fail a cft or pft multiple times i.e. After you’re put on PCP is it possible to get administratively separated? And if so what kind of discharge would this be?

  • Damion

    If i am at 3 years and 6 months TIS and fail to get off of bcp, can i get an honorable discharge? Or am i definetely looking at a general under honorable conditions.