Broken Down, But Never Built Back Up

I know my grammar might not be great but I’m not really worried about that right now. I spent 8 months in Boot Camp, watched my original platoon graduate without me, and it feels that I haven’t really moved on from boot camp.

I joined in 2006 and the first week of boot camp I don’t remember taking a shit, the first time I ever pissed in my bed while sleeping, and just felt terrorized. I got through the first say 3 weeks and I got sick with pneumonia and didn’t wake up with the rest of the platoon on time. The DI shoved me off the top rack and I hit the floor, went to the hospital, and got dropped and put into MRP. From then on I got sick multiple time with bronchitis and pneumonia back and forth because I was around it all the time. The 3rd month I was called to clean on the other side of the parade deck, and that’s where I got to watch my platoon and the company while cleaning the windows.

Shortly after I was placed in a company just before going Phase 2. I had gotten pneumonia again a couple weeks after being with that company. Dropped again, got better, and joined another. During our physical training I had touched my face and 4 DI’s came over and started screaming in my face, I couldn’t understand what they were saying at all, was being spit in my face by all of them, burning my eyes and dangling from my chin with pain in my inner ear from the volume. I remember after doing a run with our gear on I slipped and fell on the stairs, a DI grabbed me pulled me up to our barracks, and I was forced to drink water from a disgusting canteen over and over again. I couldn’t drink anymore and threw it up all over the place in the middle of the DI highway where I was. I had to clean it up and by that time the day was over, needless to say I had 3 night watches that night. I woke up and started getting dressed and a DI came over and slammed my head into the metal rack. I was punched in the gut I would say 3 or 4 times in my time there, I’m talking full punches with their arm swung back all the way.

Anyways I got through Phase 2 and got dropped again for bronchitis. I just didn’t have any will left, I was depressed and I just felt like I couldn’t got on anymore. Then I got a infected ingrown toenail and before lights out when the DI’s inspect you he saw it and put his heel on my toe and pushed down. He asked if that hurt and I said no with tears coming out of my eyes, I later was taken to the hospital where they put 3 shots in my toe to numb it before taking it out. The guy took some scissors and started cutting down the middle and I screamed with pain cuz I could still feel, after 3 more shots it was removed. I got back with another company and finished phase 3 without my blue’s because something was going on I don’t know I was never told. During the ceremony I never felt better, I never felt like I accomplished anything. I have never said Oorah because I just never wanted to, even when people say it to me nowadays. I regret ever going and I wish it never happened. My toe nail grows with a space in between the nail and it just reminds me of the pain everyday. I’m not saying that I got it worse or better, this is just what happened to me.

After boot camp the hazing never stopped and eventually I did a tour in Iraq. We returned to Iowa, and I never went back, I quit. I was given an Other than Honorable Discharge. I wrote this because someone got in my face yesterday and I just had a breakdown, so I had to get this out somehow. Thanks for reading and excusing my writing skills…


Submitted by “Michael Power”

  • Mike

    Sounds like you had a hard go at it, but it also sounds like you need to grow a pair and move on. A lot of people had it hard like you or worse. The Marines is not easy, I will never understand why people joining thinking it is.

    • FailedToAdapt

      Hey Mike,

      I think most people join knowing that the Marine’s won’t be easy. That is why most join the USMC over the other branches! However, I do not think anyone expects to be treated like a subhuman. Abuse does not equal training. It is not constructive to creating an elite war fighter. It just creates a crippled human being. There, lies the difference.

      If you think being treated like less of a human being is normal and satisfactory, then I think you have an unhealthy world view and your relationships probably suffer as a result.

      I assume posting this testimonial is healing for Michael Power’s and it may be helping him move on. Telling someone to “grow a pair” is not gonna help the man and it is not gonna solve the problems the MC faces.

      Have a nice day!

      • S.

        Simply beautiful

      • “Home Alone”

        You sir, have won the internet for today.

  • usmc_to_usaf
    Oh look at the motards in the comments section there^
    Can someone possibly breakdown to me how being completely defenseless to a froggy-voiced sounding grown man as he bullies you and beats you can prepare anyone for war? It really baffles me. I don’t suppose the beatings will make them stronger when they get deployed, the Iraqees and other adversaries will wear funny looking hats to abuse them too?

    • bootasfuck

      I’m just going to play devil’s advocate for a bit here, mate, so bear with me. One of my good friends is an ex-Marine Corps Sergeant who did his four and hit the door. HATED it with a passion. HE told me that punching recruits can be used to an extent, to help teach recruits to keep functioning even after they’ve been shot. And, I’ve been shot before, and it does kind of feel like being punched.
      HOWEVER, I am also a Muay Thai kickboxer, and I can honestly say that did more to strengthen my body and teach me to keep going than anything in boot camp.
      That being said, I was only punched once in boot camp, and it was by a DI who I didn’t see, and he literally backed into me, then punched me right in the middle of the spine. Primary difference between Muay Thai and boot camp; if you get hit in the dojo…you’re pretty much expected to hit back with at least as much force.

  • sp8887

    Fuck ya,I joined because I wanted to learn how to fight, kick some ass, my recruiter lied right out of his pog ass. I didn’t learn a fkn thing on how to fight, they teach you enough to get your ass kicked, Brazilian jiu jitsu and mma changed my life in a way the corps could never imagined

  • mmafan3 .

    This man has a set of brass balls, MIke for sharing his story. I have more respect for him and others on here for coming out with their different and eye opening accounts. Their stories make my experiences pale in comparisson and I put up with a LOT of shit during my time in. I and may I also say WE knew the Corps is not easy. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. However, you don’t degrade, demean and devalue a person for the hell of it. People who do get off on this have no balls and are lacking something else as well. We are all grown men and women here. Ninja’s and others testimonies have helped me to move on as well.

  • Donaldg

    You honestly sound like the biggest pussy I’ve ever hear of. Man up. You simply got you ass kicked and now come to a website full of other fuck ups and cry about how bad you suck. You should be ashamed

    • Older Marine Vet

      “website full of other fuck ups ”
      Since you are obviously TOO STUPID to realise this, most of the people who contribute to this web site were those who made a valuable contribution to the Corps, got out on Honorable Discharges, and post the dumb, idiotic, inefficient and bureaucratic stupidity we were forced to put up when fulfilling the obligations of our contract! It also exposes some of the retards who gain positions of power in the Corps, mainly because they are too stupid to do anything of value in the real world, and get off on bullying and harassing people for their own personal amusement!
      I’ve said this before-if this individual couldn’t hack boot camp and failed to meet the basic standards, then the Corps should be a lot more efficient at out-processing such recruits- it shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks! Recruits should be given the choice to discontinue if they are unsuitable for the organisation.
      Drill Instructors have a hard job, but there is no excuse for cruel and unusual punishment when training recruits! This guy might not have been able to hack boot camp, but drill instructor abuse is still abuse no matter who reports it!
      Lastly, I personally would not tolerate a Marine full of mindless aggression trying to pick a fight with me simply because I dare to criticise the Corps. If you want to play the ‘whose dick is bigger’ game us veterans are just as well versed in weaponry and tactics as you are- but have a semblance of maturity and perspective to know that the USMC does not live up to its propaganda no matter how much you wish it would!
      Are you a “pussy”? Would you allow someone to hit, bully and abuse you and not have the courage to stand up for yourself?

      • S.

        Well said brother.

    • fieldradiohater

      you sound like some one I know…Drill Instructor, Recon, Combat Vet, 21 ribbons, wounded warrior….wait a minute MAN of all MEN…you were a supply guy, He comes off just like you…until you know I didnt take his shit anymore, resulted in me having to apologise (which I didnt… told him to go fuck himeself) to the guy while he pouted and cried like a “pussy”…ARE you one of those “MEN” im talking about Donaldg? The more some one Brags about being a man….NEVER EVER FAILS…never

  • USMarineCaptain

    Well “Michael Power”, it’s very unfortunate that you and other individuals were forced to endure this type of treatment by the hands of very few “men” who were supposed to be training you to become a Marine. I am a former Series Commander, XO, CO and OpsO at Parris Island…..and as I told every DI under my command – If you (they) abused a recruit I would handle it very differently than the UCMJ. I would have let you beat that Drill Instructor had I ever caught rumor of that happening under my watch.
    We are all human beings and deserve to be treated as such regardless of the current “station” in life or training. It won’t ever stop because there will always be small people in the world and in the USMC, Army, USN, USAF….. I served 4 tours in Iraq…..and all I can say is thank you for the tour you did put in. Let the rest go….live with purpose and lead others the way they should be led. Other Than Honorable? Not in my eyes….you’re a damn fine man.

    • S.

      This is certainly a change of direction from your first post calling everyone on this site stupid. If you can keep the rest of your comments like this one, you are very welcome to stay. If not, you will lose the privilege. Please conduct yourself like a captain while on this website.