Busted down from E-5 to E-3 for reporting hazing

I am getting fucked by my command I was doing grate in the corps I was a Cpl reenlisted and made Sgt when my command njp’d me for correcting three of my piers and a Ssgt for the treatment of our marines they where hazing and I wasent going to stand for it I spoke up expecting the problem to be solved it wasent and I got busted down to Lcpl and when I got busted down they hazed me harder than I’ve ever seen them haze anyone I took it up the chain of command (Coc) three time’s I took it to the Chaplan several times it didnt matter nobody cared so I am currently facing court martial where I will bring to light all of the wrongs that have been comitted

Submitted by: ninja kick

  • navyHARD

    pussy is more like it. as in you ARE one, and they need some

    • lolwutadummy

      you must be a tough guy

    • S.


  • Brand_X

    What exactly did your NJP state as your infraction/offence? There is so much more to this story that you are leaving out.

    • Rob Swofford

      this should and could become a matter for the real judicial system, if your case is validated. you would have to have real evidence or testimony, and it’d better be pretty fucking good, cuz “hazing” as a word, gets thrown around a lot.

  • 0331forlife

    Bull shit, you can only lose one rank from a maxed out njp. Even if you got courts martialed instead of njp, as a sergeant they can only bust you down one rank unless you rape a twelve year old or some other shit. (Coc)? its not “chain of command”, it stands for “combat operations center” and it’s NinJa Punch not ninja kick…are you even a Marine dude?

    Also if you are, ITS BITCH ASS MARINES LIKE YOU WHO ARE TURNING THE CORPS SOFT. Hazing is part of the Marine Corps, if you dont like it maybe you shouldve joined mothers of America because you have something in common, you have a vagina. The Marine Corps is a brother hood where we take care of one another, By snitching your piers out and a SSgt (who you just fucked his career for no personal gain to yourself) you violated that. No place for punks like you here “ninja kick”

    Semper fuckin Fi navyHARD, well said


      If he rated the promotion to Sgt, but hadn’t been pinned yet, they could tear up his promotion warrant, and bust him to LCpl. I’ve seen it happen before. As for the rest of your comment… just look at my response to simper fi above you.

      Somewhere out there is a tree tirelessly producing oxygen for you to breathe. I think you owe it an apology.

      Safety and Peace

    • Shitbag101

      “Hazing is part of the Marine Corps”
      Fucking retard.

  • Simper fi

    You sound like a bitch to me your little Lcpl and pfc probably deserve it .. That’s the problem now and days NCOs and SNCOs need to stick together because those little pucks are starting to have more rights then us now.. That’s why there so hard to correct these little asses so stop being mr approachable and start training freak.


      Because orders just don’t apply to YOU! Obviously you’re the biggest, baddest, most important, marine in the whole damn corps! I bet the commandant calls you up for advice on a daily basis right?

      You’re so important that you clearly don’t have time to follow orders like the marine corps Mentoring Program

      and you clearly don’t have time to follow orders on hazing

      Do you want to know why it’s “so hard to correct these little asses”: It’s because all they get for an example is a waste of oxygen like you. What you teach them is “It’s ok to ignore orders that you don’t like” and then you have the nerve to get upset when they don’t follow some stupid order that you give. You know, I bet if you were actually a halfway decent leader, who cared about “mission accomplishment and troop welfare” more than you cared about sucking off an officer for a better billet, you wouldn’t have to correct your marines nearly as often, because they would respect you enough that they would do what you say. Amazing right!

      But I’m sure you’re much too important to take advice from me… So how about you take your rank, shove it up your ass, and then go ask your commanding officer if you can go through recruit training a second time. Because you clearly didn’t learn anything the first time.

      Safety and Peace

    • Semper Pie, Porky

      Read the orders as set by the commandant of the Marine Corps, fucking idiot. You’re probably not a Marine neither. If you are, USMC standards are so fucking low. You don’t have the common sense to look up orders that are posted on the Marine Corps website.

  • AdminGuru

    @nina kick: I am not saying you were wrong or right with what happened as I do not have enough details but I know one thing you definitely did wrong, accepted a freaking NJP. All Marines should know but far too many don’t that you should never, ever accept an NJP if you know you are in the right or if you know they don’t have sufficient evidence to hold up if something actually went to a Courts Martial. The NJP is the command way to avoid paperwork and keep shit hidden on their level. You may have to stand the NJP and listen to your company or Battalion CO along with your 1stSgt or SgtMaj trying to scare you but you always have the right to refuse the findings and punishment imposed. Most of them are too chicken shit to want a Courts Martial on their legal report when the CG is up their ass all the time already and will most likely drop little shit before it gets there. Plus some commands will use the accepted NJP(s) as ammo against you in a Courts Martial later on, always stand your ground and remain respectful yet calm, nothing makes them madder then when a Marine won’t fold, snap, or break under the pressure. Just stand by for a lot of extra duty and bullshit details in your future, FML.

    FYI for any one asking what I know about this who may think I am just another Sea Lawyer, I spent almost 3 years as the Battalion Legal Chief for my last unit and have seen how these slime balls operate. I actually encouraged and convinced my Bn CO to retain the promotion (and reduction) authority so I could catch BS NJP’s coming up the chain from the companies and let him know how fucked up all his little Captains and Majors could be when they were power tripping. They could give extra duty and take pay but never take rank without the LtCol’s approval, pissed them off immensely.