souldofjoindaaiforce /rant

so i joined the corps in 2010 wanting to be the best and all that bs well i signed a active duty contract in march sometime before high was over i called my recruiter to ask when was i leaving for boot there was no ship date on my contract well he tells me you are not leaving till dec so just sit back and wait. i did not want to wait almost 6 months to go pi especially not in the winter wtf well i made a big deal about it and the gunny tells me no worries i will put you as a reservist and send you to boot in july and i wil change your mos to 0621 that’s radio operator for you who dont know what i like to call the walking dead well he told me dont worry i know you want active but just do this for now and when you come back from mos school in 29 palms i will help you go active duty it will only take a week and you will be on your way to the fleet so i believed him i didnt know he was giving me a bunch of bs so i sign i didnt no any better that once i was at boot there was no turning back i was stuck in the reserves for the next 8 years i have tried all i can to go active and now i am at the point i hate the fact that i even joined dont get me wrong i love the corps i just hate does Marines who make it miserable for everyone else so now i have to balance to life the civilian and the military keep up with all standers and mci and all that bs and also try to work 50 a week and go to school because the Marines happen to be the only branch who does not give the reserves 100 for school just 40 and if you want 100. then do 3 back to back tours or receive 3 concussions and you will be set with school or get a purple heart thats what i was told so guess what my hurt my back while doing a training with army special ops and my last unit i was climbing a tree to put a antenna to get better signal and guess what a ass tap the radio and i was shock and feel off and now i have the worst back and shoulder problems . iam so sick of the reserves its just a waste of my time and the money i loss going to drill from my real job . because what i get paid to go only covers gas well i am don with my rant i could go on for days.