Some of the dumbest people I’ve ever known are Marines

My advise to everyone here thinking about going into the Marine Corps……..DONT!  Join the Army or the Air Force.  I’ve learned in my years in the Corps that most leaders are all about them selfs, not about the Corps.  They may use the Corps as an excuse as to why they do a lot of the stupid things they do; but the fact is that most leadership, mostly SNCO’s and maybe a few officers care more about them selfs than anything else.

Some of the dumbest people I’ve ever known are Marines.  And what’s worse is that all of these MOTARDS lead Marines.  I work with one right now who is about the dumbest SNCO I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s all ego and very little common sense.  I work with another one who has no initive.  These are the kind of people that are getting promoted even with bad paper work on them.  If you have a good PFT/CFT, done some PME that no one really does any way and look sexy in your promotion picture, you will get promoted.  I’ve known some terds that have made rank that way.  This is because the promotion boards are selecting people for too much of the wrong reasons.

Submitted by: FRUSTRATED!

Vietnam ERA Vet – The hateful loathsome nature of all military

I am Vietnam ERA veteran, I was drafted to “serve” my country. I was warned repeated by older friends about the hateful loathsome nature of all military. In my two years in the “green machine” I never once heard anything about the Constitution that I was FORCED to swear to. Nor was anything but hate preached  and absolutely nothing about “defending” our country. The military is an amoral organization of bullying and lies.
I was forced in, and draftees were used to ease the casualty of career “lifers.”  How anyone with a conscience can take part in such an obviously pathological kill-fest and chronic ass sucking subservience is the most important issue for Americans to ponder.

Submitted by: The Transmogriofer

My Gunny Lost His NVG’s in Iraq – Blamed and Punished Whole Unit

When I was in Iraq, our Gunny lost his NVG’s (night vision goggles). Guess who got in trouble? Everyone below the rank of Gunny…  In the middle of the desert, everyone had to dump their gear and wait for hours while SNCO’s searched our belongings.  All operations were halted.  The NVG’s were never found. Everyone continued to get fucked with for the next couple of days. The gunny “Gunnery Sergeant Alston” (also involved in the drowning at MCRD Camp Pendleton a few years back) was never punished.

It is my belief he should not only be punished for losing his equipment, but also be punished for abusing his authority and blaming his WHOLE ENTIRE UNIT instead of taking responsibility for his own actions.

As far as I have seen, this is what the majority of the leadership in the Marine Corps consists of.

Submitted by: Civilian

In the Civilian World You Can Quit Before You Screw Up Your Life

Marine Corps was allright did eight years before I got out. Just got tired of all the bs yeah I sucked it up doing duty when I wasnt scheduled for it, although if I ever went UA for duty or showed up late for formation I would prob be bitched at and busted down.  To many nco’s not doing a thing when they heavily outnumbered the new guys and btw when I picked up nco I worked not just “supervising.”  Remembered one time our unit had an alphas inspection done everything when I was sick and passed with no problem but our nco’s were all jacked up, so the next day on a saturday we had another inspection just the non-ncos because heaven forbid another snco told our ssgt his boys were fucked up.

Dont know how many times I was passed by for promotion for some bs like lack of leadership when I was a corporal working under two sergeants a snco and officer even when noone had to tell me what to do and within weight requirements.  Even then when I was passed over for alot of stuff like my first unit, my nco’s said I dont know nothing but I have had air officers and even the unit Sgt Maj and Colonel wanting me to work for them because I did my job.  Btw I was a radio operator which means I had to do my job plus do the grunt stuff as well but when I got out of the field I was cleaning equipment all night while everyone was off by three or four in the afternoon going out or chilling playing games.

Final kicker for me to get out was to many damn lifers (lazy ignorant fucks expecting retirement) in my last unit, I was in charge of a section until we got some bi-polar cook that somehow made sgt couldnt pass the tests in other units to work in those jobs since he couldnt do his MOS, so we got stuck with him to be manual labour if we needed him.  Eventually I try to get him to do something he whines alot and tries to act like my boss then goes crying to our gysgt that he is in charge and I disobeyed him, even when the gysgt said I made the decisions and I was supposed to tell him what to do the day he got there.  Likely to say since my gysgt and his top heavy brothas was afraid to make waves I barely dodged a court martial for failure to obey a direct order and assault, because  he was bi-polar he liked to jump in your face spitting and crap so I put my hand out to stop him.

All I can say is if you want to go into the MC go ahead its for some people and isnt great for others, I have no problem with authority but when the hypocrits in charge bitch at you for no reason because they got in trouble or tell you to shut up and tough it out even tho they are sliming through the system its better to be a civilian so you can look into finding another job and quit your old one and leave before they screw up your life.

Submitted by: 0621

Even in the Reserves, the MC can suck

I was motivated to join the Marine Corps, I was, my dad was a Marine, my uncle a Marine and grandfather also, a Marine.  So I was pretty much motivated as fuck before going to bootcamp, I was thinking like, oh wait until they see me, just wait, it will be the greatest thing ever being a Marine, and I was motivated until i got to Parris island, and realized how much bootcamp sucked and how brutal it was, like everyone else, and after the crucible, I was motto as hell, and was pumped, and it only kind of hit me that week, prior to crucible, on the way to church, I talked to another recruit, thinking, wow, I kind of just endured these past 12 weeks, and really, I kind of want to be a civillian again.  So i realized I satisfied that urge of wanting and being a Marine down in parris island, and I wanted to be a civillian again, until the reality set it, that I was fucking locked in, for the next 6 years of my life….
Back to what I was saying before, so after the crucible, i was motto as fuck, couldn’t wait to come home and show off to the girlfriend and to all those scumfucks i graduated highschool with.  So I get home on bootleave, half way through, and fucking realize I want to be a civillian again, and I did not want to leave, I realized how fucking awesome the civllian life is, how much I took for granted.  Because In Parris Island I learned everything i needed to learn, I realized you have to a complete piece of shit to not be sucessful inthe civillian world, and hard work is easy, you just gotta fucking do it.  Thats what I got out of the Marine Corps, and thats really all I wanted out of it, I joined becuase i felt i was a screwup who was lazy, i felt I needed a change, an appiphany so to speak, and I got one, and now thats its all said and done, I want out becuase I fufilled and learaned everything I wanted from the Marine Corps when I was in the parris Island, now i just want to live my life and leave the Marine Corps behind, but I can’t and I’m stuck with it the next 6 years of my life.  Okay, so I’m reserve you say, not too bad right?  Wrong.  I have a Sergeant who just came off of active duty, who was only his second drill last month (as it was for me too) and he was basically telling me how much he hated it as well.  Ill tell you why.
So, I get a taste of civllian life during my month off right?  Well heres why it sucks, because the reserve in a sense, is like teasing an animal, they constantly feel like they’re gonna get the thing they want, but the reality is, they’re not gonna get that fucking dog bone.  ANd that’s the reserve, I’m teased with, ‘oh you can go to school’  ‘oh you can work’, but the reality is every fucking month I have to sacrifice a weekend, and report for this bullshit, how can I accomidate a school scheudale, what if i have a final the monday after the weekend, and with my major, being finance, how can I work as a corporate banker, with crazy hours, and say they need me to come in on a saturday, oh wait, cant cause of reserve, all the reserve does it get your enjoying and becoming comfortable with civillian life making you feel free for a little why, and then all of a sudden the carpet is pulled out from underneath  you, pretty much saying “JK YEAH RIGHT LOLOLOL, YOU’RE MINE THE NEXT 6 YEARS BITCH”.  And thats what makes it suck, it could be a weekend needed for work, vacation, a wedding, nope, gotta sacrifice it.
So this is my 3rd drill coming up, and I just fucking hate it, a lot of what has to do with it are these power insane, unintelligent douche bags that are your fellow Marines.  Everytime  I go, there are in particular these 2 douche bags I have to put up with, who I went to MOS school with and were such assholes to me, and I thought i’d never have to see them again, but of course they end up at my unit, and they make my life suck, so my entire month I just dread going back to drill, and while I’m there I just feel like shit, and just knowing that this will be my life the 6 years makes me want to get the fuck out, I hate it, it does nothing for me except get in the way of pursuing my civillian career and life with my girlfriend, and it just fucking urks me, living month to month, dreading each month, because of the upcoming drill dates, and just having that in the back of my head, the whole month makes me anxious, depressed and shitty, and knowing that im going to have to put up with this fucking emotional drain for the next 6 years of my life, makes me want to go to drastic measures to get the fuck out, if there is anyway for 6 years to pass quickly, please, someone let me in on it, because i fucking hate the way my life looks right now.

Submitted by: Billycraft123

My Recruiter Lied…

My recruiter lied. We are treated as though we are less than human every day, we are disredpected on a personal and professional level every day. We are made to stay outside in the cold for no reason, made to stay up late for no reason. Field day is nothing more than something tedious and annoying they do just to prove they are in charge. This is no brotherhood, my platoonmates would lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead with no regard for anyone else. They will single people out and attack them verbally and constantly for no reason. Cleaning weapons lasts just like field day, you clean until they cant find a speck of dust, and when they find dust 3 hours in they got it out of their own pocket. Even now these children are pelting me with rocks at the rifle range for no reason.

The marine corps put me in my MOS and didnt even give me the chance to be screened for the MOS I signed for. If there is a possibility to get out of the infantry side or the entire marine corps which wont destroy my future i will find it and take it. Dis honor and discouragement. I have no comittment. The marine corps took all the pride i had and took it from me. I am ashamed every time i wear these cammies. I represent the adulterers, murders, cowards, and weaklings that feed off their rank wearing this dishonorable uniform. The list i have of wrongs, of disrespect, of all the things done to me alone is unacceptable.



Submitted by: Outtacontrol Is Incontrol

Took me a long time to sort through my 4 years – Part 2

Part 2:

The DoD would be wise to shut down every Marine base on Okinawa, or at
least scale down to a couple or few brigades and re-deploy to Guam or
something. Never in my life have I seen thousands of Americans just
standing and sitting around doing nothing. Folks like myself who would
busy themselves and create work for others risked ridicule, scorn, and
the wrath of the careerists and sundry dirt bags who desired to be just
like the careerists. The vast majority who extended over there were
fucking low life pieces of shits, male and female. They would conspire
against us who did the real work and problem solving, playing all kinds
of idiotic pranks, having “secret meetings” behind our backs (our
meaning just a few who actually cared) which in my book is mutiny, and
making every effort to have a good time at the expense of the people
doing the real work. I understand one is now a deputy in TX; he and his
dirt bag wife (a WM) were major pains in the ass over on Oki, but nobody
did anything about it because they sucked up to the leadership, and
they’d extended. People who extended were treated like kings and queens,
and in return they would suck up to the “leadership” and make sure the
whole circus of lies kept going on, year in, year out.

The master sergeant, a 42 year old severe alcoholic and married guy with kids back in the States would hang out
in the barracks and party with non-rates and NCO’s (great for unit
discipline, right there!), was fucking WM’s in the platoon and chasing
Okinawan women out in town at the clubs and whatnot. I was told by some
of the dirt bag NCO’s that if I bought a car not to loan it to the MSGT
because he’d already crashed 4 driving drunk, and 3 were not his they
were owned by folks within the platoon. Despite all that they were “drinking buddies” with the guy, both literally and figuratively. Glad the BS with him hanging out
in the barracks ended before I got there. He ended up being “early
retired” later on for his antics, after a court martial. Sure
enough, the usual smattering of E-8’s and E-9’s came to his defense, to
include our own POS of a sergeant major, another severe alcoholic who
had his own personal driver drive him home every night after he’d get
fucked up at the SNCO club. The dysfunction hung in the air over there
like you wouldn’t believe, and you could cut it with a two-by-four.

Sadly, the other SNCO’s and the boot lieutenant did nothing about him and the other dysfunction within the platoon, further exacerbating the problem and making life hell for those of us who were doing our jobs and trying to make a positive impact on a very negative situation.

The master sgt saw fit to try and control me (he definitely singled me out), because I’m sure he got a whiff of my being a squared away guy in my own right and that I probably wouldn’t fit in with him and his “crew”.  Shortly thereafter when it became apparent I wouldn’t put up with the BS, from anyone, of
any rank, the “ganging up” shit started. Bad enough I had to deal with
these dysfunctional, delusional idiots all day at work, at the barracks
it was a nightmare trying to keep some semblance of discipline. Instead
of NCO’s working together, policing themselves, and working together to
keep things sane in the barracks, often times they were part of the
problem, or were downright indifferent. Having to deal with this pansy
boy bitch who’d “served” at Quantico as a “VIP driver” was a nightmare,
every little thing would make him bitch and moan and complain about the
better NCO’s (all like two of us). To have to deal with it at 5 o’clock
on a Sunday afternoon really sucked, as I had to try like hell to avoid
being in close proximity to these idiots. The senior sergeant would roll
over and play dead for his “boy” (their words, not mine), and was part
of the problem, instead of telling the guy to quit his whining and
moaning. These folks were so brainwashed and delusional they thought
really high of themselves, despite the fact their own lack of
discipline, lack of proficiency in their primary MOS, and on and on were
hurting their own underlings. So, when the legitimate problems came
along, and a young guy needed a sympathetic ear, their problems were
often times dismissed away or they were told “Tough shit”. All because
these people were so fucked up and warped in their own minds they
could’ve cared less about being a true leader and a mentor.

The Corps needs to be scaled down and made into more of an elite force.
It’s been too big since the Cold War, but the National Security Act of
1947 has it set in stone the Corps must have 3 MEFs. That, and all of the services need to get rid of the “career mentality” and cut the fat within the ranks. It was pathetic watching people in their 20’s and 30’s basically wasting away, they had nothing to do but swap war stories about the drill field or whatever. Granted, this was before Iraq and Afghanistan, but I’m sure not much has changed.

Submitted by: Sgt Fury

Part 1


You can follow this discussion in the forum HERE

Took me a long time to sort through my 4 years – Part 1

Part 1:

I’ll start off by saying this is a great site, and one where it’s not a bitch session, really, but a place where folks may explain in detail stuff that’s messed up about the Corps, as well as personal experiences. I’m proud of my service, but still have lingering PTSD issues and, no, it’s not from my time in Somalia (I was involved in the move out of there right after I graduated MOS school). Unfortunately, some of the negative (OK, a lot) haunts me to this day. Despite my username no, I did not pick up sergeant, despite being fully qualified and I considered myself to be a pretty squared away NCO. I refused to go to the rifle range, knowing that another expert badge would mean I would be promoted exactly one year from the day I picked up E-4, and thus would most likely have some dirt bag officer from that unit do the ceremony. Yes, I could have asked to have someone else promote me, however I was seething with anger about halfway through my year on Okinawa and disgusted by what I witnessed over there, so it was a form of silent protest on my part. I had a lot of smug satisfaction knowing a lot of the retards I served around, to include more than a few officers, could never make it in the real world. I laugh now thinking about how these idiots were so full of themselves and into their delusions.

I chose Motor T mechanic, and all in all it wasn’t a bad MOS but we
worked some really long hours at times, and we had to deal with lots of
dirt bags, the vast majority of whom were drivers (I have friends I keep
in touch with who were drivers, so don’t flame me for that last
comment). Despite getting a high GT and ASVAB score I chose 3521 to get
my hands dirty and to gain more knowledge about automotive repair, plus I
did not want to sit behind a desk. Had I been a little more patient and
assertive with the recruiters, plus if someone had told me to stay away
from motor t, I would have chosen a different MOS. All in all I had a decent experience in the Corps, and met some great people from all over.

I served at 2nd Tanks, then on Okinawa at Camp Hansen. Tanks was full of mouth breathers, especially on the tanker side, but the leadership generally improved over time and there was at least some semblance of discipline, although there were some bad people there, most of whom ended up in the brig or drummed out of the Corps. Most of the bad folks were in H&S Co (just had to plug that in there, the tankers’ side had some good discipline). Basically, the leadership knew there had to be discipline within the ranks due to the high op-tempo (training-wise) of the unit. Often times Tanks was tasked with doing deployments nobody else in Division wanted to do, plus the unit itself was rarely called upon to do much of anything, so we were kind of the “bitches” of Division, one might say. We had some real solid senior enlisteds, although my MOS was at times lacking for good folks (Motor Transport).
At Tanks, at least we had the aforementioned discipline (for the most part), and some folks within the chain who gave a shit. Place was far from perfect but compared with Okinawa and horror stories I’ve read about here, and heard from friends, at times I had it good there. I should have known, though, that MEF and Oki would probably suck balls, as some of the dirt bag drivers had been to the island and were now riding desks at Tanks. Lifers to the core, they were riding desks at like age 19 for fuck’s sake. Heard it through the grapevine one is now a warrant officer (!). A lot of the tankers were real dullards, in fact that MOS has a rep within the Corps for being pretty much the bottom of the line unit community. So we had to take all kinds of abuse from them, despite the fact life was pretty easy for them, at times. Tanker senior enlisteds were better than seniors in lots of MOS’s, I’ll give ’em that. Great sense of humor for the most part, and they knew how to take care of people. Same for some of the officers.

I’d requested MEF, for reasons I’d rather not get into (kind of embarrassing, actually), and definitely should have requested a unit closer to Naha. I swear, the base bitch units have the real moto ‘tards. We had them at Tanks like you would at any unit, but MEF took the cake, in my book. The vast majority who’d re-enlisted and were now well into their 2nd or third hitch had no sense of humor whatsoever, unless, of course, they were cracking cruel jokes at people or talking shit behind folks’ backs, because, you know, RHIP. Like a lot of true blue lifers, these people stood or sat around all day doing absolutely nothing. Nothing interspersed with the occasional meet-up with the career jammer maybe to figure out what other soft unit they could head to next to fuck up a bit more. The majority of lifers at MEF did the “base bitch unit, air wing, and MEF shuffle” as I call it. None had ever served in division and even a few had somehow gotten through their first 5 or so years in uniform w/o ever having set foot in the ME, Somalia, or any number of other missions the Corps had gone on during that time. Many had never even served at an FSSG unit. Heck, folks at Tanks would volunteer for deployments just to get the fuck out of Lejeune for a while.

Submitted by: SgtFury


My son died and the Corps treats me like shit

Ive got one for you, and it may not be a big suprise and some of you may have had a similar experience.  Two months ago my wife and i lost our son to complications of a premature birth.  My division was nice enough to give me time to be at the hospital and go home for the funeral.  Then I shit you not, 3 days back at work and they treat me like nothing ever happend and then want to get im my business about why im moping around and dont want to work. Gee, i wonder the fuck why!  I go to medical to try and get on an anti-depressant and to get some help.  They ask me if im going to kill myself, and when i say no, they give me an appointment for 3 days later. thanks guys. then when i have the appointment the first thing the doc asks me, knowing why im depressed, is so why do you think you’re depressed? i tell him and his response, and i quote, ” God Dammit, im sorry bro.” (navy officer btw) and then he types his notes then before he releases me tells me, as a smoker and occasional drinker, again i quote, “Stop fuckin drinkin, and stop Fuckin smokin, cus it aint gonna help.” classy right?  Anyhoo, im getting booted anyway for medical issues, and now this, understandably i just want to be left alone, and that shouldnt be too much to ask, but in the last month ive been treated like im just worthless and lazy and need to get over it.  Bottom line, the corps preaches all this shit about taking care of each other and being there when we need it, but all the COC gives a shit about is work and themselves. the lazy bastards sit in the office and play msn games all damn day then come out at the end of the day and bitch at us because we are worthless.  One team one fight my ass.  Dont trust those mother fuckers to take care of you when you really need it because they will fuck you time and time again.

Submitted By: bitteratthecorps

Why do SNCO’s have to insult those close to EAS?

UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!! I just stood in the cp and watched my fellow nco get an ass chewing from gunny for wanting to attend the seps-taps he scheduled three months ago instead of going to the rifle range that gunny just put him on. Then, this cross eyed, hunched over, semi-retarded gunny followed up the ass chewing with insult!!! “Oh sure, out in febuary, no job in march, homeless in april and wanting back in the corps by may!” FUCK YOU GUNNY! If you go to the recruiting website they tell you how “challenging” it is, if you talk to the recruiter (or any moto) they too will tell you it’s difficult. So if this is the hardest thing in America to do, why the fuck can’t my buddy make it on his own? I’ve been told that “only 2% of Americans are marines.” So what are the other 98% doing to make ends meet gunny?! Also, I remember they used to have this “famous marines” section on the recruiting website. All of the “marines” they had listed, GOT OUT AFTER 4 YEARS!!! I wonder if all those famous marines got harassed the same way we do for wanting to eas.

If I chewed gunnys ass once I’m a civilian, and reminded him of all his shortcomings and deficiencies, I’ll bet I could get him to commit suicide.

Thanks for the great site, and allowing me to exercise my right to fee speech,

Submitted By: corporal, Fusmc

The Corps Has Taken My Identity – okinawa inmate

well i got a doozy for you the past 2 months of my life have been ok..just the same old shit just a different toilet..well heres what happend this weekend and why im in trouble 2 months ago i picked up and got moved into this room with this dude but he was away at boat school so i moved some of the furniture around to fit in a new rack and ive been in there for a few months and made it my own

well before my roommate got back i typed out a list of 12 rules for the room..the funniest shit was all just a joke, like heres rule #12 “# 12) no sitting in the kings chair. you are not king therefore this eliminates any possibilities of you sitting in the kings chair.” ok so if you cant see that this is all just a joke then you must be a marine..before i sold my soul i use to take life as a joke..i loved being funny and laughing and i loved doing funny things..and here i am getting in trouble for something so funny..i mean these rules were hilarious..if i had read them i would have busted up laughing..its just sad that im in trouble for some good humor..they corps has taken my identity..i use to have fun in life and enjoy im bitter and angry at the world..and some times i find the old me and start doin something funny and then here comes the green weenie to beat that shit back in..when i get around my wife i feel like an old man with no personality..shes full of life and just like the old me..what am i now? just an uptight marine that cant let loose..marines are bitter lifesless people..i do know tho that on day ill get it all fact ill finally be states side in 2 months

wheres that guy K at? hes needs to make a comedy about how there is no sense of humor in the corps..even my roommate is saying it was a joke..he even got it..its all bc some body found the paper and turned it in

“no sense of humor since 1775”

Submitted By: okinawa inmate

Eat the Apple Fuck the Corps 235 Years of Murder Don’t Wish Me a Happy Birthday

Written by PunkJohnnyCash on Nov 10, 2010

Eat the Apple Fuck the Corps – A phrase used by Marines to express their displeasure with the Marine Corps. Usually mouthed by someone about to leave the Corps or by a Marine who has endured a perceived injustice.

Today marks 235 years of legalized murder by one of the most deadly gangs on the earth. I was once a part of this gang. I am not proud of the death across the world. I am not proud that other young women and men were brainwashed into glorifying the murder of the state. On this 235th birthday of the Marine Corps I ask of you not to tell me happy birthday. Don’t thank me. Question the violence and slaughter.

Every year around November 10th I hear many people wishing me a “Happy Birthday” because it is the day the Corps celebrates it’s birthday. Today is the 235th year of the Marine Corps.  I also often get the redundant ‘thank you for your service’ from many who feel that the murderous actions of the state are honorable.

This is the time of year they throw elegant balls to celebrate. It is a big holiday in the Corps. Many from military families and those that have been involved in the U.S.M.C. know that today is a day of significance and a day that all Marines are not only aware of but often anticipating. There will be feasts, balls, drink and celebration this week all throughout the world.

I often do not know what to say as people find out I am a veteran of the U.S.M.C. and they thank me. I find the legacy of violence and brutality repulsive. I do not want to hear your thank you. I do not want to hear the ‘happy birthday’.

If you want to thank anyone thank the Winter soldiers for doing what is right. They are the true patriots. Celebrate those who speak out against the murder and violence of the American Empire. I will not be always faithful to the murder of the state. I will not condone sending young people to die and kill. The youth of the nation has been brainwashed into believing in the murder and tyranny of the state as I illustrated earlier in my article Fear and Loathing in the U.S.M.C. Brainwashed in the Corps.

Eat the Apple Fuck The Corps



Big Fan

I was a big fan of Terminal Lance up until a few months ago, when it started to get all “main-stream” around here on Camp Lejeune. Since then, I have noticed it in my CO’s office while getting my NJP, the legal admin building where you go see JAG lawyers, and even in the fucking Marine Corps Times…. WHAT THE FUCK!? Cant we just have something for ourselves without it getting taken over and hailed by the motivators? I remember the sly slams on the establishment, the jokes, the irony, the one comic about seeing a shit load of black on a collar and frantically running through the list of E7 and up ranks in your head trying to figure out which one this asshole is…. I remember the feeling of childish glee I got when I first logged onto the site, of seeing how the common LCpl was getting his revenge by posting these comics parodying the Corps… I remember how taboo and exciting it was… the feeling that I was somehow doing something wrong by even accessing the site…..
Now every time I walk in the company office, I get to hear all the platoon SGTs and commanders discussing in great detail how whitty and cleaver the last Terminal Lance was, and how much they agree with it…

They stole our fucking fun…. plain and simple. How am I supposed to stage my own 1 man rebellion when all my inspiration is taken over by “the man”?
If I start seeing in the MC Times, thats it… game over, man. I will finally do my fucking MCIs because there is no hope in being a rebel around here…. Ill pick up Corporal, suck a mile of dicks, and re-enlist…. because they will have won.

– Submitted By: Garth

Punishment Outweighs the Crime

I will never forgive them for making the punishment outweigh the crime. It happened two fucking years ago, and I still pay for it this day. I will never forget the despair I felt checking in as a Lance Corporal with a goddamn Hashmark. I will never forget watching my PFC’s pick up Corporal while I was a Lance again.

Everyone always forgets. When they pick up, when it’s time to re-enlist. They forget. I know, because I forgot the things I hated and became a motivator. It happens to almost everybody (especially in POG-ass MOS communities). Getting busted down made me remember. I still haven’t forgotten after picking up again. Chances are, I’ll still remember when I pick up Sergeant. Complain now, but when you pick up or it’s time to re-enlist, I just beg you: remember the good times, remember the shitty times. Because it’s so easy to forget.

Submitted By: XCpl Mike

Accessory to Murder

Today the battalion was briefed on the new reenlistment tiers. It contains: PFT, CFT, Rifle Score, Pro/Cons, MCMAP Belt, Awards, and NJPs. Anyone notice anything here? IT’S THE SAME DAMN THING AS THE CUTTING SCORE! Seriously! The same broken system of promotions that fucks perfectly qualified marines into being terminal lances, while Inbred PT studs who can’t tell the difference between a fighting hole and their asshole get promoted because their Inbred Fucktard brains figured out how to suck on a SNCOs dick to boost their Pro/Cons, is now being used to determine who gets to stay in!

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, units are pumping money into Afghanistan’s economy to improve their quality of life (while back home our economy goes to Hell), knowing full well that this money isn’t going to the PEOPLE, we give it to the people and then the fuckin’ Taliban shows up at their door, and say “Your money or your life bitch!” and uses our money to fund their operations against us. And I know this happens because it happened on my last deployment! I saw the paper with the BATTALION COMMANDER’S SIGNATURE at the bottom confirming that this is happening! Furthermore, the unit I was with decided not to change this because, and I quote “Under the current conditions, the Taliban in the area are remaining peaceful.”

WTF OVER?! Here I am trying to do the whole “Defending freedom” bullshit and they’re over there just supplying the enemy with money so they won’t attack us, because God Forbid somebody get hurt during a combat deployment.

So in closing, FUCK YOU MARINE CORPS! The blood of every GOOD MARINE who died over there is on my hands now, because I defended you while you were busy selling out. You turned me from someone who was trying to “defend freedom” into an ACCESSORY TO MURDER.

Submitted By: NINJA_PUNCH

Screwed out of classes

So I take a class to prepare me for getting out of this horrible cult while I stay in and support my family. Well my unit is going to the field for 2months and naturally I stay back with about 20 other dudes and 5hey tell me my 4 hour class on monday through Friday prevents me from staying on duty during the week. So for the entire field op every weekend I have duty. I stay at work from 6am until 9pm during the week and now I will not be home on the weekend to see my son play his first year of football or see my family. If you are married you cannot be a good father while staying in. I tell these guys that this is Fucked up and all they say is “at least you’re not in the field”. It’s not like I’m some shitbag its just guys getting pissed about me getting out of this shithole with a plan. He knows right now I am a lcpl and in a few months I can tell him he’s a fag and I will make more than him. My kid cried. And Fuck this shitty healthcare. That’s a whole other conversation though. I see why so many guys kill themselves in the corps.


Submitted By: hatethis place

F M L – Every day is the same

Fuck this shit, every day the same fucking questions from the same assholes, ” So there, what do you intend to do when you get out?” Here’s the answer asshole, fucking anything, ANYTHING. Do they think I’m like them, do they think I’m afraid of the outside world, I could’ve just as easily never have joined and I would’ve been infinetely happier than I’ve been for the last goddamn couple of years of my life. Do they think I’m some idiot, I don’t want to end up like them, 35 or 40, prematurely old as fuck looking like I’m 60, bitter, hateful, resentful towards civilians and people with normal lives, divorced 2-3 times, inconsiderate, rude, thinking the world owes me something, thinking only my opinion matters cause I got X or Y rank. Fucking newsflash: You didn’t reenlist cause you’re some patriot, war hero motivator, you reenlisted cause your’re afraid of the outside world, cause if tomorrow there was no USMC and you were no longer an Officer/NCO/ SNCO you wouldn’t have the slightest fucking clue what to do with your life, your an emotional and socially inadept failure and thats why every 4 years you sell more of your life away, the average Joe might see you as some shining example but I’ve worn your uniform, walked your halls and I’ve seen you for what you are. I don’t care if getting shot at don’t faze you, you’re still a coward, you fear normal civilian life where your’e a nobody, and I hope you go out into the real world, thinking it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to knife hand people and insult them and belittle them and I hope you go up to the wrong motherfucker and you get your teeth kicked in. All of them like to say we’re grown ass men, yeah? Well we’re only grown ass men till we disagree, then we go back to being some rank, standing with feet shoulder width apart, hands behind our back in some stupid little pose while we get talked at,not to, talked at, like children. So if you’re like me, if you can agree with this, the it’s time to GTFO, the brainwashing is over. Im taking my school, the one I actually paid for with 4 years of my life, that isn’t free and isn’t being given to you like they want you to believe, and I’m getting as far away from all this as possible. As far away from rank, and as far away from the douche bags that take this little role playing game a little too seriously. By the way, keep you fucking rank.

Submitted By: F M L

Ebony Phillips

I am officially convinced that every reason that I ever decided to join the Marine Corps…is NOT what the Marine Corps is about. Maybe I just joined at the wrong time. Most Marines tell me it’s just the unit, but I’ve been to other units and something that I realize is that no matter where you go in the Marine Corps, you’re going to always have to deal with unnecessary bullshit and take the big, green weenie up the ass. All the false perceptions that it gives off, from the advertisement to the training, is all a bunch of bullshit, especially once you get to the fleet. Would I have known that this was really what I was getting into, I would not have joined because I got the girth of this as a civilian. FML and the Marine Corps. Everything that I used to enjoy I do not anymore. All individuality and most of my intelligence is gone. I had a CO tell me that false motivation is better than no motivation…No the fuck it is not. The part that sucks the most about the Marine Corps for me is the fact that I’m that one Marine that gets fucked over the most, usually through doing the tasks that are “beneath” everyone else. So sick of this shit. 4 to 5 years wasted on this bullshit. I should’ve just taken out loans for college. FML FML FML.

Submitted By: Ebony Phillips


I have to drink most nights of the week just to cope with the depression of waking up to do the same monotonous bullshit day in and day out, then when I’m broke because after over 4 years and too many non-rec’s to count I am still a LCpl, I question my motives and try to convince myself that I should quit drinking like I do, but along comes pay day and after work I walk my happy ass to the PX and get a case of what ever suits my taste that night. I sat on guard post recently with a loaded rifle and for the 15 hours I was there I spent more time than I ever have in my life wondering what death is like. This way of life is not healthy for any level headed, rational thinking person. The only thing keeping me out of the hospital, brig, Canada, etc. is that I now have less than 6 months left. When that happened, I started smiling again some days, it’s like a bright shining light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. When I’m done with this, I’m going to go about my life as normally as possible. I’m not proud of this anymore, and I doubt I ever will be. I’ll just be happy to make it out alive.


The Good Lord has blessed me and has given me the ability to look past all the “motivation” better known as brain washing. These motards just cannot seem to get the bigger picture of things, not realizing that conforming to all the institutional bullshit is itself being brainwashed. You are brainwashed when you are compelled to run clear across a grass field to get to a Marine and yell at him because he had his hands in his pockets for a split second because he was grabbing his cellphone, you are brainwashed when you revel in the fact that you just got done chewing some poor LCpl’s ass because he didnt address you by your rank after every F*&king sentence and the list goes on but then again i’d be here all day. And they do these things…why?! Because thats how the Marine Corps is?!? What about being a man and thinking for yourself?! What about being that one individual who says,”thats f*&king stupid, we are not doing that” I catch alot of flak because i refuse to go with the flow, because i refuse to belittle my junior marines, because instead i talk to them like they are adults, because i like to cutout the useless bullshit like PT at 4am, or cammie inspections every Monday. I hear shit all the time like “you’re too nice”, “you need to act more like a Sgt”. At times i just wanna punch someone, but in the end, I’m not the idiot who can’t see past his puny little “reality” he calls the USMC. I see it all the time, Gunny’s, Major’s, Colonel’s….so self absorbed in themselves thinking that they are somebody, arrogantly with their arm’s crossed and their noses up in the air thinking to themselves that “I’m the shit”, when in reality all it would take is a punch to the face from a very very disgruntled LCpl to bring him back down to Earth and realized that he eats, sleeps, shits just like the rest of us do. It’s been a hard 7 years for me, I love my wife and child dearly and stayed in one more term so my wife could finish her degree in software engineering. I thank the Good Lord she is only a year away from finishing. I can see the glimmer of light at the end, though still a ways away, a beautiful sight none the less. For all of you still serving and hating every bit of it like me, hang in there my friends. Remember to never conform, always think for yourself, and if you are in a position to make a change, DO IT, regardless of what people think.

My USMC experience

Hey ya’ll, let me tell you a story..may I? … This is a story about Joe, average kid in Anytown, USA. You see, Joe wasn’t a perfect child, he made may mistakes, he wasn’t dumb but never cared enough to be the top of his class, skipped school alot, smoked alot of weed, but never really harmed anyone, loved his country, took pride in it and wanted to do something for it, all around a decent respectable person with defects and virtues…sound familiar? What happened to Joe? He bought into the hype, thought the Marines would give him discipline, thought in a way it would atone for his dumbass behavior, he did it, he signed the contract, and what did Joe find? Bullshit, fuck-fuck games, belittlement, insults, misery, hatred, assholes, douchebags, pricks and all the things that come with enlisting and signing 4 years of your life away.. Now Joe is rotting in a shithole in Helmand, people he knows are losing arms and legs on a daily basis, he never gets to talk to his family and when he does he can’t think of anything to say anymore, he walks around knowing that this is fucking stupid, that no matter how many people lose legs or how many die(or how many Hajji’s we kill for that matter), doesnt matter, the fact is the country he loves would be no more safer if he lost his legs or got killed in an IDF attack. And as he sits here, in Afghanistan, all he can do is count the days. If you are reading this and are thinking about enlisting, don’t, use your head, love your country, help it, but not in this gun club, do it as a civilian, be a normal human, you deserve it…

yeah this is pretty much the story of my life on the dot

– Screwthis

so today i get told to stop helping lcpl schmuck prepare to get his shit together

so today i get told to stop helping lcpl schmuck prepare to get his shit together prior to getting out because he was NJP’ed and is considered a piece of shit. I say well mr.SNCO just cause he was NJP’ed does not make him a bad person or Marine. the diffrence between a Marine that got NJP’ed and one that hasn’t is the one that hasn’t has not gotten caught yet. So as i just signed my 4th 6105 (pg 11) in the last year for disrespect and not following orders I feel like I really need to finish my bachelors and get the fuck out of here, basically hurry up and finish eating this apple to do you know what with the corps. I thought as an NCO I was suppose to help out and mentor junior Marines, instead i feel like I am suppose to further higher ups careers and fuck over the subordinates and take credit for their work. I refuse to secure a lcpl libo for not cleaning his room, make him stand at parade rest when he speaks to me, or any other stupid shit I didn’t want done to me. But I feel alone in this, I cannot get promoted because of this attitude I feel, they said you are not mean enough (wtf). 12 months left and I am out of this shit. Til then try not to get NJP’ed and EAS with an honorable penis discharge. – sgt fucked

A Collection

I’ve been reading all your guy’s post and all I can say is thank you. This whole time I thought I was the only one who felt this way about the corps. This is music to my fucking ears and I’m glad people are seeing through the bullshit. As far as those NCO’s & SNCO’s that are trolling on here. Fuck them, you guys know that the ones who talk the most shit are the biggest bitches. I used to call it “revenge of the nerds”. These guys were bitches and fucking squares in thier civilian life and still are, but now shit changed because they have a sense of false power

– 1stCivDiv


Ive been out for two years and i have always wondered if there were marines out there who felt the same way about the the dumb redneck gun club. The USMC is such a fucking joke, I feel sorry for anybody who is in it and is brainwashed. My experience in the corps was a racist, and disrespectful one. I lived in the Bay Area all my life and I never witnessed racism till I joined and is probably the reason why I turned into a shit bag. For all of you who are still in keep your head up, theres light at the end of the tunnel. I fucked over the corps by faking a mental illness and I am still recieving military benifits lmao fuck the corps!!!

– 1stCivDiv


Mota Mota gotta lotta Mota – Vation. – mota is weed in spanish.

– WeedMan

WOW… I did truly believe I was the only one who felt this way!

WOW… I did truly believe I was the only one who felt this way! I was an airwinger who was viciously stolen from my unit to be sent to a dumb, even more disorganized grunt unit. I have been here for a total of four months now and my FAP is a year long. I truly can’t stand to be yelled at for having trash in my trash can or for having water in my sink on wednesday any more. This has by far been the longest four months of my life. I knew grunts were a little more motto then the air wing but dear god they act as though our sacrifice means nothing. I constantly get treated like shit for no reason and can feel myself getting dumber. I have literally taken more then ten minutes just to type what I have so far. How can you end a FAP early without getting in trouble or hurting yourself?

Every fucking day I try to find a reason to re-enlist and there is none.

Every fucking day I try to find a reason to re-enlist and there is none.  I was told that it would change once I picked up, and things would get better, it didn’t.  Now I’m 8 months away from EAS and still can’t find a reason to re-enlist.  The stupid butt-fucking garrison bullshit games that POG-ass SNCO’s play, the doubletapped duty rosters which strangely lack the names of the office clerks, the safety stand downs that tell you what drugs are undetectable and where to buy them as well as how to not get caught, Blues inspection every other week and the ball is 10 months away, being broke as fuck unless you’re married, alcohol solves many of your problems, alcohol causes many of the problems, someone beating the living bejeezus out of their wife/girlfriend in a locked double concrete-sealed bunker is YOUR fault, your SNCO finishes inspecting your immaculate room and then magically finds a half speck of lint probably from his cammies but it’s in your room so he will be back in an hour while you re-field day, all-hands formation to move five (5) folding paraty tables, pro’s and con’s are “what I like about this guy” and “what I don’t like about this guy” marks instead of proficiency and conduct marks, waking up at an hour that shouldn’t exist to run for an hour and a half in short chopped steps while constantly circling up the stragglers like lost cattle every 50 feet, planning to see your family and friends for the holidays or 96 only to get slapped with duty when you know that the ass clowns in the head shed don’t have duty or a life outside the barracks, the only half-decent females that you see are spouses or dependents that are not yet of age, shitty roommates you have to live with that try and steal your shit especially CIF, wanna-be alpha males whose voices rise in decibels with the amount of paint on the collar of those who surround them, if you don’t correct someone like a douchebag you’re not correcting them correctly… it goes on and on really.  And it really sucks to say that I can’t find a reason at all to re-enlist.

We all joined up and knew we were putting ourselves in harms way to accomplish something greater and serve our country but instead it feels more like serving time and some tiny-pricked SSgt’s beckoned call.  If Call of Duty had 26 field day levels before you got to play 1 two-minute level of carrying your rifle and shooting 1 round in the air, it would probably be more realistic and sell less. ‘Nuff said.

But to be honest, I’m proud of some of the things I’ve done and the opportunities to do it -but if my family and friends knew about the stupid shit we do in garrison on the daily they would bitch-slap the shit out of me right after disowning me.

I get my 100 points in everything minus a 22:30-ish run, shoot expert, completed all req’d PME and have some off-duty education, SQ 2, working on secret clearance to fill a staff billet, stay behind extra hours to make sure gear and briefs are prepared for the next day/mission with my Marines, and still do the counseling/mentoring BS and it’s like “hey, you’re an asset -but I’m gonna keep shitting on you because we need to see how far we can ride this out.  While Cpl Sand-in-his-fat-ass gets to skate because he yells at the juniors all the time and has them at parade rest 24/7.” —Why the fuck would anyone want to stay and re-enlist?

Is this some kind of reverse psychology selling point? Like, “I’m gonna rape you ’till you love me.”?
The only ones that I see scrambling for re-enlistment papers are brown-nosers who could be poster-boys for a health magazine but suck completely at their jobs and are ineffective at leading people because they’ve never really done their job because they were too busy doing brown-noser things and getting a proper tan, OR the fat Marine, who married a fat girl, and had fat babies.

There’s so many perks to getting out vs the shittyness of staying in and I don’t know why most of the SNCO’s say that there are so many benefits of staying in, when there are 0 benefits.

When I EAS, I plan on going to SFSU and get my degree for Physical Therapy.  Maybe I’ll work DoD side and help fix some broken buddies, maybe I’ll come back officer-side (doubt it though).

My dad served fighting the vietnamese and I joined with to kick haji around.  I’ll probably be utilizing the awesome powers of VEERP to help speed my way on to bigger and better things, but there’s a tiny part that wishes I had a reason to re-enlist.

Again, there are zero reasons.  I think in all honesty if you aren’t married and/or have kids, OR this isn’t the only job you are smart enough to do, and you re-enlist… YOU’VE HAD AN EASY FUCKING SKATE TERM and hardly ever got shafted. THE END. – PlanToGETSHITon

I am a Sgt and currently going through a MED board!

I am a Sgt and currently going through a MED board! As it stands, I have 6 herinated disc and degenerated bone disease in my spine and both hips. About a month ago, I had my Company commander ask me what can we do to help you? I mention going to wounded warriors to get the proper treatment and take care of my family and set myself up for success in school. However, my Sgt Major heard what I had asked for , and turns around in the Head Quarters hall way dropping F Bombs left and right telling me that I dont F****** Rate it because my injury was not F****** combat related. Then just the other day SgtMaj came up to me to ask me how my wife is doing and how I was doing and how the our soon to be son etc!!!!! I told him that were doing good and I am ready to move on and take care of my family and work etc….! Then Sgt Maj pauses and looks at me while I am standing there with my cane and says…”HOW ARE YOU ARE GOING TO WORK”!!! WTF I am done! I have done 8 yrs and served in Fallugah when shit was the shit! I have bent over backwards for my fellow marines and for the Corps and this the fucking shit I deserve. FUCK THE MARINE CORPS!!! And Fuck those who come on here to trying to be so Fucking Motivated and have lossed half of their brain or Common sense while joining the Corps! You can be hard and think your the Biggest Baddest Mother Fucker in the Valley! But wait untill you get out and see how Big and Bad you are! The civilian world does not give a SHIT what you did in the Marine Corps! IT ABOUT FUCKING HAVING A BRAIN!!

I always thought the Marine Corp was about Brotherhood

I always thought the Marine Corp was about Brotherhood until I realized then when I got caught for underage drinking. I had a few beers with another Marine who i just met when he got sick i helped him out , and got him back to his room, when duty realized i was underage. SgtMaj. tried to go Drill Instructor (obviously because he didn’t put out when he was a D.I.) and interrogate us asking who got the beer. I didn’t say anything, but the marine who got sick spilled everything. Not  only am I getting an NJP, I got ratted out by some bitch. Then I realized how much of a buddy fucker the Marine Corp is( at least nowadays) I understand I fucked up, but no Marine should snitch on another Marine. I hate hearing how the Marine Corp was back then. It is funny how we apparently fight for freedom, but don’t have any ourselves. I don’t Hate the Marine Corp I hate the fact that any little prick who has a little rank will use it, the fact that in the real world if some guy or girl was older than you and told you hey you are fucked up or don’t do that you can say FUCK YOU. I realized that alot of people who spend there entire time in the Corp will have a reality check when they get out.

After being out of the “corps” for over a year I still hate it.

After being out of the “corps” for over a year i still must say, i still hate and always will hate the USMC for what it has done to and for m- nothing. I dedicated 4 years to this bullsh*t that i have been imprisoned in. Going through the marine corps has been over the top rough as far asa sense of belonging and acceptance. I have felt like a completel reject and outcast the entire way through. There is no family in the marine corps or “brotherhood” bond. Every man for himself, there’s no team work there. People make it through the marine corps and fleet only because we have to its our only survival is makign it, nothing great. If you want to be gossiped about and puth through highschool all over again, be around odd characters, be sexually harassed, be publicly humiliated,physically assaulted and talked down to for 4 years straight this is it. I dont reccommend this for anyone. It has been nothi ng but unfreindly environment. Not many take a liking to this bullsh-t. I have been humiliated so so so so so many times i cant remember all the times. One time i got yelled at by some fag ssgt in the chowhall (in front of the whole chowhall) and this is just one small incident of many…do you know what this does to a persons self worth. No wonder nobody lieks any of you  just look at yourself. Didnt you know that human respect is above everything else? If you treat people like slaves that will lead to mental problems, drinking/drugs and worse. You will find that you and your spouse arent getting along because this is what this system does to people! lol it is way too hard to sit here and talk about how seriously f-d up this palce is….if you think otherwise good for you for beleiving all that was told to you the entire way through u might be a lifer or motivation for retardedness

i stole this from scott olsons i hate the marine corps site, somebody else wrote this i might add somebody asked him So what did you do the whole time in your marine corps 4 year enlistment? he responded “i slavishly obeyed the commands of a baboon”..LOL i couldnt help but post this! haha! baboons are dumbA$$es!

– freisty

My USMC experience left me fucked up my head royally, and in more ways than one!

My USMC experience left me fucked up my head royally, and in more ways than one! The Marine Corps is like a microcosm of the US at large; In other words, it is a racial and multi-cultural distopic nightmare. The core, just like the US, is loaded with narcissists, gang-banger thugs, perverts and wierdos, and many mentally-unstable people in general. The humiliation by others can really wreck your spirit and self-confidence over time, if you let it. OH! Another important similarty shared between life in the US and life in the USMC is that overwhelming number of single, horny, and desperate men as compared to the low ratio of women. In a way, the marine corps prepared me for the worst that life in the US has had to offer me; now not only do I hate the USMC, but I actually hate the US now too!

I am tired of the racial disharmony, and anti-white gentile attitude that this country has taken on in recent years. I first noticed this double standard against white men when I was physically abused by black NCO superiors in the core. Fuck that shit! Using the chain of command sucks too. I think that I first learned to hate non-whites from my negative experiences with them while in there; hispanics bitching about racist whites; blacks beating on whites, and with impunity. There is a racial double standard, just like in America, where non-whites are allowed to bully whites to a degree, and without any consequences. Yet whites are treated like dirt, unless they kiss ass with the upper rank, and are totally PC and portrey themeselves as leading near perfect lives. All of the political correctness, and fighting for kike wars in the middle east is just fucking insane! The USMC has no real honor left because the imperialist empire of the US no longer has any honor. Marines are mercenaries, plain and simple.

To be fair, I should mention that I meet many amazing and wonderful people as well in the Corps, just as in the US, despite what seems like an overwhelming majority of sociopaths. I have zero sense of community in the US, and I am tired of it! WTF was I so loyal to a country that is run by jewish criminal gansters and fraudelent christian zionists? I want to leave this socialist, racist nightmare of a nation…


I feel like all my potential has been wasted.

I feel like all my potential has been wasted.  I cannot put into words how much I truly regret joining the Marine Corps.  A college education has never seemed to sweet and dear to me.  Yet, my TA form got denied until I prove myself by passing my first class.  Educational opportunities my ass!  Shit’s supposed to be free BECAUSE I FUCKING ENLISTED NOT BECAUSE SOME OFFICER DECIDES I DESERVE IT!

The worst part about the Corps is that people at home are so proud of you, which means that you can never, ever, tell them the truth about it.  Even if you could, people simply cannot understand without being here themselves.

I feel like the Marine Corps was meant to be better than this.  I feel like it’s a punishment for young men who are immature, and arrogant.  The ones who learn their lesson get out and make something of themselves while the ones who don’t learn either stay in and never learn how to not be a douche bag or get out and suck at life.

Honestly, I’d happily die today or have Mayans rip my heart out and sacrifice me to their sun god if it meant not waking up tomorrow and being in the United States Marine Corps.

– Kyle_bagget3000

I’m just going to say this joining the marine corps was one of the stupidest mistakes I ever made.

I’m just going to say this joining the marine corps was one of the stupidest mistakes I ever made. I enlisted as an 3531 Transpo in 2006. I was doing pretty good, made some friends, hell i even made lcpl ahead of schedule. then comes my deployment. another battalion was short some marines so i was transferred to a new battalion with a bunch of marines i did not know. keep in mind 3531 is not a “combat” mos so you do have to deal with female “superiors.” i transferred in and assigned to the motor pool requisition platoon. this ghetto taco bending ho from the bronx or some shit was my sqd ldr. now im a smoker, so whenever i got done with work me and my buddies would go for a smoke. This slut was always getting into our shit because she was a cpl and me my buddies were lcpls and below. she would bitch and moan about how we shouldn’t smoke in the motor pool and for the most part we brushed her off. (she was one of only three females in the plt.) the funniest thing though was when one of the female marines which was ok by our standards walked up to us and said she saw our sqd. ldr having sex with the motor pool sergeant on more than one occaision. we laughed our asses off. our sqd ldr. next day had me and 3 other marines njp’ed “for all of you that dont know what that means it means shit duty for supposedly leaving some doors unlocked at night. ps were on a heavily guarded base and our gunny was the one who unlocked them . fortunately the deployment went on without incident except for the bitch making sergeant “go figure” by then i was on my way out of the latrine corps. currently im no longer in this sick fraternity and im going to college ‘at least something good came out of it” and taking rotc hopefully where i can earn a commission in the united states army and never again have to serve along side the marines of 2nd Bat. 5th “marines” And for all you kids believing those semper lies from the recruiters or the video games or any of that shit heres a bit of info the marines are full of idiots just like you so dont worry you should be able to fit in. just don’t get scared when you have to suck a cock or two to get forward in the marines cpl. disinfranchised usmc 2006-2010

Paying Off the Taliban

Let me say first off that I took no pleasure in writing this; I actually spent in excess of 12 hours writing this because I couldn’t look at what I’d written without getting mad and having to leave.  I hate remembering this day, and sometimes I wish I could forget it.  But these events are what taught me the truth about the Marine Corps, and this truth must be known.

I spent May – Dec of 2010 in that lovely part of the world otherwise known as Afghanistan.  During my time there I spent a considerable portion of it on the Headquarters Co. Guard Force, a less-than desirable duty, but such is life.  One of the duties of the Guard was to post security to the security on a small Hesco “Schoolhouse” at the south end of the base, for the weekly “Shura” meetings.   During these meetings local Afghanis would meet with the company clerks, and would be hired to dig wells, fill sand bags, pick up trash around the outside of the base, and whatever other mundane tasks they could think of to shovel cash into the Afghani economy.  Once the tasks had been fulfilled, the Afghanis would return to the next Shura to receive their payment.

At any rate, I was on post one day in mid-July, when a member of my section approached me, and told me that there was a document being circulated around the base saying that we were paying the Taliban.  Naturally I was waiting for the punch line to some ridiculous joke, but my comrade didn’t smile.  He continued to tell me that this document – which was written and signed by the Battalion Commander, and hidden behind a Secret security clearance – said that it had come to the attention of the Battalion Commander that after the weekly Shura meetings, the Taliban would arrive at the door of the locals we had hired, threaten their lives and the lives of their families for working with the Americans, and then the Taliban would take the money we had paid the locals as payment for allowing the locals to live.

At first I was doubtful, as I’m sure most anyone would be upon hearing such news. It didn’t sound like the “Honor Courage Commitment” mantra that the Corps had taken every opportunity to drill into my head since boot camp; but I could see the seriousness in his voice.  I didn’t want to believe him, but I was plagued by the thought that “he might be right”.

Two days later I was tasked to help clean the company office tent after hours.  During the course of cleaning I noticed that 1st Sgt’s desk had papers scattered all over it, and I went to tidy it up.  And there it was: Secret Security clearance, Battalion Commander’s name and signature at the bottom, sitting right on the 1st Sgt’s desk.  As I read it I realized that I hadn’t been lied to.  I wish I could remember it verbatim, but the letter described the Shura meetings for those who weren’t familiar with them; then continued describing how our Afghani employees were being relieved of their earnings by the Taliban under pain of death, and then the letter said the one line I will never forget, it said that there would be no changes in policy made and no action taken because “Under the current conditions, the Taliban in the area are remaining peaceful.”

As I read that, any faith I may have had in the Marine Corps was lost.  I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.  To paraphrase “We’re not going to stop holding these Shura meetings, because if we stop indirectly funding the Taliban they might get upset!”  Wouldn’t that just be horrible, if the people we are supposed to be killing were to get upset?  I don’t know how I would sleep at night knowing that the Taliban was mad at me!

But let’s go ahead and take this a step farther: what do you suppose the Taliban would be buying with all of our money?  I would say guns, bullets and explosives are probably on the shopping list somewhere.  Now who do you suppose those guns, bullets and explosives are being used against?  U.S. Service members maybe?  So we have the Marines serving the Marine Corps, the Marine Corps paying the Taliban, and the Taliban killing the Marines.  That makes the Marine Corps effectively the legitimate face of a terrorist organization, and every Marine, myself included, is an accessory to murder.  Knowing that, is there anyone out there who could look me in the eye and tell me that the military is a noble profession?  Anyone at all?

When I finished reading, I put the papers away and left without a word.  To this day my only regret is that I didn’t take that paper with me.  Without that document I have no evidence, and anyone who reads this can call me a liar, and I can do nothing to refute their claim.  But I hope – despite the fact that emotion doesn’t show well through written words – that the sincerity of my words rings through, so that you may know as I do, the truth about the U.S. Marine Corps.

My story is now told. There is nothing more that I can do.

Bless me Father, for I am sin; as are all who wear the uniform of a Marine.


Safety and Peace