Dear SSgt

Dear SSgt,
I can only imagine how angry you must feel, I mean, to dedicate your life to such dumb bullshit and find yourself amongst men and women that wear the same uniform and yet still see through the crap. You just can’t stand that we’re not as institutionalized as you, that unlike you we all here either got out or have enough balls to get out. You however will never be anything,you will never have the balls to get out and fight it out in the real world. You say we have no pride, well we do, we dont wear it on our collar’s like you and it doesn’t depend on a billet or whatever bullshit role playing crap your’e into, even if I was a private I’d be proud to be the person I am not because of the Corps but because Im an individual that retained my identity. I don’t go around yutting and oorah’ing and I dont feel like I need to yell at people to feel important. Im a person, that does not truly NEED this institution like YOU do. Why do we choose to get out? It’s not because we’re weak and unpatriotic, its because the weight and burden we carry on us all day is not that of defending our homeland. Our burden is the fuck-fuck games, the belittlements, the insults, the dumb shit done not in the name of America, but to satisfy some assholes ego, so some prick like you can feel important, because after all, your dumbass actually feels we owe you something…we don’t, not a goddamn thing. You’re a fucking nobody without this institution, without your rank, without your billet, without this stupid little roleplaying game you take so seriously. Ask yourself where your life has gone? Between the deployments and the bullshit I can tell just how bitter you are at people like us, but maybe, just maybe, YOU should get out, see the I know that you after being baby sat by Uncle Sam for so long are deathly terrified of a world outside the Corps which is why like a caged animal you strike at anything that threatens your little cage, but there is a world out there, full of hardships, trials, tribulations, joys and ultimately a more satisfying life, a life worth experiencing. So instead of bitching here at random people that don’t really give a fuck about your opinion, grow a pair, let you EAS date pass without running to the career specialist to save you from the big bad civilian world, break your little box…..and get the fuck out of the corps.