Disgruntled Former 0311

I went to boot camp during the summer of 2008. After that it was off to ITB. I was soooo excited to go the fleet after that. I wanted to do amazing things with my life. What I got instead was horrible. My “senior marines” didn’t haze me. They physically and mentally abused me. Everyone says “I would stand up and fight them.” But when it’s a uniformed gang, there’s no fighting against them. I spun into depression. Everyday was a struggle to not go U.A. I hated everyone. But most of all, I hated myself. I felt worthless. THEN it came time to deploy. About a week before we left for Afghan, the company 1st Sgt asked each squad leader for one marine to send to H&S company for FOB Guard Duty. While the rest of the company was in the “REAL” combat zone I was stuck standing 12 hrs of post a day, going on a bullshit patrol (so close to the wire I could spit on it) and doing massive amounts of S-4 working parties. I worked 18 hr days as an 0311 in a POG’s world. I wanted to fight. I wanted to have the satisfaction of trading rounds with my enemies. But I guess I didnt rate. All this time building up the anticipation. And the marine corps stole it from me. By the time I was able to go with my original company, the shooting had stopped. I was berated so badly by my peers for my so called “cowardice” that there were several times i had to pull my M16 barrel out of my mouth. I told my team leader I was suicidal. He said I was a bitch. my entire squad “no balls’ed” me to kill myself. I plotted their murders and my suicide shortly following their demise. I lost my Faith in Jesus Christ. i lost my faith in my “fellow” marines and their so called “brotherhood.” I lost faith in myself. I never ended up killing anyone including anyone in my squad. my second deployment was an uneventful MEU. I have since EAS’ed. I hate the Marine Corps. I wasnt the best marine, but I always did what I was told and followed the rules. Fuck The Marine Corps.

Submitted by: Disgruntled Former 0311

  • 0331 civ div

    the shit bag marines that no one likes are usually the ones that get sent to pog land. the marine corps didnt fuck you, your senior marines fucked you. if you were not a shit bag then it would have been the whoever the other shit bag was. shit bags never know they the extensiveness of their shit baggery so you will probably get pissed because you think you were a good marine. having said all of that, there is also a reason i eas’d as well

    • yea they do, i met plenty that know they are. imo i think they were being shitbags for a good reason: to get back at the corps. Another thing, how do you know if it wasn’t the senior marines that fuck him? favoritism is a big thing in the corp. Again, thats my opinion I have a right to that, no wait- I signed those away too.

  • Gimike

    Bro seriously man the fuck up the hazing the mental abuse is part of it all. That is what makes you ready to go against the world. When the shit hits the fan and the bullets a cracking beside you. I know I went through it in 2006 the deployed in 2007. Once we came back I hung out with my senior Marines and got wasted. The fact that someone made a forum like this should be held accountable for this propaganda because that is what this is. You swore to and made a oath to yourself our God and country now look at what you have started. Yes once a Marine always a Marine a brotherhood of brothers. If you didn’t make friends or brothers you do not deserve the title Marine.

    • kent

      “Bro seriously man the fuck up the hazing the mental abuse is part of it
      all. That is what makes you ready to go against the world.”

      Standing up to disrespectful people is the right thing to do. Hazing, mental abuse and bullying are what’s done by weak, disrespectful losers. I would tell you that straight to you face too and if you wanted to do something about it I would be happy to put your sick pathetic ass in jail.

    • kent

      In the civilian world that behavior is illegal. If you try that at a civilian workplace prepared to be fired and sued.

    • Older Marine Vet

      Being a former 0311 with 2/3 at MCB Hawaii, I can see different sides to this issue.
      In the infantry (or grunts) it is not an overly technical MOS and the ASVAB score isn’t that high, so you will se a mixture of recruits into that MOS- some are smart and want to do the adventurous soldiering- others are just stupid people who have trouble reading comic books!
      I don’t deny that when you are an 0311 there is a lot of stupid, petty, ridiculous BS you have to put up with, but it all hinges of what type of Team Leaders, NCOS and general leadership you have. I was hazed plenty of times by a “Senior Lance Corporal” who was just nothing but a punk on a power trip.
      But then again, is it “mental or physical abuse” when someone is punished severely for falling asleep on a guard post, or throwing a grenade and forgetting to pull the two safety pins out of it, or walking around with live rounds in their weapon with the safety off? ( and no- I can say it wasn’t ME that did these things, but I have seen these things happen!!)
      If you have good leadership who are “hazing” you for the right reasons, then you don’t have much grounds to complain. There is a huge difference in correcting bad behavior and just “fucking” with people unnecessarily. Unfortunately, the Infantry will always attract its fair share of immature and inexperienced young punks!
      And to Disgruntled Former 0311- the reality is is that the USMC is no different from most other organizations. There is NO GUARANTEE you will be doing the exact job you hope to be doing. Life is like that sometimes- you have to grow up and get over it!
      And lastly-having worked in civilian workplaces Yes- you can’t act the same way that you would in an Infantry unit, but then again show me a civilian office where its people have to fight in a war? ( Yes- I know the police is the closest equivalent).
      The problem with civilian workplaces now is that HR regulations make it too easy for anybody to take offense to anything, which in turn supply the lawyers with more work! One of the many problems with (civilian) America today is that everybody thinks they are special, and that they think everybody else has to bend over backwards for their feelings. Office C**nts are the absolute worst in this regard.
      Disgruntled Former 0311 now has the opportunity to determine his own destiny, but should realize that life isn’t going to give what he wants all the time. Just move on to the next stage.

    • Bently

      and activist Maya Angelou once said: “It is only out of ignorance that
      people are cruel, because they really don’t think it will come back.” –

    • S.

      “Look what you started”

      Indeed. If the corps was held accountable to itself then this website would not thrive. The corps’ has caused this website to become so big. All I did was build a site and people show up on their own. Something to think about.

  • Mike

    Serious abuse often happens to good people, and it destroys our people and our readiness. Most often, you just lose. But don’t let it destroy you. I’m reminded of my SERE POW training: when you’re beat down, take a breather, realize it’s not your fault, then get back up into the fight. How that applies to you is this: You might need a vacation, a new job, therapy or meds. Just get them and realize the abuse you suffered was not your fault. Then pick yourself up and get back in the world and succeed.

  • Ron02

    Hazing and other unwarranted abuse have absolutely no correlation to “performance” during combat. You have to be mentally defective to think it correlates to that. A proper human being’s response to hazing would be to beat the fuck out of whoever did it to them. Eager-to-please sociopaths, such as big-headed “Ultra Marines” would accept it, like weaklings. Saying that it’s just a tradition passed on. And people with low stability would either break or blow up – like in FMJ. Has nothing to do with combat, that’s just a line they tell suckers so they can stupidly agree to be abused.

  • You’re a little whiny ass little bitch. Good thing you only went through bootcamp and didn’t get captured by the Taliban or ISIS if you think a little manning up hazing. Maybe you were picked for shitty ass details because of your piss poor attitude, everyone knows that command don’t pick the best to be left behind. Put on your boots, strap them fuckers on tight and shut the fuck up. …

    • usmcbegone

      Did typing this make you feel better about yourself?
      Having been an 0311, I wouldn’t put it beyond some of the Marines I saw to bully and harass another more junior Marine for no reason other than their own personal amusement.
      I don’t know his full story, and maybe he wasn’t the type I would want in my Infantry Squad, but then again a good Marine NCO would know his people and have enough sense to approach a potential problem not by just “kicking its ass”- but with some Justice and some measure of compassion.
      But then again, very few Marine NCO’s had this level of intelligence. And obviously neither do you.

  • Riley Rox

    Dude, I know its 3 years later but you really need to seek counseling. It is not the Marine Corps’ “fault” that you were nominated to do your Marine duty in a different role. I’ve had good days and bad days during my time in and you need to accept the circumstances and let the pain go.

  • You should have joined the Polish Navy ! You are a Punk …..Period , and would like to have been a young man for a day just to join the Soap Bar Blanket party myself ! Go Stick a Large Joint in your yap , and pretend it’s mine .

    • Billiam201


      You must be really tough.

      • Nope ….I’m a Cream puff with all my friends , and grandkids , but not a Punk because someone didn’t get a warm welcome , or a warm meal ……Life does NOT care about your weakness n neither do most people who would use your weakness for their gain .

        Just be what ever you are , but don’t flip a coin every morning to see if you take , or give .

        Best n S/Fi ….Bubba ,

      • P.S. as it is late here in My Quarter of the State , but if that was a diminished remark I hope you can read the original Bill of Rights , and if you were asking if I was tough in a real fashion I would tell you the years change Many things in a man’s mind , but not the weakness of others who Really need our help on a way to THEIR Road to THEIR Peaceful lifestyle .

        in closing Help the Weak , and Vanquish their Tormentors , and that is what a Man Must do to be called a Real Man (or woman ) !

        • fukoffBubba

          And what defines a ‘Real Man’ Bubba? Carry a weapon around to see how much pain and suffering you can inflict on others in the name of the US government ( for questionable invasions like Iraq), or MEN like Ghandi, Martin Luther King, or Nelson Mandela?
          Discounting your testosterone filled self worship ego trip, Marines are not as important in human history as you think they are.
          So where were Marines when blacks were being persecuted in the South in the 60’s for example?
          Marines definitely did not give a shit about Iraqi Civilians when I was there! They wanted us out of their country, and I didn’t blame them.
          Got a problem with free speech Bubba?

          • I Luv U Buddy ………….Hows the New Sex Change workin for ya Babe ?

            Lovin ya More each day ….Your Bubba .

          • fukoffBubba

            Yep – Predictable reaction. Not that I’m blameless for writing insults, but one cannot argue two different viewpoints on war and violence without some perpetually brainwashed Jarhead throwing out personal insults.

            No Bubba- I hate Bruce Jenner ( or whatever IT calls itself) but am very conscious about looking for alternative solutions other than just WAR! But dont ever think that if my own town was threatened that I wouldn’t fight for it- but fighting for the political/business convenience of Washington DC is another matter.

            Bubba- if and when you ever get some emotional maturity, or read to expand your worldview, or take Robert Mcnamaras advice of ‘always empathize with your enemy’ you may grow up one day and realize that we have an out of control Military war machine that has a vested business interest in starting more conflicts under the guise of ‘Defense’.

            Did that go over your head Bubba? I know that the more time you spend in the Corps the more stupid you become.

            I’m sure you’ll write another dumb reply- it’s in your nature.

  • “Gomer Pyle” From Full Metal Jacket………..I Didn’t know you survived ………Kill The D.I. , and do yourself again because sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right .

    Imagine NOT Even able to shoot yourself at point blank mouth , but again maybe a cock was blocking the barrel ?

    • fukoffBubba

      Tell you what Bubba, it would be interesting to arrange a meeting between a tough writing guy like you and the person who wrote this. When you start talking shit right to that persons face WITHOUT A RANK ON YOUR SHOULDER to hide your own personal cowardice, plus no other BULLIES IN A UNIFORM to back you up, I’m sure that this individual also wouldn’t hesitate to get some payback for the way he was treated!
      Every Marine has their problems at one point Bubba- I bet you had plenty!
      And don’t think for a second that just because people write about their bad USMC experiences here that they haven’t got the balls to do some serious damage to complete and utter online ASSHOLES like yourself if given the chance- you better damn well think again- Bubba!
      signed- a former Infantry Sgt

      • I see you are a guest , and hiding your real first name using “ThefukoffBubba” as your moniker although the one you chose is cute …I Thank you .
        I am a retired O-5 Mustang with 22 years of service ending at NAS Willow Grove in 1988 .

        I served 2 tours of duty in RVN 67-69 w/ the standard 13 month rotation , and places in central America that never happened .

        I was a Sgt. till my bump to 1st Louie in 69 when we lost 4 lt.’s that month , and did NOT Want the BFP at all because I was a 0311 then 0331 then a Cpl. Then a Buck E-5 Sgt .

        Our P.I. was 9 weeks , ICT @ Geiger 4 weeks , AIT @ Pendleton 6 more weeks , Liberty 2 weeks before the LST Flat bottom to the south China sea .

        I was harassed , beaten by D.I.’s , made to eat out of trash cans , and many more torturous events that would gag a maggot , but will NOT presume to waste my time expanding on things from another lifetime ago !
        I did NOT graduate an honor Marine , but we had some suck up pussies who wanted those dress blues more than the real grunts I trained with .

        I had the pleasure once to look back at all the “Babies” that flaked out , and remembered my days in the Corps n thought that Some Mooks just can Not take it , but that’s the fault of the recruit as he should have waived out in First Phase at “The Sandbar” while slappin those little bastards that you couldn’t swat lest you run high port for 3 hors at the sadistic leader SDI , or JDI .

        I am the 4th generation of Marines in my family with a nephew who is now Fast Forward somewhere in the 7, or 8 seas .

        Change your name for any future use of my verbage please .

        Sincerely Retired for over 25 years …..Your Mustang LC Bubba The Saint ,

        • fukoffBubba

          Who asked for your resume Bubba? Find a quarter and call someone who cares!

          I don’t fault people for wanting to get out, and by its own admission the Corps doesn’t need all the bodies it has, so why force someone who doesn’t want to be there to put up with its BS?

          And Bubba – if you get off on having bullies force you to eat out of garbage cans , and you willfully reenlisted for more of the same- then that’s your issue to deal with.

          We aren’t activity duty Marines who are forced to give a shit about you Bubba

          signed Mr fukoffBubba – cute name huh!

        • Billiam201

          The most hilarious part is that you don’t see a problem with that.

          The Army (who does things better than the marines) don’t need to act like that.

          The British Royal Marines (who do EVERYTHING better than the us marines) don’t need to act like that.

          But for some reason, American marines feel like they need to.

          They haven’t been relevant in decades, and haven’t been combat effective in a half-century.

          So today, on the 72nd anniversary of the day the US Army made the marines utterly irrelevant, I ask you:

          What what would you do differently?

          And by the way, if you’re going to beat the First Amendment drum, you don’t get to whine when someone says something you don’t like.

    • Chris

      How about, ‘thank you for your service, young marine?’ He did his time, was involuntarily sidelined out of the duty he trained for, and then blamed for it. Don’t be a dick.

  • Hgonzox

    A lot of people join the Corps to show off or cause the saw a movie. The Corps is serious business and it’s not like the movies. The needs of the country and the nation come first. If you weren’t drafted then it’s your own fault for signing the agreement to be a zero 311. I enjoyed my 4 years in the corps and would do it again.

    • usmcsux

      “The Corps is serious business and it’s not like the movies”

      Funny- during my time in I saw all sorts of Marines- ranging from those (very few) that were of ‘good character’, but mostly outnumbered by idiots, drunkards, R.O.A.D’rs, bullies and braggarts who were only as serious as they needed to be to ensure they got a government paycheck every month!

      I personally laugh that movies show the Corps being ‘ the best of the best’- only the movie actors (script and story line) get paid to promote the false image BS! Then they get to move on to the next project.

      “The needs of the country and the nation come first” So I guess the USA is far better off that we have a group of people calling themselves Marines cleaning barracks, picking up trash, wasting taxpayer money getting three meals a day, spending money on excessive uniform accessories, when really all their initial mission was to guard ships?

      “I enjoyed my 4 years in the corps and would do it again”
      So why didn’t you re enlist? And if you enjoy being told what to do all day, don’t have the intelligence to make a decision for yourself, are too much of a COWARD to stand up to bully, hazing and harassment, and on top of it enjoy doing MAKE WORK that doesn’t accomplish anything tangible, then it speaks volumes about what you “enjoy”! And essentially its shows that you Cowshit for brains!
      Bottom line- the Corps should make it easier for those who don’t want to endure its bullshit to leave early.

  • Cwhit

    This guy should definitely off himself. He was sidelined because his team leaders felt he couldn’t be trusted in combat. Amazingly, he even writes exactly why he couldn’t be trusted. Sounds like little Nancy needed to grow a pair or swallow that lead he was too scared to follow through with.

    • He may have just been unpopular.

      When I first got to Falluja a sergeant volunteered me for a 7-month interior camp guard, but my platoon sergeant decided we’d rotate through it a week each. I ended up on that post 4 different times – more than anyone else. With just about any other platoon sergeant I’d have been stuck there doing jack shit the entire deployment, feeling like I didn’t do my duty.

      This marine served his time, and if being in the S-4 was where he was most valuable, then we should be thankful to have been the recipients of his service. Questioning (or indicting, as you are) his value as a human being by saying he should have killed himself is shitty, and saying he wasn’t man enough to do it is just low, because it takes strength to walk the hard roads of this life, and he had times that he had to walk them alone.