F M L – Every day is the same

Fuck this shit, every day the same fucking questions from the same assholes, ” So there, what do you intend to do when you get out?” Here’s the answer asshole, fucking anything, ANYTHING. Do they think I’m like them, do they think I’m afraid of the outside world, I could’ve just as easily never have joined and I would’ve been infinetely happier than I’ve been for the last goddamn couple of years of my life. Do they think I’m some idiot, I don’t want to end up like them, 35 or 40, prematurely old as fuck looking like I’m 60, bitter, hateful, resentful towards civilians and people with normal lives, divorced 2-3 times, inconsiderate, rude, thinking the world owes me something, thinking only my opinion matters cause I got X or Y rank. Fucking newsflash: You didn’t reenlist cause you’re some patriot, war hero motivator, you reenlisted cause your’re afraid of the outside world, cause if tomorrow there was no USMC and you were no longer an Officer/NCO/ SNCO you wouldn’t have the slightest fucking clue what to do with your life, your an emotional and socially inadept failure and thats why every 4 years you sell more of your life away, the average Joe might see you as some shining example but I’ve worn your uniform, walked your halls and I’ve seen you for what you are. I don’t care if getting shot at don’t faze you, you’re still a coward, you fear normal civilian life where your’e a nobody, and I hope you go out into the real world, thinking it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to knife hand people and insult them and belittle them and I hope you go up to the wrong motherfucker and you get your teeth kicked in. All of them like to say we’re grown ass men, yeah? Well we’re only grown ass men till we disagree, then we go back to being some rank, standing with feet shoulder width apart, hands behind our back in some stupid little pose while we get talked at,not to, talked at, like children. So if you’re like me, if you can agree with this, the it’s time to GTFO, the brainwashing is over. Im taking my school, the one I actually paid for with 4 years of my life, that isn’t free and isn’t being given to you like they want you to believe, and I’m getting as far away from all this as possible. As far away from rank, and as far away from the douche bags that take this little role playing game a little too seriously. By the way, keep you fucking rank.

Submitted By: F M L