Finish your time and get out

All you can do is do your time and get the hell out. I totally agree with what you say. SNCO’s mostly care for themselves. Im sure once upon a time when they were junior marines they told themselves they would never treat their marines the way they were treated. Bottom line once you pick up staff your work ethics and overall knowledge of what it is to be a socially acceptable considerate supervisor drastically decreases to the point of openly embarrasing their marines and doing paperwork on them for the same shit they did once before. I am a reservist. I have deployed several times. I can tell you this. Doing your one time enlistment and getting out before you make a huge mistake and re-up is the best chance that you have at making it in the real world. Think about it. You stay pick up ssgt..then gy..then all the way up the ranks you go. Then you retire. For the last decade or so your avg work day has consisted of you sitting on your ass playing on fb and talking old corps antics to the guy next to you who is most likely only listening because he thinks that by doing so he has a better chance at getting that next rank which is probably true. Then you embark on your civilian life finally..where you now must try and fathom that if you call your co-worker a fat ass or a fucking retard you will likely be terminated. Not to I said..for the past decade you have been sitting on your ass barking orders that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Therfore when you are approached by a 24 year old boss man who ask’s you to perform a simple task you then automatically assume that you must be given respect for being a retired lazy SNCO. I could go on and on. Bottom line..get out..go to college. Then look back on your 4 or 6 years in the shittiest branch of service and go yeah I use to be a retard. But now I have a degree..I am ethically and morally strong. The end.


Submitted By: MrJellyBeanMan