First Regretted Quitting, Now Glad More Than Ever!

When I first was introduced to the United States Marine Corps in 2010, it was due to some jackass popular football player in my class at the  end of junior year in high school. He was basically trying to get two referrals so can get contract PFC (when he graduated from boot he didn’t get it, thank god). At any rate you got a 16-year-old kid who is about a nerd in high school, doesn’t have the best luck with females, and barely passes most of his classes, and in poor physical shape. With the feeling that I wasn’t going to get far in college, why not talk to the recruiter? To the office I went, and boy. Did I take the bait like a hungry fish that hadn’t eaten for days!!

I was about as a hyped up motard as anyone can describe after that first interview with my recruiter. Being shown uniforms, oversea duty stations, “OMG the superman uniform Dress Blues?! I get to wear that?!!?” “I’ll get to finally be in shape and everyone is going to like me?!?!” hearing stories about how awesome being in Okinawa was, seeing the silent drill platoon photos. It wasn’t hard for the recruiter to nail another number like me in. After this I kept going to PT, getting motivated but the other recruiters that would lead PT with their BS pep talks about being a Marine and how awesome life and how much ladies would want me. I was already thinking and acting like I was going to be something above my friends. After all; what do they do? Go to parties, drink, and all going to college. I’m doing something soooo much better than everyone I know in my social life! This is so awesome I can’t wait!!
However, I was very afraid of bootcamp. I could not ask enough questions about it, “what if I don’t make it, what if I find it too hard? What’s gonna happen can I Fail?” My recruiter of course, kept reassuring me that I won’t fail and that I will make it- just keep going to PT!!
Funny thing now to add is that I had to take the ASVAB 3 times in order to finally qualify, THREE motherflipping times!! I passed on my 3rd, but the point I am trying to make here is if you’re “The Few, The Proud” why in the holy demon’s name do you need a kid who can barely pass the ASVAB?! You would think after second time my recruiter wouldn’t work with me anymore but NO! I was dumb enough to believe that he really wants what’s best for me and that he knows I will do great and be an asset to the Corps which is why he will continue to enlist me. This of course motivated me try harder and really want to be a Marine so badly, my recruiter likes me and wants to see me a successful Marine OORAH! I then continued my motarded self to purchase shirts that said Marines all over it, even telling people I will be the reason why they are able to sleep peacefully at night.
When it was finally time for me to go after I finished high school and shipped to Parris Island, I was already discovered by TD 3. I was always the last one to leave the squadbay, I lose gear all the time, I sucked at drill, and was too damn slow to get dressed!! I don’t think I ever got abused, but I got IT’d probably 9 times in a day every day. I was placed on trial training because I sucked at the obstacle course in addition to everything I mentioned earlier. Following the conclusion of trial training, I failed the MCMAP test (yes I know- who in their right mind fails the dumb MCMAP test?! ME.) so of course, I was recycled from TD 26 to TD 2.

Being recycled was the worst, worst time of my life. Dumping all your stupid gear out, and then showing it to the dumb DI who can’t seem to count how many socks you have, packing it all back up, just for another DI to count it again, dump it out at the BAS, then pack it up, just to DUMP it out again in your new platoon. I was in Golf Company, dropped into Delta Company, and man it was retarded. All my officers kept telling me “This is for you to better yourself; you’ll be ahead of all these other recruits blah blah blah”. Nope, it was more like the opposite; I kept getting singled out each day because I was a pickup, got water and detergent poured into my footlocker because I didn’t get on line fast enough, and everything they did was more of a culture shock to me. I used to be able to at least brush my teeth and breathe in Golf Co., but in Delta the DI would count down the seconds the entire time, every night.

It came neatly to the point, for example, during weapons maintenance (I hated every single second of doing this crap) one DI told me to get up, stop cleaning the weapon, and then go do something else. Of course after this, my rackmate would have to put my weapon back together, then secure to his lock. When this happened, I got ITd and chewed out the next day because I didn’t know how to secure my weapon, and it was at this point TD 35. During one IT session, the same DI stepped on my BCGs, and the next day chewed me out because I was wearing civilian glasses, and I should somehow figure out how to put the BCGs on my face. Now we were at the rifle range and somehow, I just have no idea how, but after I finished shooting there was a live round in my blouse. The caused me to be an integrity violator and in addition to being a “below average performance Recruit” my SDI attempted to get me recycled again.
At this point I had had it with bootcamp. Everything I could do was wrong, I was a pickup I should know this shit, blah blah blah, so when I was faced with my Co. Commander I told him to send me home. He then told me just get it together and you will graduate!! It’s only another week back! They are willing to train you. Nope, that’s it. I’m going home; I’m tired of packing up trash, and dumping it out again. The Co. Commander told me what a shame it was and then finally sent me to RSP. When I finally got back home, I was lost…

There was no welcome home from anyone, nor was there any “I missed you” none of the sort. Everyone I knew was disappointed, and I didn’t blame them. I had all this dumb bravado of being a MARINEE OORAH that people got sick of hearing and for me to not follow through is pathetic. These were my thoughts for about a year later all I did was work a dead-end job again and found little reasons to be successful, not much friends sticking around I was in a very unhappy back home. I decided that I wanted to try again for the military- now in much better physical shape and with more knowledge about the military.

Before this gets much longer than it already is; to sum it up, I enlisted into the Air Force Reserve, and it was unquestionably the best choice I have ever made! I graduated bootcamp as an honor graduate, and continue to enjoy serving as I have a civilian job I enjoy working, while going to school online. I was finally able to put the USMC behind me with no regrets, and when I happened to stop by this website I was so thankful that I didn’t make it! From what I read from various blogs here, the COC in the Corps is way up their ass! In the AF, or at least in my wing everyone in the COC has an open door policy! This goes from the 1st Sgt, to the Squadron Commander, up to the Wing Commander (should be stated that he is now a BGen yet still has an open door to all Airmen). The choice I made to join the USMC was a blind one but I’m glad it is over!

  • StupidNCOs

    I really hope this happy ending did exist. But, I am kind of skeptical about this story. 1st. What was author’s usmc reentry code? 2nd USAFR is known to be extremely reluctant to accept former enlisted, and low Asvab score applicants. Last, USAFR is also known for denying waivers of any kind.

    • usmc_to_usaf

      I’m glad you asked! I’ll explain as thoroughly as I can.
      My re-entry code was a 3F. It was an Entry-Level Seperation I had from the USMC. I will note that I had to work with about 2 active duty recruiters prior to meeting a Reserve recruiter (while Army and Marines recruit in the same office for Active Duty and Reserve, the Air Force does things a bit different), I went to a Coast Guard Recruiter, and even a Navy recruiter. The military really seemed like there was no place back for me. About a few weeks later I looked into the AF Reserves, called the call center, and was told the same news; very unlikely to process a prior service applicant- however he said it could not hurt to speak to a recruiter! Gave me the contact information, and I was able to reach TSgt Sherry. He was more than willing to help me after hearing my situation, and helped me request a waiver in his office.

      When the waiver got approved, I enlisted as a non-prior service since I didn’t finish Recruit Training. I believe the reason the USAFR decided to be a little more lenient with me due to the high number of older applicants enlisting, all the younger adults just want to be active duty.

      • bootasfuck

        If you don’t mind my asking, why did the Coast Guard turn you down? Was it because you wanted active duty or something else? Reason I ask is because my situation was very similar to yours. Similar…but at the same time extremely different. And I’ve been looking at going into the Coast Guard reserves.

        • usmc_to_usaf

          I don’t mind, but the explanation is very brief…because that is all they gave me. Direct words on the phone “I believe you will have better luck in the other services because we are so small, doing a waiver could not be propable.” That didn’t tell much jackcrap but eh. I’m happy I’m not using naval terminology again anyhow!

  • IronLungsQ

    Oh of course a shitbag who couldn’t hack it became an honor grad in the Chair Force! Proof how my Corps is better than the AF! If you became an honor grad I bet if I was in the chair force I’d be spec ops OORAH!!

    Sometimes you got an epiphany of why some people didn’t earn the title united States Marine!! People like you should stay in your chairs while real men like me do the real military!

    Semper Fi to my TRUE Devil Dawgs!!!


      Your corps? What makes it yours exactly? Do you pay the utilities bill every month or something?

      The reason why most people don’t earn the title “marine” is because it’s not a title that’s earned, it’s a title that’s given. Clearly the marine corps wasn’t a good fit for him from the beginning, yet they were were willing to just push him through, and push the “title” down his throat just to fill a quota. If he hadn’t pushed back against his company commander and said “no, I’m done” he probably would’ve been recycled again until he made it. So don’t act like you’re some kind of hardass just because you made it through boot camp, when it takes more guts to quit boot camp than it does to graduate.

      That said, since you’re here, why don’t you tell us about all of the “awesome” things that a “real” man like you does in his “real military”.

      Safety and Peace

      • IronLungsQ

        It is my corps because I earned the title the bills are paid by my corps because we earned to live on base!

        We are the few, the proud Marines and he will never be one of us! We don’t need trash in our corps, and you all on this website probably just didn’t know how to put out which is why all of you are hating my Corps?! Rah hope you all get out already!!!

        I was 3043 Supply, and I don’t give a shit Marine Corps needs supply! Without supply, bullets don’t fly OORAH! I earned the title he wanted and now his POG weekend warrior ass will sit home while working 9-5 not knowing what TRUE hard work is! If you were a true devil dog you can see why trash doesn’t belong in our Corps!!!!

        Let me plus in hearing the chair force has open door policy? Bullshit I might as well go to the Sgt Maj for a pencil I forgot. They also use first names? It shouldn’t be considered military to begin with.

        • S.

          Hahahahaha after all that he ends up being some supply dude!

          No wonder you are so motivated. You never had to do anything except go eat chow!

        • usmc_to_usaf

          Much thank you Ninja_Punch,
          You know sooner or later I knew this was going to get trolled, but geez. This quick? Interesting! Well I suppose I can pretend feel less of a man if it helps you sleep at night thinking you are above me in some level. If you wanted some cookies with that along way I’ll be more than happy to ask my girl to bake some (she’s really good at making homemade cookies :D)
          At any rate I am still in the military where I can look to my leaders for anything, and yes- I do call my direct supervisors by first names. OMG HOW WEAK?! My Lt. Col took a few of us out on a expensive dinner one night as well. Are you pulling what little silly hair you have out yet?
          What else you got, buddy?

          • IronLingsQ

            I don’t give a shit what you unmotivated Marines have to say, without supply you grunts can’t shoot. FACT.

            Did the Air Force have any major battles in WWII? Has the AF been around longer than the Corps?! Does the AF run towards the sound of chaos and despair?! The AF doesn’t even need to shoot in order to graduate boot. Its all pussy shit. If the title was given you wouldn’t have gotten recycled twice! And it sounds like they did let you quit so I don’t what the fuck you poor excuse of jar heads are talking about, maybe you all should have joined the chair force as well!

          • S.

            Without grunts you wont get to brag about battles you never participated in hahahahaha!

            Edit: Please don’t run away. This is far too entertaining.

          • madmike

            In WW2 the 8th Air Force lost more men than the ENTIRE Marine Corps. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

          • S.

            Careful. You might destroy his unwarranted ego.

          • usmc_to_usaf

            Hold up…so let me get this straight…
            Because I am not having any feelings to be hurt you are now attempting to emphasize how the Marine Corps is better than the Air Force as a whole? That sound about right? If you want to believe that “your corps” is better than the Air Force, by all means. Did you still want a cookie?
            You didn’t specify which cookies you want. Do you prefer cupcakes? Might wanna ask your mother for those!

            I’m going to assume you are at least 19 years old or older since you had to have been in the military overall to know the hardships…So tell me in your 19+ of being alive have you ever made a wrong decision that you regretted? A mistake that you corrected yourself within time?
            Tell me if I’m wrong, but I believe being human takes into play on these things, and if you aren’t a human- well how the hell did you join any branch of service?!

          • bootasfuck

            Don’t talk to it, Merry! Don’t encourage it!

          • usmc_to_usaf

            I am laughing much harder than I thought how dealing with a troll would be, I hope he doesn’t run as S. said…it was a good laughter for my day.

          • Knob_Gaudy

            Do YOU run towards ‘chaos and despair’? yeah about that…..

          • ProudEffingCivillian

            Question for IronLingsQ (who by the way sounds like some angry snco) if the corps is so great why do 3/4 of enlistees get out after one enlistmenent? You can say all this crap about my corps this, ooorah that to make yourself feel better but in the end, USMC_TO_USAF quit and went somewhere else. Deal with it.

          • SteelLungsQ

            Fuck you pussy child he is a chair force bitxh just like all of you

        • madmike

          As a former 0311 let me be the first to say…POG!!! POG!!! Fuck me! Why is it the most motarded individuals we have to deal with are bitches who lived out a entire enlistment in a air conditioned building?

        • NINJA_PUNCH

          So you were a 3043 huh? Let’s see according to this:

          “Supply administration and operations specialist perform every facet of ground supply administration and operations… They operate personal computers, multimedia data entry, scanning and retrieval systems functions, generate routine reports, and perform technical research functions for customer inquiries, in addition to requisition and procurement processing.”

          Where do you get the guile to talk down on the “Chair Force” as you’re so fond of calling it, when you spent your enlistment behind a desk? Face it, you have no room to talk down on any branch.

        • FailedToAdapt


    • madmike

      REAL elite units let people just up and quit. FAKE elite units don’t.

    • bootasfuck

      What I don’t understand is why do we force people who clearly don’t want to be there to go through? Why do we threaten them with NJPs and a dishonorable discharge if they refuse to train? And by pushing them through, does that actually do anybody any good?

    • FailedToAdapt

      Booo, you suck!

  • IrongLungsq

    Every Marine is first and foremost a rifleman. Or did you grunts forget the basics taught? I don’t need to look shit up because I bet you all forget the ditties 5 Major Battles of WWII KEYWORD BIGOT. I’ll spell out for you since none of you can seem to remember what that stands for: Bogeyvill, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Taro Wa

    I am just as much of Marine than any of you grunts unless you can show me in the Corps where they train lesser Marines?! None of you seem to get that the scum who wrote this was SINGLED OUT BECAUSE HE COULDNT HACK IT!!! He even said he never got abused, he just couldn’t handle our boot camp!!! I know we don’t let pussies in our Corps yet all you got his back who’s a pampered little chair boy!

    I’m probably gonna get more shit for this but lemme get OFF my chest- Chair Force Boy: don’t even try that bullshit. Marines don’t fuck up, I bet I wuld knock your ass out you couldn’t even pass MCMAP on first try, but best believe I don’t hit children.

    • Knob_Gaudy

      you and an infantry man are not equal, much less a marsoc operator. You don’t put in anywhere NEAR the level of training in those people do. You seriously think shooting at boot and MCT and doing some mcmap makes you equal to them as combatants? Thats like saying someone who took some chem and bio in college is equal to practicing scientists and PhD’s. its simply INCORRECT.

    • S.

      You are a shining example of why this site exists. Yes, every person who joins any military branch shoots a few rounds downrange and is taught the names of a handful of weapon systems. If you deploy, you get a few refresher courses. But comparing that to those who spend the majority of their time training in these elements at much more advanced levels is just comical. You are riding the wave of of those who put more effort into combat training. I can only imagine what you tell the folks back home.

    • madmike

      I put a Hungry Man dinner in the micro wave last night but that doesn’t make me a chef…POG!!!


      You are so adorably naive! I could literally die from the cuteness! I never understood what my girlfriend meant when she told me that something was “so cute she could die” until now.

      The marine corps says “every marine a rifleman”, but that little bit of lip service is all the concept gets. Aside from infantry and other combat MOS’s, most marines are “riflemen” for about 4-5 days out of the year for rifle qualification. In fact, they’re not even “riflemen” for that long! Being able to hit a stationary target in a controlled environment is nowhere even remotely close to participating in a firefight. You are not a rifleman. Normally I don’t get into the whole “grunt/POG” thing because I think it’s stupid, but seriously, stop trying to sound hard by acting like you’re something that you’re not.

      Now then it’s cute that you remember the boot camp ditties, because it shows that you probably didn’t learn a single thing about the marine corps from the time you left boot camp to the present day. That’s the only way you should be able to remember such worthless information. It’s similarly cute that you remember a handful of battles of WWII, but did you participate in any of them? Did you participate in any comparable battles? Or are you just trying to sound hard again by claiming credit for something you didn’t do?

      Again, sure, you’re every bit as much of a marine. That doesn’t mean anything. The title is literally thrown at people. It’s about as impressive as bragging that you have a birth certificate. So he was out of shape, recognized his limitations, and got out of boot camp? Why are you so put off by this? Could it possibly be that you’re just jealous that you’ve wasted so many years of your life in an institution that doesn’t care about you?

      By the way, I don’t know what marine corps you think you were in, but the marine corps that I was in was filled with marines making mistakes and stupid decisions. It was filled with Officers, SNCOs, and NCOs who made stupid decisions and routinely set their units up for failure because masculinity was their only leadership trait. Judging by the way you’re so adamant that being a marine is the only way to be a man, and your need to claim ownership of “your corps” and claim responsibility for battles that it won long before you were born, I’d say that masculinity is probably your only leadership trait as well.

      Safety and Peace

      • bootasfuck

        He didn’t even get the diddy right! It’s “Bougainville, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Okinawa, Tarawa”. I’m kinda proud that I knew that, but kind of ashamed at the same time…although I did have to look up how to spell Bougainville and Tarawa, and I always thought Peleliu was in there somewhere…BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT! THE POINT IS I REMEMBERED GUADALCANAL…AND I CAN SPELL! Can I have my cookie now please?

        • S.

          hahaha that guy will never come back out of shame.

          • bootasfuck

            I hope I didn’t scare off your motard. This is too much fun!

          • S.

            Back when the site was smaller, I used to go motard farming (posting in military forums and such) to bring them to the site and give people someone to release their frustration on.

          • bootasfuck

            So you went trolling for motards, and baited them to this site? That is too funny.

          • S.

            How do you think I initially taught people it exists!

        • bootasfuck

          Did anybody else ever notice that every time he posts, his name is spelled differently?

        • usmc_to_usaf

          Well gentlemen, I think after Ninja_Punch’s comment to him and him not even knowing his own ditties of his beloved Corps, I think it is safe to say IronLungsQ is long gone! I wonder how ashamed he must feel…
          I nearly pissed myself laughing knowing he didn’t spell it right!

          • hooyut

            lost in the sauce

          • Guest

            Perhaps you may have read my comment wrong (or maybe I’m reading yours wrong?) but I’m not sure why you lumping me as the same with IronLungsq? He is the only one trolling here; and specifically trolling me.

            I was thanking NP for his logic against this guy who was trolling me…My username (and this topic as whole) says I am no longer in the Corpse.

            Please explain where I have looked like I trolled- when this is my topic, of my being glad I’m not in the Corps anymore.

          • hooyut

            I thought I was up to speed, but alas I was not, my bad, I edited my prior comment appropriately.

          • bootasfuck

            Hey man, it happens to all of us. At least you can hear us out

          • Guest

            You probably misread his last comment lol but usmc_to_usaf is the author of this topic, I don’t think he would troll himself or Ninja Punch who was backing him up. I think he said “he is long gone” you thought he was referring to Ninja Punch? He meant IronLungs from what I see lol
            Aside from that…STFU TROLL!! Ugh I guess degrading people must make him feel better.

          • NINJA_PUNCH

            Not to beat a dead horse, but yeah Hooyut, you goofed a bit. usmc_to_usaf is the author of this post, not the troll. It happens to the best of us.

          • hooyut

            haha whoops

          • usmc_to_usaf

            No hard feelings lol

    • FailedToAdapt


    • That Guy

      im not sure if you just got out of bootcamp or your just joking to mess with people on this sight

  • marinevet

    I am a former Marine who honored his commitment an EAS’d with an Honorable discharge. Some others on this site might say I’m a “motard”- I prefer the term ‘adult working professional’ disregarding all the OHHRAHH Marine Corps false ( and annoying) motivation.
    Honestly, as an adult I don’t have much respect for the person who wrote this and the lack of maturity in his decision making. I acknowledge that the Marine Corps is not for everyone, and do not look down on those who chose other ( highly successful) career paths. If the writer ending up finding his place in the Air Force Reserve, then I hope he finds fulfillment there.
    But I ask- why does this person tend to be so proud of his own failures? His decision to sign an enlistment contract with the USMC was based on very stupid and immature reasons, and obviously he did not do much research into the organization he was joining, nor did prepare properly for the initial indoctrination. I personally would never be proud of failing an ASVAB test 3 times (proving that I lacked basic educational competence), and the decision to push an individual like him through the system is more of a call to reform the quota system that recruiters are forced to work with ( the quality vs quantity argument).
    Having worked civilian jobs, I cannot think of many that would allow a person 3rd or 4th chances to demonstrate competence in certain tasks. If anything, I think its to the Marine Corps credit to allow this individual multiple opportunities to demonstrate competence in the basics. How could someone hate weapons maintenance when using weapons are a primary part of your profession?? All this amounts to the fact that despite wearing T-shirts and probably yelling and screaming like an idiot as a poolee, this guy didn’t really want to be a Marine in the first place ( or have the drive to do what it takes to graduate boot camp at least!)
    (My side note is that I always hated Marines who yelled too much and ran around in circles, but lacked basic professional competence in their MOS!! Its putting trivial superficiality over substance, and is a large problem both in the USMC and American society in general.)
    Speaking as a former ground combat Marine, I just wouldn’t want someone who is not committed to what they are doing in my unit. Someone who can’t prove they are educationally competent would make a very poor mortar man, radio operator etc
    So the Marine Corps was not for him- I respect that. But who is he to badmouth an organization where he failed to meet the basic standards of entry? The USMC is a human organization with its set of unique problems, but It is not for me to disrespect every single Marine currently on active duty and say they are all bad. What of the own unique problems in the Air Force Reserve, since I have a hard time believing ‘the grass is greener’ there.
    A law firm would never tolerate a lawyer who consistently fails and is proud of it- he would fired ASAP. The Corps is better off without this individual and he is better off not being in the Marine Corps. You all may interpret that as a motard statement- I just see it more that someone who can’t meet an organizational standard shouldn’t be in that organization.

    • fieldradiohater

      user name: Marinevet (lol)

      mos: former ground combat Marine (what the fuck is that, lMAO!!)

      “adult working professional”

      is this your resume for a porn film?

      I did alot of research on this branch before I joined, unfortunately this was in 2007 and at the time all we had was the scott olsen website 🙁

      I will say my mos sounded professional; Command and Control Electrician. The days of a poole thinking I was going to be a robotics scientist with that job description!!… The Corpsman at MCT had to give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, when I found out what my real mos was.

      Bottom line joining the USMC, you have no idea what your getting into!

      oh by the way 98% of former Military on this site have Honorable Discharges. So were all ‘adult working professionals’.

      Quick question; whats the difference between a refrigerator repair man in the, USMC than USAFR?

      • usmc_to_usaf

        Well I think what I now learned from you is Recruiters don’t know jackcrap about any other MOS’s besides the fact that they have a code and need to be filled.
        As for the fridge repairman I have no idea…lol I think they let civilians do that, unless this question was for him?

        • jay

          Hey usmc_to_usaf how did u join the military again and what discharge did u get im like u trying to join the right branch pls reply

          • jay

            Like reenlisting code and how did you go about getting to abother branch I also was sent home during boot

          • usmc_to_usaf

            My code was an RE-3F, Entry Level Seperation. There were strings to be pulled, and you basically have to meet a recruiter that’s willing to work with you. A Navy recruiter told me there is a whole lot more work to be involved to get me back in so that’s why he turned me down. Best advice I can give is shop around the branches you are interested in this time; The Navy is very least likely due to the Marines being Department of the Navy.
            Active Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve all have different recruiting standards and all 3 may give you a different answer. Best of you luck to you, and remember (from what everyone tells me here) they did you a favor by sending you home, bud.

          • jay

            I got that exact same code. At first I felt crappy but once I picked up on it they gave me crap about my marriage and my wife not being legal I have fixed that problem and I am willing to choose the right branch I’ve made my research and what I have been seeing the army is a good choice and now I see things clear that the questions I asked before were useless now I know what they are all about. I didnt want to leave but was forced to at first obviously who doesnt want to leave and talks to the SDI about how sad they are then I was feeling great afterwards I got my letters and it was awesome then bam I was called by rsp guy And was sent home for my wife situation I was determined to finish and had my head up high I really want to join the military again

          • usmc_to_usaf

            Do you mind going over in a little more detail of what happened to you in bootcamp? Did you have a similar situation where you just couldn’t stand the BS going on? What made you finally get dropped?
            And far did you get in training?
            I read a lot here that it is really hard to get dropped from bootcamp, because they don’t want you to leave, in my case I indirectly (because at the time I wanted it) worked hard to get dropped out of bootcamp. I think for some it is hard to get dropped, but in some other cases who were really trying, it wasn’t hard to get dropped. At any rate, the USMC is behind you now as well, and as you come on here you should also be happy that you didn’t earn that stupid title. I think you will have a good chance to get in the Army.

          • jay

            Ok so I walked in the recruiting office with this recruiter that didnt know jack crap because he was new to his mos which was recruiting kids, with my luck I got him to enlist me, I told him I was married but my wife was illegal didnt have a residency nor citizenship, he just said ok and hold it off a week b4 I was sent to boot, once I got sent he said dont mention her ur single you’ll get her papers once ur a marine blah blah blah, I went it was crazy like everyone knows they break u down then I got all sad and shit spoke to my senior and told him about my wife situation and he said dont worry I’ll fix it and he did I got the waiver which later found out she had one once I got back home I got the same code as u did I have fixed her residency and now is legal but I miss all of that, it destroys me thinking about it, thats the reason I got sent home everyone at the depot looked at me and said really for that, but continued with my paperwork, while over there an officer approached me and said this wasnt my fault to keep my head high and not to quit my dream no matter in what branch

          • jay

            I got t22 I was heading to camp Pendleton proud and excited I didnt want to get dropped at all they forced me

          • usmc_to_usaf

            Pay the ding dong below no mind, he can’t even type properly.
            But hey things happen for a reason. Though I’m not sure if I understand- what was the reason you got sent home? Because of messed up paperwork with your wife? That doesn’t make any sense..

          • jay

            Yeah just because of my wifes paperwork that’s what it all comes down to, everyone I tell dont understand they get confused like u they put me like if I wanted to quit and go home I really didnt want to just one single paper that said single and I was married

          • usmc_to_usaf

            That is CRAZY, my friend. Paperwork got you removed from the military? Well, consider it a blessing, I’m sure recruiters will be more than happy to work with as long as you explain that to them, and Army is very lenient as far as giving out waivers (I spoke to them, but dropped them after getting a call back from the AF Reserve recruiter)

          • jay

            So I just have to find a recruiter to work with me? I know how to approach the office and what to ask now, and what will they give me a waiver? Will they give me crap and make fun of me or joke around or they respect your stuff? And will I take my asvab again? And meps and all that stuff

          • usmc_to_usaf

            Your ASVAB should typically be good for 2 years, I had to because my score was too damn low for the Air Force. Your physical is also good for 2 years as well, so I didn’t have to do that again. Before approach any recruiter, I’d recommend giving them a call first, briefly explaining the situation to them and then setting up an appointment.
            They should all be very professional; they are representing their service after all. The Army didn’t give me crap or any trouble, but if they do I’d say just find a different recruiting station, as the Army has several close enough to each other all around.

          • jay

            Thank you man I really appreciate it

          • usmc_to_usaf

            No problem. Feel free to reach out to me on here or to any of us at any time if you need help. Best wishes!

    • usmc_to_usaf

      I’m going to have to break down your attempt to berate me in 3 parts…

      1. Please state where in this topic I wrote that I am proud of my failures. Or maybe you should learn to read a little better, good sir. And to add where I said I was proud of needing to take the ASVAB 3 times? If you confused that I am glad because of my successes now, and able to put the USMC behind me as being proud I have not succeeded in the USMC…that’s a pretty cut and dry poor basic reading. It was not for me, and I was forced to get 3 or 4 more chances when I knew my limitations on something that I was just not good at.

      2. Do you mean to say that because the Recruiter was forced to work with ME; whom as you state was not for me from the start, that it is my fault while this commitment was forced down my throat? Well good job on contradicting yourself. I explained myself pretty thoroughly to the Recruiter, and he still kept telling me “trust me man, this is what you want to do! I was just like you doubting myself and having trouble and I’m successful!” who am I to not agree?

      3. Uhmm…when did I bad mouth the USMC in this article? Well this goes back to question #1 of you reading properly. Allow to restate that I am glad I am out because I found a place outside of the USMC, of which I made a mistake joining. If you think I should hang myself because I went in with closed eyes…well have fun dreaming about it; because I don’t plan to. As for the AFR, well you see you never have been in the active Air Force, ANG, or AFR, and probably never will be so what point would it be for me to write on here how much I am enjoying my service? You’d have to join experience it for yourself. So don’t take my word for it, try to see how many past and present Airmen hate their lives.

      Additionally I will add that I don’t think you’ll find a website called “” but from what I read here about other experiences in the Corpse, life was going to be pretty crappy if I had made it, so it is a good thing I didn’t.

      • marinevet

        To usmc_to_usaf and others,

        I knew there was going to be strong replies to what I wrote, and will write one rebuttal and be done with this, since I see no sense in engaging in a petty comment war that degenerates into personal insults ( of which one of you has done so already).

        I have berated and disrespected usmc_to_usaf for failing to meet basic USMC standards- essentially for his lack of personal responsibility in initially committing to a Marine Corps contract but not wiling to do the hard work, sacrifice, discipline and commitment to become a basically trained Marine. If that was not your goal to begin with, then why did YOU sign a contract with an organization that demanded you be competent in these areas? My disrespect lies in the fact that you did not know yourself at the time you were deciding to commit to a USMC contract,that you could have shopped around and joined a different branch of the military that was more suited to yourself, and essentially failed to do your ‘due diligence’. At the time did you not have enough information available to show why that decision might be a poor one ( or not right for you?), or were you just too lazy or blinded by the Recruiters sales pitch to do this extra work?

        Don’t worry- a lot of young men ( and I’m not the 100% exception here) don’t do this extra work either, but I differ from you in the fact that I took it upon myself to exceed the minimum fitness and educational standards even prior to going to MCRD!

        I share common ground with other posters on this site in the fact that Recruiters are professional sales people with a quota to fill. This has been known for a long time, so you cannot take what they say to you at face value!

        Are you proud of not achieving a goal you set out for yourself? ( the recruiter can’t physically force you to sign!) I can only make a judgment on what you wrote, since I don’t know you personally. In my mindset and my experience, the Marine Corps forced me to do a lot of things I initially did not want to, but I picked up on this that I was capable of more than my own limitations and made the EFFORT to try harder ( using swimming as an example- I was an average swimmer, but thank all those hard ass swim instructors who forced me to do better so I ended up as a Combat Water Safety Swimmer).

        Have you found a fulfilling career in the Air Force Reserve? Then MORE POWER TO YOU- I never wrote that I would want you to hurt yourself and be stuck in something that makes you miserable or suicidal.But from the mindset of a former Marine NCO I did not have much patience or tolerance for someone who does not put forth some effort into what their job is.

        I share common ground in the fact there is a lot of problems with the USMC, and some posters on this site have identified some very good solutions. Some posts are just petty and hateful, reflective of the bad experiences you had in your enlistment which I do acknowledge is the result of horrible and unfair treatment. Yes, I was treated poorly too, but since I demonstrated that I was professional at my job (0311) and wanted to excel I was not fucked with unnecessarily, and given chances to go to a variety of schools ( Infantry Squad Ldrs Course, HRST, Scout Swimmer, Coxswain) as a REWARD for MY HARD WORK!!

        No- the Marine Corps is not an ‘elite’ organization and should reform its recruitment and induction process so as to prevent an unsuitable individual from being a drag on valuable training time. If I were in charge, I would end the quota system, do a 1 week screening process, and give a recruit at MCRD 2 chances to pass then just discharge them.

        Lastly, I interpret you words ” the COC in the Corps is way up their ass!” as a sign of disrespect even though your overall meaning is unclear. Reading this site, I can form a general conclusion that leadership in the USMC has gone downhill since I’ve gotten out, but from my own personal experience I have worked with some incredibly hard working and competent people who were good at what they did ( and they weren’t loudmouth motards either- the two aren’t the same!)

        So I make no apologies to you for what I have written, and explained the reasons behind it. You have matured, you have moved on and hopefully you have learned a lesson not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

        BTW I don’t know a damn thing about the qualifications for a Refrigerator Mechanic, whether it be for the Air Force or the USMC. But I do know that in a war ( like in Iraq) a Marine Refrigerator Mechanic is also required to be a rifleman . If I had grabbed an Air Force Reserve Refrigerator Mechanic and thrown him into a ground combat situation I would not have liked the odds of him surviving or evening winning a battle! We all have our different jobs to do!

        • usmc_to_usaf

          I have yet to see anyone here personally insult you but rest assured I did not, and I do have to thank you for being much more appropriate than the troll, IronLungs earlier.

          All I can say is I did the best I can- in trying to prepare for bootcamp, and trying to meet the graduation requirements. At that time, I wanted to be a Marine more than anything, and my best wasn’t enough; how would anyone else know they can’t do it if they don’t try? I tried, and that’s where my limits at the time were. I believed in myself that I could break the limits and change myself into a Marine, but again I wasn’t able to. I don’t know many other 17-18 year olds that knew themselves in and at that young age, but good on you since you did!

          I did do my research as best as I can, and no. There wasn’t any information available to me to show why I shouldn’t have joined. Let’s see…I was able to do 10 pullups, 105 crunches, and run 3 miles in 22 minutes, and I passed the ASVAB in order to get in.

          Wouldn’t this mean I did pass the minimum standards before heading to MCRD as well? News flash- call me a dingo brain if you will but NO. See I didn’t think Recruiters would lie? Where could I have found that out just because a lot of experienced people knew?? I didn’t know anyone that was experienced.

          I have to respect that you are a former NCO, as I am still a mere Senior Airman (E4) that is awaiting to attend Airman Leadership school to pick up SSgt in a few months, so if you plan to answer this, but if you don’t then take it as food for thought:
          If you had a Marine who just tries, and tries, and tries but still just can’t improve at his job, you mean to tell me he’s not putting forth effort? He’s TRYING, but just can’t do what his job entails to, because it’s not easy to him.

          I am doing this hard work in a different organization, and I have been recognized by it on numerous occasions which of course, influences to want to push harder. Sheesh! Give me a little more credit, if you think I need an apology, I don’t expect an apology from the trolls, nor from you (not saying you are a troll). My COC from my experience comparing to the experience of others here is that many SNCO are incompetent idiots. In my unit, you will have leaders that acknowledge problems that are ridiculous, and try their best to not always be by the books.


      You picked up on most of his points (which is good), but I’m almost certain that you’ve misconstrued their meaning.

      I don’t think it’s correct to say that he’s “proud of his own failures” or that he’s writing this to brag about not making it through boot camp (although knowing what was likely in store for him over the next four years… in this instance I would argue that he probably should be “proud of his failures”).

      In writing this article usmc_to_usaf very clearly illustrates why the marine corps is not elite. Go back and read it again if you have to, he was overweight, not in very good shape, failed the ASVAB twice before barely passing the the third time, and the marine corps still took him. He was slow, couldn’t drill (I’ll save my thoughts on drill for another time), and failed the tan belt mcmap test, but instead of getting sent home they just said “Oh, well you can try again”. In fact, if he hadn’t specifically said “Send me home” they would’ve given him a third chance to recycle and try again. What kind of “elite” unit does that? What kind of “elite” unit takes someone who’s clearly not a good fit, and tries to force him through the system? Believe it or not, there’s actually a word for elite units that do that, they’re called a mediocre units, and the marine corps is one of them.

      Safety and Peace

      • R.E.M.F.

        Hey Ninja,

        It doesn’t matter how stupid a person is. Anyone can catch a bullet.

      • Semper Fi

        He rocked out of USMC boot camp and is honor grad in AF. Please remind me which is not elite. Not to mention, he failed the ASVAB twice, which means he is just north of brain dead.

        • NINJA_PUNCH

          Good try, but read it again more closely. He wasn’t forced out of usmc boot camp. He had to convince his DI’s to process him out instead of recycling him. The moral of the story: The marine corps is willing to let people who are “just north of brain dead” become marines.

          So then he got out, spent a year getting in shape and gaining life experience, and then tried for the air force.

          Does that prove that the air force is an elite unit? No. But then the air force doesn’t go around masquerading as one. What it does show, however, is that the marine corps will take pretty much anyone to fill a quota.

        • usmc_to_usaf

          Hence the very title “First Regretted Quitting”, I didn’t rock out. As said multiple times by Ninja Punch, and many others here, the Marines will take anybody. The Few, The Proud, huh? Guess again! You know I will say I went to a pretty bad high school, and that was a reflection of my low ASVAB scores, but nonetheless it’s all in the past. I’m in college now, and on the Dean’s list.

          I’ll rephrase your question; how is the Marines elite, as they always say they are?

          • fieldradiohater

            I dont bother with these post anymore dude, I just like to dime in on anonymous disq. Usually this branch of service is good for attracting Clowns… either they dont like what they hear or they are poser/wannabe… (aside from Recon (Not BN level Recon, I mean your Mos actually changed like I wouldnt be an 0621 anymore after indoc im now a032x *if I am wrong some one please correct my ass* example I know two guys that went to 1st Recon BN )*BATTALION* , they were 0621, and I ran into a boat operator (raft with a 2-stroke engine) on a MEU attached to Recon: Masrsoc, Anglico, grunts Arty and the pog mos in such units. example my mos/logistic unit…I DID nothing exciting my ribbon stack (8 Ribbons)

            that satire video you posted, the Sgt had a west pac STACK and a what looks like a NUC, his ship was involved in some Humanitarian mission go to a country give MRES, water, first aid, a tour of the ship and bounce lol. I have the same stack lol, and I also have a NUC (pakistan flooding 15th MEU sept 2010 if I remember, and no I was not on the ground it was conducted by ACE, so basicly I woke up out of my rack to go to chow and everyone was like oh hey guys we got nucs, I was like what the hell is that, IDK wear it on your uniform, me: mkay then went back to bed I have an Iraqi campaign, but civilians think rounds were flying over my head and I was doing Fire Missions, hey people have not myself and I make damn sure people know that I wasnt some rambo, and I do not have a CAR. the other 80% was paper cuts i have received for being my dets MIMMS Clerk for almost 1.5yrs.

            now yes, there are vets that have CIBS, CARS, purple hearts,…and theres alot that dont and CLAIM they do! I LOVE those ones you want to see a butthurt clown, I know my shit, I can call a faker anyday of the week I witnessed all sides of the fleet damn near because of my MOS, and I was basicly the RO range control for JOE FOSS and seen them all from grunts to EOD you cant bull shit me ahahahahaha, poser fucking hate me dude they cant get away with shit

            IF you were as POG as me admit it, they just cant stand the fact that they were Marines and it was nothing like the movies. NOT SPEAKING for ALL, their are actual COMBAT vets on this site.

            *oh the NUC, I remember the ship trying to get it upgraded to a PUC “head slam” and I wouldnt have worn it what the fuck was my story behind that LOL uhm yeah I was with the seals and stuff man LMAO, took a bullet in the ass liberating pows from pirates wouldnt you know man one of the pows was emilio estevez he was wearing a cowboy hat, i was like yo emilio can i have a photo and autograph but i lost it… oh and its not on my dd214 secret gov ops, shit was launched to the moon yo 🙂

            – heres a cherry for you: Dude claimed he was recon and in Beirut (aunts boyfriend) he has some pictures anyhow his exact words (and why would you bullshit another Marine is beyond me *look up sociopath it is a mental illness if you call their bullshit they can get violent* so hes like this is me with 2nd Recon, I look at the photo, guidon: FSSG, Marines, lets just say they were RED PATCHERS. can i claim PTSD from assholes?

          • usmc_to_usaf

            These trolls have no originality…everything they all say are the same words in different verbiage.

    • bootasfuck

      Firstly I want to say thank you for not being a douchebag about your opinions/experiences. So many people who are proud Marines come on here, reciting all 16 words they know (13 of which I’m not supposed to say around ladies and little children) and they look really foolish doing it. And I agree with your statements about not wanting people who aren’t committed because that doesn’t do anybody good. However I don’t see usmc_to_usaf as someone who’s “proud of his failures”, I think he’s more trying to convey how he’s proud and happy for the way things work out. He seems really happy now; isn’t that the important thing? I also don’t see anybody disrespecting all active duty Marines, I just see a bunch of people who all admit “this organization has problems” and they talk about it and their experiences and what can be done to fix it.

    • R.E.M.F.


      I see your response as very reasonable and you bring up a lot of good points.

      Even though I hate the SUCK more than anyone could imagine.

  • hooyut

    You have to be a poolie or some lazy American indoctrinated by the government’s propaganda. It really is quite funny reading your comments and empty threats (You could be a great e-9, hell you spell like one too!)

    You even made a second name for yourself with one letter different, go you! I always get a smile reading what you have to say. Keep it coming! I’m sure your mom’s, dad’s, husband’s, cousin’s, daughter in law’s, brother’s, son’s, best friend knows the commandant personally! I hope he gets that email soon!

    • usmc_to_usaf

      Careful, I mean I’m lauging too…but I don’t think he wants us to laugh at him…How can anyone take him seriously? Ugh. And this guy was a Marine, huh? There’s no need for me to feel ashamed that he “earned the title” and I didn’t is there? 😮 Well he makes me even more glad that I didn’t…

      • hooyut

        I was like that at one point, I was an asshole of a false motivator. I’d intentionally scream oohrah, belligerent as all hell, and scream so much BS moto garbage I could sound like an asshole to some, and would make others burst out laughing I sounded so stupid.

        But it didn’t really matter how dumb I looked, how much worse could I look? I was a marine.

  • usmc_to_usaf

    Hey welcome back buddy! I highly recommend that you seek help from Behavioral, and ask to be on the waitlist for sooner appointments. You must really need someone to talk to if you honestly have nothing better to do than to keep coming back here and posting angry messages. Did your Combat Instructor mess up your fingers? That would explain why you constantly make typos and have PTSD from MCT.

  • fieldradiohater

    Oh great, your Regiment, Battalion, shop, detachment, or wherever your at, is going to have a 2 hour formation held by the company 1stsgt on… How Marines do not use the dog gone SIPR net, to email the dog gone commandant! look gents blah blah blah (1 hour later) blah blah…. thats all I have to say, Sgts… take charge of your platoons and carry out the plan of the day…ALL Staff in my fucking office!!!….Supply… blah blah ( 1 hour later) blah blah…. iron lungs the 1stsgt wants to see you.

    oh and all of this takes place at around 16:30

    • usmc_to_usaf

      Assuming he’s not BSing I think this joke doesn’t have to worry about that. Remember, he got removed due to Asthma according to his story on ihateDIs89 post.

      • fieldradiohater

        Maybe hes the Commadant himself, from there him and SgtMaj are going to pull a “Jay and Silent Bob. What they will do his have a list of everyones handle names from this site, and go personally door to door, city to city, state to state, and be like: Usmc_to_usaf, read off all your dated entries then start drop kicking… jk lol

      • bootasfuck

        Don’t forget the fact that he did three years WHILE being a high school honor student and got PTSD from MCT. PTSD from training lol. I’ve gotten more trauma from bouts of vomiting than anything the Marines did to me.

  • usmc_to_usaf

    “I got an instant response telling my the mail is deliverable just you punks wait”
    I’m gonna have to ask that you re-read your instant response…LMAO!!!
    I think you got a response that shows the e-mail in UNDELIVERABLE…god this is too much, just tell your parents that you need to get off the internet for awhile. Please! You are going to be responsible for one us getting a heart attack from laughing too hard!

  • GladToBeOut

    uhhhhhhhhhh…….what’s a wmajl? You have some options: 1. Get a better phone with autocorrect (2) get some type of formal education, or (3) stop drinking so early in the day.
    “Mail was deliverable” …..Lol. 😀

    • usmc_to_usaf

      I’m here just thinking “Geez man, do you even e-mail bro?” has anyone ever seen a e-mail message that says “the e-mail was deliverable”? It just goes through if it got sent, the only e-mail that gets automatically sent back is “non-deliverable”. Someone can’t read or spell…GOD this is too funny.

  • N/A

    Same. My best was never good enough and it just fucked me in the head. Funny part is I also thought about trying the AF too but I didn’t want to go through the long grueling process of enlistment and MEPS again. That by itself is pure hell.

  • Marineaks

    This sounds like propaganda to me.

  • Marineaks

    This organization has problems? The most effective fighting force in US history? I think we can give it kudos for it’s successes. It is what it is, and that’s something special. If it has problems, we should all be so lucky.

  • Marineaks

    The Marines will take anybody. That means they are willing to give anybody a chance. The attrition rate for the Marines is about the same as the other branches, but I bet they attract more determined people. I’ve heard many young men express doubts about their ability to make it in the Corps.

    • freeatlastfreeatlast

      You’re doing the same thing that so many Marine hopefuls do, focusing boot camp and ignoring the 4+ years that come after it. While the dropout rate from boot camp may be comparable to other services (I don’t know if it is, I don’t feel like looking that up right now), the first enlistment attrition rate for the USMC is much higher than other branches.

      As you noted, and I agree, the Marine Corps attracts motivated and determined people, most of whom choose the Marine Corps because they see it as the hard choice, a right of passage to manhood, the elite branch of the world’s elite military, etc. I think from personal experience that there are more optimistic hopefuls that join the Marines out of a sense of patriotic altruism than other branches, many of whom attract recruits through promises of job training and bonuses. Why then do so many of these determined young men literally leave in disgust after their first enlistment when compared to the other branches? Why is this branch the only one with a genuine hate site dedicated to it?

      While it may sound strange, the Marine Corps is difficult, but it’s difficult for the wrong reasons. It’s difficult in the wrong ways.

      While it could be difficult to establish and hold to personalized physical training regimens within platoons or squads, that the participants might see results in higher P/CFT scores, you more often than not are treated to a lovely helping of squad pushups, buddy carries, and a six mile shuffle while screaming about a little yellow birdy every morning. Because that’s how the Marine Corps does PT, in sync and to the lowest common denominator.

      While it could be difficult working with firm but fair NCO’s who know their jobs like the backs of their hands, you more often than not are directly supervised by semi-literate rubes who don’t know the difference between metric and standard but can tell you right now how high the female dress shoe heel is authorized to be, or how many steps a burial detail is meant to take from the hearse to the grave. Because those are questions that are asked on a board, and that’s how the Marine Corps finds promotion worthy enlisted.

      It could be difficult to maintain gear to be ready at all times, but you’ll typically be tasked instead to ensure the SL-3 is complete, the record jacket is updated, the serial numbers are cataloged, the history , chips, dings, dents, scratches, the goddamn scuff marks, are all carefully annotated. It doesn’t matter that the fire extinguishers in the SL-3 are empty, the spare batteries are dripping acid, the Jerry cans have half an inch of mud and oil in them, and the gear is held together with 550 cord and prayers. Those problems are not what the inspection looks for, so they don’t exist. All that truly matters is that the unit looks good on paper.

      Then there are things that shouldn’t be difficult, but the Marine Corps just love to make them so.

      Walking from point A to point B? You’re marching in step to cadence while those who outrank you walk behind you laughing at how unfortunate/retarded you are.

      Need to clean you room? You’re going to be at it every week at least once a week for at least five hours. Did you clean it well enough? Well, that depends on the mood of the inspector, and whether or not he wants to spend the weekend at home.

      Spending your weekend not working? You get to listen to someone tell you not to rape, murder, pillage, or plunder the surrounding populace for a while after standing in formation for a few hours. Want to go on a vacation? You’re going to fill out and sign a form that says that you promise not to rape, murder, pillage, or plunder the populace after hearing the same speech. Depending on where you plan to go, you may also promise not to, among other things, swim in jellyfish infested waters, buy/sell/use/traffic drugs, train or sell gear to drug dealers (I’m not kidding), participate in human trafficking, or assault local law enforcement or their families. Why would you have to do this? So there’s a piece of paper to cover the ass of whoever is in charge of you, because, as an officer once analogized so poetically to me, “When a dog shits on your carpet, do you blame the dog, or his master, the one who trained him?”.

      Many Marines have it much worse than these petty grievances, some feel frustrated that after over a decade of friends, limbs, and minds being spent in shit pit locales for semi-coherent and often changing reasons, said shit pits refuse to stop being so damned shitty. I was lucky, I got out with all my fingers and toes and had only one friend die many miles away from me when I was in Afghan. I never really said goodbye to him before separating, and I never saw him again. I didn’t have to listen to him scream and feel worthless like the guys that were with him. What then does our unit do to honor this Marine? Why, throw him a funeral on Leatherneck of course. Who got to stand out in the sun in the middle of the summer at various parade poses while listening to bible verses and speeches made by people who didn’t know him? His friends. Who sat in shaded stands while this funeral went down? A bunch of pretentious officers that couldn’t tell you the first thing about the guy, but oh so honored his memory with their very presence.

      It’s these and many other endless, repetitive, grinding, pointlessly stupid slights to our pride and intelligence that drove so many of us out. Where we expected to find a rite of passage, we found pointlessly endless belittlement. We feel betrayed and lied to, we feel genuine hatred towards that disorganization that asked for so much, took what we gave, chewed us up and spat us out without a second glance. We feel taken advantage of, stepped on, thanklessly abused for no other purpose other than to feed the egos of those who didn’t deserve our respect.

      The question then becomes why do some stay in? Some seemed to like it, these people were typically pretty low achievers before coming into the Marines, and find something there that’s a whole lot better than than where they came from. Speaking again from personal experience, many others stay in because they don’t want to try their luck on the outside, in the “real world”. I heard many arguments like “the economy sucks right now”, “all of life sucks, not just the Marine Corps”, “As soon as you pick up ‘insert next rank here’ you don’t have to do shit, why leave now?”. In truth, it think many senior enlisted and commissioned simply forget how things really are, and see their careers through rose tinted glasses. In the end, I think it’s something like this:

      Things won’t change until these issues come to light and are actually addressed. That’s what being a Marine should mean, finding your flaws and addressing them.

  • SemperPi

    No… I’d say you rocked out… The ASVAB is a joke. It takes a special kind of ignorance and lack of mental agility to fail it twice! Dean’s list or not. I’m thinking you underwent this pathetic experience during the plus up of forces 2003-2009ish. Unfortunately they needed people to fill boots and standards were relaxed letting inadequate people through. Sometimes those people failed.. The Corps has problems and the majority of Marines acknowledge them and laugh at them but it’s still a great organization and you know it. I sense a bitterness akin to a spurned lover coming from you towards the Corps. Congratulations on overcoming your ackwardness and the whole being intellectually challenged thing. Celebrating your failures fails to overcome the fact that they were failures.

    • SemperEffOff

      You’re a fluffy one. Are you suggesting that the author should just forever be downed for “rocking out” of the so called elite branch? Let’s put it this way; some people make mistakes, some people make bad choices. Doesn’t change the fact that the Marines needed just anybody, that clearly wasn’t a good fit for it at the time.

      Please share more of how pathetic the writer is for some mistake that god forbid all humans make. You’re troll attempts are looking cute!!

  • fucktheusmc93

    This was my fucking life as well. To a peak. Went to basic on October 15, 2012. Immediately realized how big of a mistake I made by even thinking I could ever make something of myself in that garbage organization. I got dropped once, then finally “graduated” on January 11, 2013. I used quotation marks because, to be honest, I knew in my heart that I didn’t really “earn” anything. I just stood on the parade deck with a fake smile on my face, putting on a facade for my family, taking photos, getting pep talks from my drill instructors. I guess I was just putting on an act so that I could finally just ride in the back seat of my dad’s rental car out of the gate of that hellish place and be on my way back home for 10 days. That was the only thing that I felt accomplished for, seeing my family again for a little while. I just told myself I would find a way to cope with having to go back to camp Pendleton when the time eventually came. I remember the day before I had to leave, I finally broke down in tears in my father’s arms, telling him I didn’t want to go back. But eventually I summoned up the courage and was already on the plane en route to Pendleton before I knew it. Just hoping for the better. I was severely disappointed with my experience. I found out I wasn’t due for training until a month and a half later, and all I could do was sit on the bleachers all day during working hours, then having what liberty we had taken away by a bunch of inept lance corporals in charge of our platoon. I barely lasted 4 weeks in that place before I finally realized I wasn’t really a member of an elite fighting force as I was originally led to believe. I was an inmate in a prison, like just being a marine in and of itself was a crime. One Sunday morning, I didn’t even say a word to anyone. I just snuck away from our squad bay with a backpack filled with only the bare essentials I could fit, then took a taxi to the San Diego Airport. And I didn’t look back. I left my uniform items and everything in a seabag under the broken cot I slept on for the prior 4 weeks. I’ve since been separated with an other than honorable discharge.

    • privategivenofucks

      How did you get separated? I’m In the same boat as you left 5 months ago and haven’t looked back but I still look over my shoulder every now and then

  • FTC1992

    I kept looking at the part where you mention “the 5 major Battles of WWll”. I don’t see Pearl Harbor or D-Day in your list and those are pretty major. I also only count 4 names of battles in your list as well.

  • artymarine

    I agree with you as much as I do marinevet, I’m still enlisted in the marine corps, as a reservist, and yeah, it has a lot of problems. A good buddy of mine in the AF and sometimes I think about what it would of been like if my AF recruitment would of gone through, but I don’t regret joining the Marine Corps. Boot camp was awful, but I made it, and MCT was horrible, but I passed it. Marinevet is right, it’s not for everyone, and I’m not just saying that about those who just didn’t truly want it, reason being, I’ve seen recruits get med-sep’d because of a hairline fracture in or around the same spot as a previous one. I’m glad the writer of this story is successful in his life, as I wish all people to be, but I think discreditng some of the things that make us who we are will anger those many that don’t think about both sides and just scream those 16 words your talking about.

  • kathleen

    ooookay so I’ve been dating this guy for over four months now. BEFORE I START MY STORY. im not looking for advice. just advicing you.

    so I honestly love being with him. he makes me feel hot and special and wanted and honestly his smile lights up my life. my heart still skips a beat whenever I see him. I still get butterflies when he touches me.

    I love him. and he loves me.

    recently he’s been starting to be distant. and it’s fine; I let him have his space. until last month he started talking about wanting to break up.

    I was very upset. I called my friends and I was crying and all that jazz. c

    I went to visit one of my friends, who happens to live near the guy. on my way to her house, I ran into my boyfriend. we sat down and talked for a while. he doesn’t know what he wants. I cried. he said that he wants a break because he feels so much pressure to be good at a relationship. he also wonders if sometimes that he might also be happier single. but then he says hes with me and he laughs and he’s happy and he doesn’t know.

    so towards the end of the conversation I suggested that if a relationship is like a house, and a lightbulb burns out, we don’t burn the house down. we fix the light bulb.

    (prior to this conversation he only saw 2 options- ending it or staying together) he chose ending it, i talked to my friend about it and he gave me a contact email for me to ask for help and i did, in contacted the love doctor and he told me what to do and when i did it, he prayed for me and my biyfriend came back begging me that he was with another woman who did a spell on him that made him leave me annd i should take him back. i had to choice, i had to take him. all thanks to The love doctor who helped me. his email is if you have any problem in your marriage or relationship please do well to contact him he is the best.

  • Cartier2028

    … The Air Force had HUGE battles throughout WWII. The 8th Air Force alone had more casualties than the entire Marine Corps in WWII…


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    • Billiam201

      At least you’re funny.


        I am going to tell the Secretyary of The Navy and DECDEF to SHUT THIS GAY SITE DOWN!!! YOU ALL BETTER APOLOGIZE NOW!!!!! STOP MAKING FUN OF IRONGLUNGS!!!!!

        • Billiam201

          Call them. You won’t be the first.



            Both the Sec Navy and SecFed gave me an INSTANT reply telling me the MAIL IS DELIVERABLE OORAH!!!! I WILL SHUT THIS GAY SITE DOWN!!!!!

          • Billiam201

            Tell them to call me. I can’t wait.


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          • Billiam201

            Leave me your email, I can send you a message when the page gets shut down.



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          • Billiam201

            No need to ban you. You’re too funny.



          • Billiam201

            Good. If hate for the general to be left out. Tell him I said hi.



          • Billiam201

            To reach the Commandant of the Marine Corps contact:

            General Robert B. Neller
            Commandant of the Marine Corps
            Headquarters, US Marine Corps
            3000 Marine Corps, Pentagon
            Washington, DC 20350-3000
            (703) 614-2500

            For SECNAV


          • IRONLUGNSQ


          • Billiam201

            Excellent. I’ll bet the uses a private wmaij server.

            I’ve never sent a wmaij.

            What’s it like?

            Tell secbav I said hi. I donated to his campaign. When you talk to him, ask him if I’m ever going to get that bumper sticker he promised on his website.