Fleet Marine Life #1 – Hello There!

2011-03-27-fleetmarinelife1 - Hello there

I’ve started this site thanks to the encouragement of two fellow Marines. Cpl B and Lcpl E.

Fleet Marine Life (FML) will feature the various adventures of many Marines in various Personnel Other than Grunt (POG) jobs. This website is meant to make fun of the things that happen in the US Marine Corps. A lot of things in the Marine Corps don’t make sense and that pisses me off and a lot of other fellow Marines off. This web comic is meant to capitalize off that nonsense to help fellow Marines laugh and reflect off these events.

Right now, my buddy Cpl H is next to me reading my journals. He finds a lot of humor in the nonsense of the events that have occurred to me.

Anyways… I hope you enjoy this site as a lot of my fellow Marines will.

Please check often for frequent updates. Semper Fries, K.