Fleet Marine Life #100 – EAS Shitbag

2011-10-13-fleetmarinelife100 - EAS Shitbag

When I told my command that I wanted to get out and as fast as possible through
VEERP and Terminal Leave, they got all bent out of shape. I could have gotten out 4 months early but my command wasn’t having none of that shit. They gave me duties and nearly endless shit to do. Most of the time, I wouldn’t be allowed to check out because there was always “shit that needed to be done.”

When the latest VEERP order came out, almost all of the NCOs in my company applied for VEERP. It was nuts. My gunny viewed us all as shitbags. Are we really shitbags? The guys who pretty much did all the work so that this lazy piece of shit gunny can put himself up for a NAM for the work that we all did?

I don’t know why our chain of command takes great lengths to prevent us from EASing. Short timers can’t deploy for there is too little time on their contract. So they’re instead left to rot in buildings doing nothing while their command plays stupid fuck-fuck games with them.

Higher ups tried to scare us into re-enlisting by telling us shit like “you’ll never find a job”, “you won’t amount to anything,” and “your mother is going to be on the street selling herself unless you re-enlist for money.” These higher ups are just bitter that they can’t do anything better. Re-enlisting is their best option. For THEY are scared of the civilian world and THEY would rather re-enlist than face the real world.

Great things don’t happen in the Corps. The Marine Corps is where intelligence and creativity go to die. You’re not going to get rich in the Corps. You’re not going to be famous in the Corps. You’re certainly not going to live a happy life in the Corps. Isn’t that what life is all about? The pursuit of happiness?

If you’re thinking of re-enlisting, just don’t do it. The grass on the civilian side of the fence is truly greener. I am only starting to regain my hope in humanity, my brains and my individuality.

It’s amazing that I’ve created 100 comics and blog entries so far. I give thanks to those who have continued to view my work. I thought I was alone in hating what the Corps has become but since the creation of this project, I know I am not.

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