Fleet Marine Life #102 – Leatherneck Forums

2011-10-15-fleetmarinelife102 - Leatherneck Forums

Leatherneck.com is the most motarded USMC website on planet Earth.

Go ahead and spell a few words wrong on their forums. They start to trip the hell out. They have a problem whenever a non-Marine says Oorah and Semper-Fi. They don’t even talk like normal human beings.

These people are the product of years of institutional brainwashing. Look at this poll below.







In their poll taken by 1,387 people, only 5.8% said they’d never re-enlist and 91.93% said they would re-enlist in a heartbeat. Really? In the Corps that I was in, the moment VEERP was published, the vast majority of NCOs in my company applied for it to get the hell out ASAP. This website is THE gathering place for motards and lifers (E-5s and above).

Being illiterate grammar Nazis since 1775.

  • nightstalker2

    Why would you come on the site and talk s***about s*** there are other things you can be doing like cruising networks for positive stuff instead of cruising for bruising here networks. What’s Wrong your mother didn’t love you enough so what you don’t care about the Marine Corps the Marine Corps doesn’t care about you in the cell in which you are confined to you want to say something negative about something because your life is s***

    • S.

      What the fuck did I just read?


        Umm… I think that’s a rough attempt at yelling at us? Maybe? Perhaps he’s one of those lifers and wants to prove K right by demonstrating just how illiterate he is?

        I really have no clue what this guy’s trying to say.

  • Sgt

    Notice on the Motard’s comment how he says to capitalize Marine but doesn’t do so himself.

  • Mellow Man

    LMAO…As far as the hard charger no spelling Marine w/Cap hell he was probably a Remington Raider REMFER Aye Aye Semper Fi

    • guest

      What really crazy about this comic is that its 100% RIGHT about how MORONICALLY STUPID how some brainwashed Marines get about their ‘beloved Corps’- to the point that you can’t relate to them as rational human beings!
      The Corps will always use propaganda to attract gullible ( stupid) young men, treat them like SHIT in their delusional belief that ‘it makes them HARD ( ie slave)’ then discard them like garbage!
      FUCK THE GODDAM MARINE CORPS! I was stupid enough to fall for it once- but never again!