Fleet Marine Life #103 – Gravy Train

2011-10-16-fleetmarinelife103 - Gravy Train

For those who are about to get out, don’t re-enlist. If you re-enlist thinking that you’re going to be able to ride that sweet gravy train forever, you must be crazy.

My buddy re-enlisted with an incentive that he move to a recon unit. He thought it was going to be better but it wasn’t. Now he has even less time to see his family. He is not going to re-enlist after the end of his second term. Even the recon Marines want to join the Army Special Forces.

The gravy train is only a short ride that has to stop. When it stops, it stops abruptly. Then you’re going to have to face years of Marine Corps bullshit again.

Resist the temptation.

Riding the gravy train and regretting it since 1779.