Fleet Marine Life #104 – Insults

2011-10-20-fleetmarinelife104 - Insults

I hated my SNCOs. They would say and do some fucked up shit to people for no reason other than they thought it was funny.

If a Marine is going through some tough times, you, as a human being, would make an attempt to, at the very least, not make his life any shittier than it currently is.

But some people live to make people’s lives worse. But what kind of asshole would do that? SNCOs. I knew a Marine who had lost his child and his SNCO joked about it in front of him. Let’s just say things didn’t end up so well.

Seriously, why would people say or do things that would make people hate them? Do they enjoy being assholes?

SNCOs lead miserable lives as Marines. The work is shitty and SNCOs usually are married to some fat whale who blasts out a few babies a year. They hate their lives so much that the only way to feel better is by belittling and insulting the people around them. Maybe they feel as if they’re losing a grip on life and the only way to reaffirm such a grip is to go on some power trip.

SNCOS can end up getting away with half the crap they do because of their rank. Without their rank, they are nothing more than a human being like you and me. If you’re being threatened by a SNCO for no reason then request mast. Requesting Mast is like sticking a cross to a vampire. Just mentioning those words are enough to prevent a bunch of bullshit from happening.

One day, my SNCO saw my fellow Corporal doing paperwork. The SNCO went up to him and said, “Hey, aren’t you too retarded to do paperwork?” The corporal didn’t say anything. He stood up, walked out of the office, sat outside, and started playing on his phone. The SNCO was furious because the stuff the Corporal was doing needed to be done.

The SNCO followed him and yelled at him to get back to work. The Corporal said, “But I’m too retarded!” The SNCO then took an open dip bottle from a junior Marine and threw it across the room. It was sick. The SNCO yelled even louder at him and threatened to NJP him. The Corporal simply replied, “Then I’ll request mast.”

The look on the SNCO suddenly turned white, confused and even a little scared. The SNCO said, “Oh yeah?! Well, we’ll both get NJP’d!” The Corporal knew that the SNCO was buffing. An NJP to a Corporal getting out of the Corps in 2 months is pointless. As for a SNCO, an NJP can drastically alter his career and it could mean the difference between getting promoted or not. The Corporal called the SNCO’s bluff and said, “Let’s go to the first sergeant’s office together then.”

In the end, the SNCO backed off the belligerent Corporal.

Getting yelled at for no reason since 1775.