Fleet Marine Life #106 – Best Plan Ever

2011-10-22-fleetmarinelife106 - Best Plan Ever

A lot of young Marines get married mainly to:

1) Get out of the barracks so that they can live out of town (No more field days and random duties.)
2) Collect Basic Allowance for housing (thousands of dollars).
3) Collect COMRATS (more money for food).

With the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t tell (DADT), I’d imagine many non-gay Marines coming together and getting married to move out of town. Hell, Marines get contract marriages all the freaking time. They find a friend, they agree to get married for a certain period of time, and then they start collecting a lot of money.

Would you get married to another dude just to move out of the barracks? I’m not gay and neither are many Marines but I’m sure a lot of them have thought about this. You pretty much get paid thousands of dollars more for living with another person and chances are, many Marines are already living with a roommate in the barracks.

If many Marines get these “gay marriages,” the Marine Corps will probably start digging their noses into the matter. Would the Marine Corps intrude on one’s privacy in order to find out if their marriage is for real? I’d imagine so.

Getting married to move out of the barracks since 2011.