Fleet Marine Life #108 – Two Black Belts

2011-10-30-fleetmarinelife108 - Two Black Belts

I love how all the Marines were trained to use deadly weapons to fight for war but for just some reason we’re not allowed to all get black belts. In order to even get a green belt, you have to achieve a certain rank or get a waiver. I mean, what kind of bullshit is this?

I was at this USMC barbeque (not a mandatory fun day) and I saw two drunk Marines playfully wrestling in the grass. Unfortunately, one of them twisted the other’s ankle to the point where he needed to go on light duty for 2 weeks.

The Marine Corps likes to punish 90% of the people for whatever the 10% has done or maybe will do. Even if the entire organization will benefit more than suffer, the higher ups will enact mass punishment.

In the future, I will talk more about MCMAP and how impossible it is to find a MCMAP instructor who is WILLING to teach you.

Gouging each other in the eyes since 1775.