Fleet Marine Life #115 – Typical Day

2011-11-13-fleetmarinelife115 - Typical Day

When I joined the USMC, I didn’t think it was going to be like Call of Duty. But, FUCK! I didn’t expect it to be a life where half my day is wasted by doing ABSOLUTELY fucking nothing.

This was my typical day in the Marine Corps.

Wake up at negative zero hundred, puke my brains out, go to “work” and sleep, go wait on line at the chow hall forever, “work” some more, get released, turn off my cellphone so I don’t get recalled, go wait in line at the chow hall, drink heavily and then SCENE MISSING.

At work, all I did was find places to sleep. I would sleep in my company’s bathroom, other platoon’s sections, cleaning closet, and yes… I did sleep underneath the Lieutenant’s desk one day. It’s not like my LT uses it, haha.

I didn’t care anymore. I had less than 6 months left and I just wanted to use all my terminal leave and use the full amount of VEERP, but my company kept making me do stupid shit. So I just started half assing everything everyday.

If I did too much work, I would have gotten more work with no reward. If I did too little work, I’d get in trouble. With all that in mind, I just bare-minimumed everything. PFT? Border-line First Class. CFT? Border-line first Class. Training? Borderline passing. Shit to do? Never volunteer.

“Working” since 1775.