Fleet Marine Life #117 – Eternal Training

2011-11-18-fleetmarinelife117 - Eternal Training

During my last few months of my active duty service, I was forced to do a bunch of unnecessary annual training that otherwise could have been taken by people who needed it.

I was put on rifle range during my last 4 months in the Corps for some reason. I needed to check out but they said that I’ll be able to check out after the Rifle Range, swim qual, gas chamber, a PFT, a CFT, the list went on and on. It was a bunch of lies.

I turned in my CIF gear as soon I could so they couldn’t get me to do anything.

A guy in my platoon had two months left in the Corps. Instead of letting him check out of the Corps, they put him on the rifle range. So he went up to the CO of our company and the CO yelled at him.

CO : What?! You have two months left?! So what! You have two months left to train! Get the fuck out of my office!

I could have EAS’d 3 months earlier if it wasn’t for my company trying to keep everyone, including the short-timers, busy just for the sake of looking busy. Is it so wrong for the short-timers to do their own thing and check out? I mean, they have 6 months left in the Corps! They don’t have enough time to do anything or go anywhere! Just leave them alone!

Doing unnecessary training while checking out of the Corps since 1775.