Fleet Marine Life #119 – The Resort

2011-11-27-fleetmarinelife119 - The Resort



I had this one guy in my platoon who popped for drugs on his piss test. His “career” went downhill real fast. He lost rank and became a PFC. As time went along, his life seemed to get worse and worse. He would constantly miss restriction appointments, was always late for everything, and would bad mouth the higher ups right in their face. It wasn’t long until he became a private. He honestly didn’t give a fuck.

One cold morning formation, I remember our company Gunny asking why this private missed his restriction check in again. He called the private up to the formation and told him to “pack his shit up” for the brig.

Several months later, I saw him again. I asked him how the brig was and he said that it was like a resort. I asked what he did and he replied that he slept and ate all day and did absolutely nothing. I asked if there was any bullshit and he said, “No!”

Man, that made me want to go to the brig, but seeing how I had less than 6 months left in the Corps, it would be border-line retarded.

I think it’s sad that people would rather willingly go to the brig than to stay at my company.

Marines believe that the brig is a place where things like “dropping the soap” and “sleeping with your butthole tight” are common place. This is far from reality. The brig guards are constantly watched over and if there is even a hint of maltreatment going on in the brig, there will be investigations up the asshole. So the brig nowadays is a place where Marines can just chill out.

Willing to go to the brig since 1775.