Fleet Marine Life #12 – I Fell


As a Marine, it is a fact that if you want to get into the Marine Corps, you either have to have no problems or a bunch of well hidden problems. I have some hidden problems but of course, I lied and ended up having no problems in the Marine Corps. I’m pretty sure that at least half of the enlisted Marine Corps has had to lie about something to get in. I would say that most of them have done their time and have gotten out honorably.

“Eric Harris was rejected from the Marine Corps 5 days before the shooting. On the morning of 20th April, 1999, two students walked into their high school in West Denver, Colorado, armed with guns, bombs and grenades hidden under trench coats. In just 16 minutes, they shot and killed twelve of their fellow students together with one teacher and injured 21 others.”

They rejected him because of his prior use of anti-depressants. Can you imagine if he lied and was in the Corps? Who knows what could have happened? Perhaps he would have had a reason to live. Perhaps he could have changed. Or perhaps he could have gone off the deep end in the Marine Corps.

No one’s perfect. We don’t live in a perfect world and if we did, there wouldn’t be a Marine Corps. We would have no need for it.













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