Fleet Marine Life #121 – Semper Guilty

2011-12-11-fleetmarinelife121 - Semper Guilty

On my flight from Okinawa to California, I just so happened to sit next to a Marine. We talked for some time until he talked about how he got NJP’d for a DUI. Normally, I don’t feel sorry for those who get DUIs in the Corps, because we all get warned every single fucking Friday for the rest of our god damn careers not to get a DUI. And if you are in danger of getting a DUI, there’s a whole freaking system put into place so that you don’t get a freaking DUI. Call a buddy! Use an Arrive Alive card! Pass out in the alley behind the bar!

This story just so happened to be a little different. This Marine had a few drinks too many and made a semi-conscious decision that he was going to pass out in his car, because he was too drunk. Some hours pass and a police officer finds him in his car. Some more days pass and he’s standing in front of a judge in a civilian court. The judge lets him go because they have no evidence that he was driving drunk. Case closed. End of story, right? WRONG!

His command in the Marine Corps heard of his little incident and they throw the fucking book at him! Here is a man who was just found innocent in a legitimate legal system just outside of his base being prosecuted again for the same crime! Did this man live in two countries at once? It sure well seems like it! They NJP’d him and took his rank and hundreds of dollars.

I don’t understand why his command didn’t leave him alone. He lost his rank and hundreds of dollars over a DUI without even driving. It’s like going to prison for murder without even committing murder! Unfortunately, these things happen more often than they should.

The current military justice system is filled with SNCOs and Officers who are NJP happy for some strange reason. They just love burning Marines even though they really shouldn’t. Some Marines make honest mistakes like drinking underage. Do we really want to destroy their motivation at such an early rank over something as miniscule as this?

The military justice system’s motto should be one of the following:
“Where DNA is fantasy.”
“Bend over and take it.”
“You’re going to lose.”
“No evidence? No problem!”
“Guilty until proven innocent”

Being proved innocent in civilian courts only to be found guilty in military courts since 1775.