Fleet Marine Life #122 – Leaving Iraq

2011-12-18-fleetmarinelife122 - Leaving Iraq

It’s great that we’re finally getting out of Iraq. We’ve lost enough men and women to this shit.

“Of the nearly 3,500 U.S. troops killed in hostile action in Iraq, at least 851 were Marines.”

We’re leaving Iraq a mess so was this battle truly worth it?


What isn’t great is the fact that US politicians want to start some shit with Iran, a ghetto nation, because they’re all afraid that they’re going to have nuclear weapons. Another reason that these politicians want to start a war with Iran is because the Iranians have their spy drone. But why was it there in the first place? Why was this US drone spying on a sovereign nation? What if another nation was spying on us with a drone?

Even though the war in Iraq is over, there are still alot of wars that we’re fighting. One is the war in Afghanistan that the media hardly mentions. Not a picture. Not even a troop casualty report. Not shit.


The White house has asked the Pentagon for advice on the hand-off to Afghan control possibly in 2014. TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEN. This nation is broke as hell with $15 trillion in debt. We are the largest debtor in the world. While our own citizens starve on the very streets that they were kicked out into, trillions of dollars are being wasted overseas to fight an endless war with no objective.

Where do the politicians get the money? They borrow, devalue the currency, and they tax heavily. They borrow from our children’s future. They create money out of thin air at the cost of diluting the current dollars in supply. They tax heavily, and drive people out of their homes and businesses out of existence.

This must end one day or another. Hopefully, it doesn’t end with the collapse of the US empire.

In case your wondering where the Marines are in this comic, they’re some in the audience, I guess. The Marines left Iraq in Jan 2010.


Leaving one place to go to another place since 1775.