Fleet Marine Life #126 – No Need To Ask… We Can Already Tell

2012-01-08-fleetmarinelife126 - No Need To Ask

Ok before we get going let me just say right off the bat, that I don’t have a problem with gays (as long as they don’t try to hit on me we’ll have no problems).  In fact, I’m rather supportive of gays, the way I see it, one gay couple frees up two women for me!  So yeah, I’m not trying to do a gay-bashing piece and I hope this doesn’t devolve into one.

Now that that’s out of the way, I want to follow up by saying that this is a true story.  Our hero Steven is basically my roommate and myself rolled into one (maybe not the best choice of words…) and the girl is a civilian friend of ours (who will remain nameless).  She came to our door one night earlier this week with this completely horrified look on her face.  So of course naturally we asked what was wrong and she recounted the story above with some extra details that I didn’t have room for.

What really hit me about this entire experience is, after she was done telling her story, I still found myself waiting for the horrifying part.  She was appalled, shocked, stunned, bewildered, and otherwise freaked out, and I was still waiting for it to get bad.  And then it hit me, we’ve all been around this kind of stuff for so long that we just kind of become accustomed to it and it loses the shock after a while.  We’re used to guys doing the most blatantly homosexual stuff possible, and excusing it simply with “No homo” or “It’s not gay if you’re wearing boot bands” while in reality it’s still gay.

So while she’s sitting there horrified, responding like any normal human being would respond if she discovered her significant other to be homosexual I’m just sitting there thinking “yeah Marines are dumb.”  Eventually after hearing the story for about the 3rd time that night something got through to me and I kind of snapped out of it and realized that the whole situation really was messed up, and then I was just upset that it took me that long to realize just how messed up the whole situation really was and that’s when I decided to do this comic.

Looking back on it, I think this is why the whole “Don’t Ask” policy went away so easily, because the vast majority of the Marine Corps had already been doing that stuff, just now it’s actually ok and condoned by the DoD.  I’m pretty sure that the only reason the Corps wanted to keep it around is because it went with the Marine Corps’ persona of being a bunch of “Alpha males” who “don’t tolerate no homo shit” or some such assorted lunacy.

Let me say again, I don’t have a problem with people being gay, but seriously, either act straight, or own up to being gay.

Safety and Peace

Doing ridiculously homosexual stuff that completely freaks out civilians since 1775!