Fleet Marine Life #128 – Curfew

2012-01-19-fleetmarinelife128 - Curfew

In Okinawa, I’ve always wondered why grown men have to follow a curfew. Okinawa isn’t exactly a dangerous place after midnight. It isn’t like it’s ridden with rapists and criminals who are going to come out of the bushes and harm us. I know cause they’re all Marines!

It’s even more ironic how the grown men, who are treated like children, are the men and women entrusted to guard our nation and handle billions of dollars worth of taxpayer money.

But, of course, the greatest of ideas that spawn from our wonderful, militaristic bureaucracy comes not from necessity but from reaction. I wonder how many alcohol related incidents it took to set off the higher ups to implement this child-like punishment? How many cars had to be flipped? How many houses broken into? How many out-of-town bar fights?

I’ve seen a few Marines go out of town and come back a few minutes late. I’m talking about good Marines that don’t cause any trouble. Who knows why they’re late? Maybe they lost track of time. Maybe they were helping some other fellow Marine get into a taxi. Whatever the case is, these Marines were late by 5-10 minutes and checked in. No one was harmed.

Instead of just letting these Marines go, no mercy is given by the higher ups. I’ve seen Marines get NJP’d for being a minute late! This curfew is childish and only seeks to belittle and punish those who haven’t done anything truly wrong in the first place.

Drinking too much alcohol and flipping private property over since 1775.